"Fresh Prince" Cast Still Friends

Why they're working together again!
10:58 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for "Fresh Prince" Cast Still Friends
-- -- -- Proud of the haven't read both the body -- -- -- out of thin red flags at all what caused you use some volatile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You are welcome for the year war for the day because it is an almost a guarantee that your gonna happen that's -- -- from the classic. TV show Fresh Prince of Bel Air in your head all along what -- the stars of the show has the with a very creative way to bring that unforgettable cast back together. For a great cause. Karyn Parsons is with us today obviously played Hillary banks. On that show thank you so much for stopping by thank you for having me okay so this is that this is. -- to -- you were part of television history. And you -- very humbly which I've always impressed by. I hated it didn't feel like we were making some kind of television history of the very real that it's not only will we are just having fun -- we're acting we were Wheeler hired we were professional. But we're having such a good time and we never -- -- the top ten shows when we -- on so it was never like. -- -- a clear as big as this show started to feel -- many years later. -- that -- and that's it should be is that the momentum behind that kind of pop culture phenomenon I mean. It is like enormous -- starts singing that song everyone -- immediately where it's at you singing and no where else I don't need this it. Let it. Vet people but you on the street -- Hillary and ask for shopping advice. Not well -- -- people people do column called me Hillary but what's funny is a lot of people. I'm out an elevator with somebody in the looked me straight in the face and that you look like. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ebbers isn't if you are what happens a lot people sit there and -- -- think it's for a long time but what you and I do you play around with them. No I don't but not anymore right and now right. Kind of let them for what sometimes I'd walk away and never tell them -- when I appreciate that happened because one knows let them. What with what you have kids I do have to -- and they watch the episodes my daughter last summer actually started watching this because she wanted to watch -- it -- she knew that I was on it right and she had passed and she was much younger point into the TV and said that's. You know she did that thing. But. She wanted it we saw other dvds at the storage -- get the minute she sat by yourself watching and it really fun -- she got over meeting and it very fast and went very quickly on suit does a herder buyers out just laughing thousand. -- incentive do they ever cynical mom I -- little but -- Hillary coming out now they haven't done yet to me and I parents and hit reality. Media event that the demands from a holiday my birthdays no all of but I. Never I never at all you can nothing like a little that you thought. It in the height of the show yeah. I'll splurge on that product. Well. I probably -- yeah I was and different -- to have Hillary tendencies in her card but in terms of being spoiled brat and and I didn't do them well -- rest but but the orbiter from as -- rag head. Exit -- sort of zone -- is so telling about two organizations we Blackberry because this is that this is a phenomenal way I think like to educate so many people. Well thank you sweep that our mission at sweet Blackberry is to bring little known stories of African American achievement to kids and to do it and in really funny -- ways. Like this the small films that we make short films animated lightly animated with a single narrator so they're like a picture book. Come to life. And there are about real people that we just talk -- about incredible stories how did -- even get started. Well my mother was a librarian. And -- she headed the black resource center. In south central Los Angeles and she would call me from time to time because she come across some. A story that was fascinating to her. And she told the story of Henry box brown who was a slave. Who literally mailed himself. To his freedom in a box. He had a box -- He cut inside someone nailed it shut for him for post John and -- -- from Virginia to Pennsylvania and he survived. And when they opened it up he was across state lines that he was -- That's a true story. As well I think you think that you would if it doesn't make it into like history textbooks and think he -- he would get made into a movie would give me. Absolutely I mean well at one of the things what got me was I couldn't believe that I had never heard it and I would talk to my friends and her they had never heard -- no one had heard the story. -- that's just this is a perfect kids book you know it's -- -- should know it it's kind of with a man fox think it's really interesting. Anti big notes about it and I eight. I will test series of books and I would come across other stories my mom would tell me stories. And I would add those and I forget about it and then into the shopping and director of the product. If you are I haven't cut and that's what I until -- I would think I was kind of in the back of my mind but then. When I was pregnant with my first child I started thinking a lot about my own responsibility as a parent supplement her education. And what are they teaching in schools and what -- -- -- to. Take care of and I started talking thinking a lot about Henry box brown again in my -- that need to stop talking about it -- scientists. Do executive and so I just started talking to people about how to way you do