Elisabeth Moss Praises Scientology

The "Mad Men" star says her Scientology faith brings her stability.
0:59 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for Elisabeth Moss Praises Scientology
You have these people in. Glad -- -- have a rich somewhere at that Scientology's -- stability is more. It has wow what -- What is when I talk to people that have that faith warrant they only say yeah I can -- better me yet because I think that's. That's and that's a good way of saying it because there's so much focus on man I guess empowerment in and respecting yourself and and yourself as an individual. That that's a good way of putting it is like a better version have better you know not necessarily changing you -- But I'm also big believer -- -- -- now taking. What works for you know. From different things. See now I have a lot of -- respect that's a friend -- gave me great advice cannot -- my mother.

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{"duration":"0:59","description":"The \"Mad Men\" star says her Scientology faith brings her stability. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19349091","title":"Elisabeth Moss Praises Scientology ","url":"/Entertainment/video/elisabeth-moss-praises-scientology-19349091"}