'Game of Thrones' finale highlights women's empowerment

Fans react to the "Game of Thrones" finale on ABC News' "He Said, She Said."
7:15 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for 'Game of Thrones' finale highlights women's empowerment
Hello I'm Michael Rothman and welcome to Wilson and we let's call he said she says. I'm done by cat MacKenzie. The real mother dragons that I like a hot yet this week anyway. So the idea of this is basically two's share varying perspectives on different cultural phenomenon. Atlanta look that up phenomenon as the plural phenomenon singular Yukio to drop a knowledge area of yes. So essentially a lot out like you have a certain perspective Iverson perspective and we're not bring up the biggest things and pop culture right now starting with. There's nothing bigger the game of drones. We just had the season finale on Sunday. And a lot went down a lot and I saw things certain ways something's another way you will what did you lose your take away from this season in general. And general ray we can almost policies and women as when we're currently in charge the whole time. When we're driving the plot the whole time the (%expletive) out of the shell that I mean this is gonna show that in the in you know early and he was kind of ridiculed for how the issue. And in the N limited kind of Rosa hospital into the sea. Spiraling but how it ended well. With. What next season kind of brings. Because one of the things I've liked. Was house or see in the and kind of brought anyone together. Very reluctantly dying. She got it right. And I'll shirts witnesses. And into. But I'll let you let me get some definite ideas about pairings and history and they did the biggest thing which for me that. That that's that is they've been building up this whole thing. One date in areas hopefully taking over. And she's the rifle area should target area and and and with the confirmation of Johnson is lazy he's not. Snow he's not a bastard he is that. He is he's a gun target area in which means he's the rightful heir to throne so to me that kind of was a little bit of a letdown. I know it's been been rumored for a long time. What it. It's just a little flat for me because is. There's certain lines that it's that stuck out and Nina varies and here in talking. And tears like who will he be that want to rule in a lesser roads and he's like who who said anything about that he you know let that and it's not so for me. And I think again. John is the classic character Heatley reluctant hero we see it before our. They starts and eight women. Seeing the nearest at least early on the season kind of power hungry it is people or that she's an abused and that keenly you know like her father was. And it worries me is that it feels lake and I could be wrong I mean you prohibited respect. There's a minute right let's call on what that instance on the drag I mean. I attended a party candidate label extra effort under way definitely a lot of drag it out but the main thing. At any even though that athlete advocate but it Diana Ross and resentment beautiful island agreement. What we talked about generics as ruler as possible king or queen and proud. I think that she's been eaten measured her Madison does go to and I appreciate that about her I love the line amateur and news facilities like. Look at you and apparently she has neither be let your article. He added he never pushed back so I love that show it kind of that she could be. It will be able to figure and she I think we've seen. Soft and strong but we've seen her be strong when she needs to be we've all your gonna get advice he needs to be. Any ruling doesn't need any businessman or businesswoman does you know Collison as a Clinton Obama got when she. You know took the village she doesn't have the dragon the same everybody. You know template please don't always on don't look at how to do so I got to meet meet flight like that part of that quote that she used. I. Pretty much. I think a week look at. First the on the other hand. Deep crater as such this kind of atypical. B word. And net. I would love to lend to show what that she actually had a heart because I think a lot of times. With women they there you're either accused off or your Q yet on there's nobody and that's why to me like she doesn't play as well for me anyways there has says. The other thing that I absolutely loved. Was the love triangle the boundary and like they're seeing Jane Meehan her just because she's a red great article the act as a shock but I'm not the typical facts and all. And to have all the people that are kind of in love with there so I love. I'm but the sisters like what did you think about all that little bigger dying. How that plan. I saw little finger dying economy. Lives. I'm still iffy on if our it was in an intern there's been a lot of talk that brand who sees everything. Who kinda sees everything he's everything you if you ask him if he's he's the fortune teller is wrong and not not looped in on so many things with the new lastly is it illegal check and he just late this music doesn't fool thing. So. That sounds about right that he probably loop then and and they were playing it off and kind of getting. They wanted to Gettelfinger where they wanted him which date you mean and we went exactly the way they want it to go. Bad anyone under rods that makes sense to me and I think it and it perfectly because aria is on he was under kill as. Aria is just a stone cold assassin right now and so I act it was pretty perfect. Well liked or didn't like what I didn't like that they set us up but these two sisters have kind of a cat fight which is like such an old troll drama array. And I wish. Along the lines of some of my favorite films that show that went nine to five. Working grown up. The first wives club but we can actually seen them conspire together there's nothing better than watching women conspire to be the big back. Great he kicked a joke he get that kind of woman bonding thing. And instead we're kind of force think well she won a killer sisters of what what what's gonna have. And then in the and we find out that hopefully they're probably in it together and little things out. So I just wish that they had played that a little differently. Because Indians felt a little like easy drama dramatic note. Do you use of. Rising do you get before move on the next out of do you get a surprising. Oh. WTF moment with little finger if you don't do that like if you don't kind of make it make it. Up in the air are is being played it's a silence is being planted. I would have been I didn't need it I didn't I didn't need I would've rather seen them them like. Figured out like he's playing us Luka at liberal options seem like here's how would get and and that and that the justice see her be just a bad car and a. And a lot thing I'll say and that's I just I just hope that next season that Johnston doesn't have to give the throne to demand yes but he's he's you know he's reluctant. My hope is that they do something where. It's kind of assumed that shall take. Because if he has to give it tore it in a kind of feeling the same old same moment I don't want you to.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Fans react to the \"Game of Thrones\" finale on ABC News' \"He Said, She Said.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49498471","title":"'Game of Thrones' finale highlights women's empowerment","url":"/Entertainment/video/game-thrones-finale-highlights-womens-empowerment-49498471"}