this and -- together. I think it -- pun intended the sweet spot that you have found on this on sweet Blackberry is that. You're able to tell these stories and such a way that it's actually very engaging and now obviously is apparent that it's very difficult to get some of the tension a child or adult attention -- with a five seconds of the days. It's true and for me I honestly I'm not at this I'm not in history buff art historian I I couldn't stand history -- and related. I don't know if you want to admit. I -- I've come to obviously is an adult right there have a very different feeling for it. But when I was in school it was very it was -- -- -- all memorizing dates and everyone was very serious was the personification to let you know. We hear about those kinds of particular -- right now it's true and it's not really brought home to you to where you live -- that's relevant for -- which is one of the key elements I think. In telling this factory stories -- I -- bring them to the kids in this isn't very young audience but I want to try to bring it to them. Eye level with them where they can understand and it has significance and it means something and they recognize these people are there situations. In themselves you know what -- and our second -- its gift. He's he's very creative but -- creativity gets into -- doesn't know he's good act now he goes on to invent that traffic signal later bra but as it's going -- he's a kid who's getting into trouble he's very creative and kind of all over the place and I think kids when they watch it they relate to it they understand that -- now and -- -- and the attorney Henry box brown. When I told that story I I had -- have to explain to animals. Why he would get a box and and do this because to them and understand -- freedom with his freedom that you're talking about the -- looking why would he do -- -- he has to explain to them. Very much that we can't explain to a child. What freedom this. In order to continue to bring -- stories it takes money which is why you sort of the -- sort of anti Atlantic starter which now brings a full circle to Fresh Prince of Bel Air so what. I'm a little bit about the details of some of -- some of the things that if you people contribute to -- -- but. Well yet the kick starter is who makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons for stuff because it's -- -- like these stories belong to all of us and they risk being lost and so. -- starters -- perfect platform for everybody to come together and have the power to make this happen. And on what's been really great is with kick starter. You do get there are great rewards and incentives perks and fresh prince -- has come together -- it to help on this so a lot of people haven't we have. Chris Rock is -- ordinary eating this story that Janet Collins story and Chris is also he's -- he's it didn't. Outgoing voicemail messages but now also has Will Smith. And Alfonso Rivera and Joseph -- they're all doing personalized. Outgoing voicemail messages. Energy for yet friendly data it. It's been is that. For those looking for though that that injury to -- campaign exactly that's what the beauties about -- or is that everyone kind of benefits from this and is in and it builds almost that community that you -- we can kind of all benefit from one another. Ashley -- it's fun for us for us it's a good time and one of the things that we're today that's really -- which we've never done before and we're gonna have a fan. Favorite episode -- if they have voted on favorite episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air that we're gonna screen. For people if you contribute he pledged for that. And will watch it with you we're -- of the Catholic and the cast is gonna let it together all the a lot of that Syria is an episode in the we'll talk about it afterward have a Cuban man talk about it afterward and we never done anything like that -- -- gimmick but for all of us -- -- Have never talked about a reunion and you get this question all we forget the crash is still -- that time. I think it was never that likely. But I have to be perfectly honest now that we've lost James. It's less likely -- mean it can't be youthful on reunion -- without him. So it's the patriarch as a fan yeah me noted it was it was. Very vital role and obviously the loss of of a great man and a great actor. And I think probably a lot of his legacy is living on in the work that you're doing now it's. Very funny it's true I I realize -- all the time because -- to talk to me about black history. All the time. I'm begging you realize until later how much of an insolent -- I come across stories that I -- on -- told me about batter. I remember the things that keep reminding me and I I realized that so much more of -- -- in this and I. Ever realize that maybe I didn't realize it so much until he was -- And he was interested in it when I was doing it you know he's he's very interested in it and supported me and that like that it came out to functions and things but. Yeah I think he actually had a big part in -- -- ever happening. The -- -- the fact that you've you've made an impact in pop culture and now you're having an impact in children and like is that for adults as well these sorts of -- bringing out. With sweet Blackberry thank you continued success Karen partisans -- forward to listening to anyone -- -- shopping -- That's one of the -- one of those things is Tatyana Ali and I. Will go shopping with you -- -- -- -- Atlanta area who's gotta pay the tab in -- Where he's got -- Medicare part thank you so much human.

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