Gin Blossoms Reveal How Life on the Road Has Changed Since Their Heyday of the 90's

Robin Wilson, Scotty Johnson share thoughts on newer acts Like Bruno Mars, My Chemical Romance.
5:39 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Gin Blossoms Reveal How Life on the Road Has Changed Since Their Heyday of the 90's
They had some of the biggest hits of the ninety's like -- jealousy and follow you down you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing -- guys. Now we're twenty years later the Gin Blossoms are kicking off the summer tour with -- chart -- smash mouth and Sugar -- Here to tell us all about it is that Robin Wilson and Scotty Johnson thank you so much for being with -- -- day -- -- grabbing things that everybody loves your sign that means -- ninety's classics -- it ever get old you know. All the time. -- We love having jobs in the music business were very lucky to still be doing what we do in that people are willing to pay -- -- so. I'm very grateful very humble and we're looking forward to spending. All summer -- -- planned. And how this tour come together a fat now thin -- -- -- -- the -- happened what we're transition you're a mean we're friends and all these -- that last summer we were out was Sugar Ray. And we got along particularly well with them and our managers kind of got along really well and the they were in cahoots to sort of put -- together for this summer and. -- -- in Iran and obviously are a different stage of life so does life on the road feel a little different. Yet now you tell us about -- Yeah it's harder to be away from home from long and that's and that's our news used to be we would you have to stop and -- -- news pay phone. Fox girlfriend. Or your grammar whatever and now -- -- Your kids are calling you. After each it's a little calmer than they -- not quite as -- wild night. Yes -- -- we don't have as the energy -- we had in her twenties and thirties though you know we're we're veterans we're pretty Smart about pacing ourselves physically and but that he said it's a -- alone finally that I just truce -- social and Friday evening getaway without white. -- tell us how little bit about your healing has such a great history and the career in the musical business. What -- you -- differently if anything looking back. Our logo I would of this and -- I would suggest cooler I think yeah I would've been mainland campaign now. -- what we were when we were first we -- assignment this you know we've we've had better -- Clothes from the when we were rich and I mean isn't it about. As an analyst you know we were alternative message and so we you know we we have to -- We were part of that world -- you wasn't too -- yeah. But now we have grown up -- Since yesterday and. New music he's had been working on new album that -- flowers writing songs for another record that it won't be and so sometimes when we're can't -- -- -- about it. It'll have songs and hit. I know you're telling -- that -- -- to tell me right. -- don't know in Atlanta -- as far as these guys that we're talking about Iraq and fellow who is listening to on your iPod these days when you music you. I -- fun and Bruno Mars. -- and to my fingers and what is it about the -- like. I like this owning and in the vocal some of those but those guys me and and grossing an intensive just -- and that is run almost as. And you really -- you haven't. My favorite bands are the darkness and it's my favorite -- My Chemical Romance. But I just put together a massive eighties play list financially it's too. Is so much materials like underneath song country your fans love to get -- -- that I can -- -- find -- -- -- on your web say somewhere and are in our dressing room. The -- show -- If you have people crowding your I think. Or on my -- -- -- What are -- -- -- like. Well I'm. All over the place you know we were were big part of the the eighties and -- our music reflects that. I suppose some of our -- biggest influences from the eighties would include. The Smiths. -- -- -- -- Great man is certainly you two had a big influence on me and then the replacements is probably -- more important groups in our. -- -- -- We love you -- -- bad Gin Blossoms. Can you give us a little acoustical treats that's you're talking about how -- -- with tons of three -- Okay. Save you. And Rodman and got me thinking I'm glad they got my -- went back. It sure is hot under the sun 2013 thinking about is alive and learned how to -- you know.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Robin Wilson, Scotty Johnson share thoughts on newer acts Like Bruno Mars, My Chemical Romance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19422757","title":"Gin Blossoms Reveal How Life on the Road Has Changed Since Their Heyday of the 90's","url":"/Entertainment/video/gin-blossoms-reveal-life-road-changed-heyday-90s-19422757"}