Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Say They Blew Majority of 'Anchorman 2's Budget on Caribbean Sojourn

Joke! The 'Anchorman 2' star and his director did not one straight answer in their interview with Peter.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Say They Blew Majority of 'Anchorman 2's Budget on Caribbean Sojourn
Since Burgundy. We're starting -- 24 hour news -- first of its kind GNN. That is without a doubt the dumbest thing I've ever. Been news going to wait for -- -- o'clock. And general that's never off and -- yes yes. Just wait hours at -- No offense but you -- stupid I assure you we are -- 100% for -- we've got state of the art facilities in Manhattan. This is -- first week's salary. -- kind of Olivia Newton-John. What do what do you say ground. -- -- And I swear I'll be number one again. I'm going to do what god put Ron Burgundy on this earth to do. Have salon quality air and read it. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn -- we tell you what's happening at the movies and one of the major happenings for this holiday season in fact. To me it's kind of the scar face of common. It is called -- -- -- the legend continues. And the things you see -- -- our bloody but it's also bloody funny and I'm with the two guys that made this happened just like they made the first anchorman happen. All I think almost a century ago but they -- here. And they -- Will Ferrell and Adam McKay while hello welcome I did my best Ron Burgundy. I looked today for -- Burgundy. Jacket OK and I did you failed to act and it's not reputedly a little illness that. Hugo little red in your shirt a little bit because I was feeling all of that. -- you guys clearly enough. Well now we don't look -- holiday spirit is in the -- here. It's done in the wardrobe so which if you would like to begin by telling the world. How is this one different then the first. I wrote it it's actually not he's got -- little lazy. This we re shot the first movie it's shot for shot remake it's like Psycho -- Vince Vaughn. Very -- similar. So again another one of these experimental -- their -- -- -- selected -- where 5% of the audience ago. -- -- -- -- Only hours -- his -- like this is what they -- eight you've got a cell and this is it this -- the movie and avoid if you -- Three result we don't want any shot in black and white. Because I mean shot for shot is one thing but -- today and suck the humor especially days and another thing we wanted to get to the -- yeah with the budget on this one like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm sure you two took the lion's share of the money and -- work. Paul were Dave -- -- Steve Correll. Whatever you wanted to get we actually disappeared for two months -- They could find this. We had we had gone off to the Caribbean. And we have second -- there. -- not even mistresses -- that no one I love you Jessica lives except I think wives take advantage of it that affects so we blew a lot of -- there. And -- the above the line was 220 million so actual production money we -- 800000 dollars. -- -- -- -- -- So it's mostly shot on flip cam yeah again he'll -- him and the movies when he minutes long in an effort not -- -- anything for anybody to see it. What's happening it's now 98. And you basically have created home. But to CNN. -- -- news the whole world. As we now live it but we shall porno instead of the news. -- no absolutely. -- -- we're just brainstorming -- trying to figure out. How to make news less boring you act like -- your -- All lumber is destroyed it's Ron Burgundy yeah yeah yeah -- the fourth day I. I think we need to the next when it's like that thing that Ethan Hawke and Julie doe -- do every nine years -- before midnight out for scientific for the space. It's going to be anchorman read and never be that you'll probably be. What do you think about whether this will -- be Bill O'Reilly. What -- you've been. Blogger. Upon. We -- and actually thought about we don't want to jinx the -- one. I think the third one is not news related I think he's a city bus driver. I'm just happy is -- -- up. To -- and it will be no news the effect it won't pay that's a city bus drivers are. But -- when will laughs it's he'd know he's acting. Once in the beginning when -- needs to say that's on the without them cold ones in print but -- -- hos I guess yeah -- pirate -- -- -- it did -- -- was it was face here tomorrow what we're human being called mister -- and being yes. And I keep expecting a spider crawl out of his mouth piece of this size that. I did I hope I didn't do all of that and so greatly pleased to -- Without her right -- and teary news that August put -- -- it's foot. -- it -- it -- yeah but. My question that I would ask any filmmakers. Actors writers -- -- He's when you look and anchorman Ted there's always a moment -- at least thirty seconds it expects short. That resonate for you. Anybody else you don't care if it's a funny seeing whether -- not Fleming sing but that scene when you watch it. Hits you in a personal way and makes you -- -- that's what I wanted to do that's that's what I feel. While. I'd say the Paramount logo. That is yeah the Paramount logo I get -- -- every yeah. We didn't shoot it look like it's beautiful -- It's majestic it's majestic you -- you can use but he came to you instead. We'll legally -- we haven't let he. For real though the one. Shot in the movie that I do you honestly that feeling about it and I told -- when we shot -- -- that might be the most beautiful strange. Fantastic thing we've ever shot is we need. And I am -- something here -- kisses the shark on this now. That one shot. Yeah and told -- Hollywood -- I go that's the best thing we've ever shot like it's an amazing. The light is filtering through and it's just a man -- Simon and Garfunkel playing and kissing the snout of a great white shark. I'm sure you use to reassure our because -- cost money to realize the real -- music and ahead and if they're highly treatable. Which we didn't realize it's really surprise there together there's a real time turn back positive tickle its value I enjoy that -- got better era there. Blatantly misunderstood creature. We want to point looked to me at 315. Foot great white sharks we've gotten off the coast of South Africa and they were doing flips like a dolphin show. And going through hoops and they would come -- -- and snuggle with you and you scratch their nose. I mean anyone watching this I would say if you see great white shark go up to -- and -- it. And that's just decide it's turned -- Maria holidays since week. And the people that. Will -- the shark that will die because of what you just told -- I don't think you know comes with the territory which is safe while they don't -- -- -- -- you occasionally. Lose a foot. Sure of course but it you can -- a foot with a dog -- the medical profession or child -- hug a child and whose Catholic but this is all Adams feeling. About -- What issue here let's get inside that a woman who -- see what's going on inside -- for maybe it's not hard at all. You're my favorite moments in our movie okay and they don't involve me -- there and I'm going to be spoiling something as well. But -- -- played by Steve Correll has has a love interest in our film. He needs of which the lovely Charney and who's played by Chris in the -- and they -- two kindred souls. And those scenes. In from an audience play with humor. And you can hear some people actually. Going. My name's Rick I was just last week hundred. What's your name that Chinese. And extra money. Which. Tony and I told out of these will be my favorite scenes in the movie and the odd connection that happens this. In a weird way. This beautiful little bizarre love story that's insane. To have in this movie are they might be my favorite moments. See note that just proves that all actors. Who -- stars who -- paid 400 million dollars in -- as Willis. Four -- 425 for 25. Can actually mention another cast member. Without any. -- or -- it was nice that was like I've never had that -- -- really amazing what the grinch my heart just grew a little bit. And that. Would you do the moment for me that I love so much we Ron Burgundy is preparing to go on. And he doesn't vocal exercises to make it -- sure. I if I can remember the accident. -- -- -- -- I don't know what that's -- -- -- -- -- five it's a whole hour excited that candidates -- Well. As we and Italy -- Now he can be I don't wanna give away their -- song because that -- amazed it. Not one of used to. That make you cry -- more and brought some good dogs that didn't want to me that's one of my favorite but it's a great moment but it should be for them in the act lives so much not to give way joke I. Right wing brighter review would commented this is funny and yet you're known for I don't. Eight what do you but -- -- can't resist I can't. I wonder what ever. The whole thing those -- -- that it. It is slower and I am called the public gets ice usually wears that they'll baseball to save this boy -- got. If that is what -- yet. I haven't really done that except for asking for an warm -- So now I'm asking for song from both it could be -- way. Could be -- song and then your song it could be something that takes system that the holidays this this sadly is our Christmas shop. Really it's win -- you all we reporters are so that you need to ring the holidays here to. Let's watch it once will and -- -- did a theme song for me for the pop culture. -- -- -- You could but it would hopefully be different -- -- don't like it. Of over I try to use it was like -- -- whom there is no. What it didn't we didn't. To lift but a brand new Christmas Carol -- and Christmas your heroes sing songs at a time I don't prisoners. OK engine Hullinger Jing Jing Jing a -- Jing Jing Ning Jing -- -- LA and changing changing illegally changing gears here comes old saint. And and Jane Jane -- he's coming change New York town. Hope hopeful. He's running a little -- lady who is hopeful her disease is little -- June June June you're losing an edge is an impressive do you -- -- decided to -- com at all Conan levels are low as saying he'd it is not coming this year. That is why can't EJ one year. Off on it work -- Give me a break says saint nick -- operate. When he died I put your gonna kill -- -- I don't -- And the gun came out of the blue drool over it is there in two barreled. Not Knox advances of the laws let's go on and blab blab blab -- you served. -- -- -- You guys have been killed Chris and it's just. It was. -- -- -- -- a lot of little children LC that. He's never been runs what is it is that and but his arms after cutting its. There are -- -- even pearl. It's now she loves -- stuff that's really god uses posters of the order room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Me and my spoilers that are really Catholics oil well. You know gentlemen I don't know what the -- this -- but I think before I get sick and change a lot of lives. I believe and I don't know if it will get anyone to see -- of this crew of the U paralyzed -- -- -- their lives they were really happy there and up in the control room they're doing -- costs but good. I was happy so that's all that's the thank you thank you thing you know you can take the post with. Well and that's cool yeah its -- and the popcorn.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Joke! The 'Anchorman 2' star and his director did not one straight answer in their interview with Peter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"21288460","title":"Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Say They Blew Majority of 'Anchorman 2's Budget on Caribbean Sojourn","url":"/Entertainment/video/ferrell-adam-mckay-blew-majority-anchorman-2s-budget-21288460"}