Gospel singer Tye Tribbett on faith, 'trap gospel' and a surprising dream collaboration

The Grammy Award-winning singer talked about his inspirations and work with his Orlando church, and named his dream collaboration that might surprise you.
18:24 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Gospel singer Tye Tribbett on faith, 'trap gospel' and a surprising dream collaboration
Everyone optic criminals in the you know with the gospel star tight fit it Grammy Award winner. And so many different accolades thank you for being here thank you and a ploy. Can't I just the notice. The Eagles. Is that by accident as. We got that the Eagles on nearly. Are currently. At the I. The death. Audited fund it accidentally. Knocks it may put. But its global. They would. So active performance. Eight. Support. Don't put it out there was somewhat to talk about you have a new album out some Indians on but first let's talk about black history. Here at ABC where the monthlong speaker series. With the view and a lot of apartments within the Disney company has that's part of our diversity initiative. And they have a church in Orlando. Anything that you guys are doing or. Yeah when we do hope we do hold everything we community that we haven't missed that was a year yet we've just ten most anything special this this time around in the community we have arm bounces them. But this is lying. Bizkit and more and more. Poll in this law is it more and more powerful on the Eiffel that we as a people are a growing stronger. I just for a month where is that we don't go back to life segregation. On art by our Chile's. It regularly we just want to be. Act alone this black gold that he does when you know go back it's almost black only as a privilege now Austin as a the only derogatory sign outside to. I don't think that should be the goal of us I don't thing that is black people's perspectives that we've always. The the the what does the word was armed goal was always to be cool to be respected and honest I'll incompetent idiot but this his whole black excellence campaign is life. I love that someone in the class back. It's our culture bringing the kings who thought coach and bring the reality in the mountains that's our coaches. Aside about I have an international church until racial church. But I don't I don't. Believe it so you know about the subject with a history of the histories system backs. But electable in the lies the truth of the matter and then you know David apple hope. With a few track and it figures that. You look to that I like our buildings where you. So many could be shallow but a lot of the people that way in the mainstream because function nations as well so now. In Sydney put your hand and sell. I have. Modern day heroes as well alone. In common Ali. Like I. His head his stance regardless of his popularity so that's month this month used. The Indies and spiritually as a husband as a whatever I have my stance regardless of popular opinion so. So. Senselessly you know those influences for you throughout your journey your success. Where do you what is your faith in and that. Yeah I think the faith is a three this is the thread that keeps all of it together you and obscene tomorrow hold during the first it was like pound little immediately. These strictures that it was some moms personally you know he's. Nice decide everything. So the fate at an important it. What what was she broke out that they'll. Anyway. So it was kind of a little incident at work. So late August they. Okay who currently hold with. Rebellious season and aren't compromised and so if this movie and Nazis so it's helped me be like. Them from the journey to the peaks that valleys you got they that they that the only thing that keeps you out of you know keep you humble on the peaks moves in if you really have faith you will be. That the Bible says just on the they. You've got or should be so hopeless odds are asked what it is sick. You need faith if you if you know he'd be paid if you're rich you need I mean anybody anymore caller I don't know Hadi that would they've occult people. I doubt in the face like me you don't even believe function. Something will cause the universe or. Harm to someone who doesn't believe what is Kate. All the subtle doesn't believe faith is that really hope. It's like putting it's like the law which actually put the image she now what you put out comes back so. That's that's the law put this element of faith in as well actually from a guy with net what I mean by that is. Based on what that the word of guide us as well believe the Bible says. It by the principles of the the I don't mean but I don't see how people. Don't acknowledge I think everybody does he sent out to the sentiment just that they did this that you think about it. We all live we just don't write. So let's just take principals like this is just trust the C actually. If we get that stress and you can't put it all elected. Somebody who inspires and motivates. Us through many people and retired community and we do you go right. He night run it was. How do you get restoration. Why have some some mentors I've got to. You know circle of mentors that I call. What this week some that this takes is one Buford has won John graves line. Can't robs in this one and I have my little circle or. How. Waited an update. And flow and and I climate allowed the appears. Have been. Receiving back last relate Thomas that they say it publicly. But then the current administration. Just like. Things that are now taken out of context in some cases or just direct opinions. How do you feel about that how does that ways for you. As we. Song. It's kinda hard to say the ordinaries. Issues. However if those something so so so sensitive so touchy. Accused it is you know. People who know which is put quote people don't know. There. Is always and see. Some person. Sox is currently adequate. All of us to do. The inauguration. Ceremony as well. To thing. Opted not to do it because. Turbulence surrounding 45. Be associate with that. Com. And it shows. A relief that no regrets knowing that. All. Calls so I'm glad to do it home aloft went my outlook on the friends did in the received you know whenever. Backlash that you Ciba on its wheels it was enough to. Under the won't be associated with with what if Iraq I was like me analyst. You know our Ottawa to be seen how right now it was too much. It was seamless heard Willis and his cuddle you run into what's attorney Tony Italy don't wanna do so I have a choice to stay out of it. Validity that. Writing so that the failure messages now do you fully human yourself. For the masses to elect to. Have a direct approach how do you would you find yourself in that that conversation both political rose again. Not our generals. Might generals speaking. Communication days subscription services Joshua says that's when Myanmar house rules of the right. So that's my thing so yeah there are some injustices that is this is this is although his Bentley before forty. Com but off our our first. Responsibility is a march this. You know protest. That's our first. Response I think I'll hate. What do what can be alive from a key is what we believe we racism hate me so. Major aggress it because it marks Washington New York protests. It is the White House but yeah house yet Phillips I don't think that's first the first responsibilities. Well. Our strategies that first things president who by earthquake that. Another black cars let's and that's right. The I mean it even if there's justice in that situation still have a whole lot to do so my doors so I try to tease that bars OK let's. Before we jump it's because people just want to use energy companies as when it sometimes. If it does effect you personally. Things can break ups are but I oh targeted collaboration yet they're the cattle that was it was. I suppose that pits it would be in of course. In darkness you wanna. Buying. What is new smoke and felonies. As Logan it's that you that outlawed group waves and became an Angel on every. How would you know I used to rub the used to have a dysfunctional marriage probably used to have. How is this situation that the economy and social media because anybody and everybody a responsibility. It is and you have a responsibility to look trying to follow up look around your rule but it was probably not exactly a kitchen apartment weekly which you were at about what this new. The radical insurgent. With a full speaking of that transition because you humans since. You haven't shied away from new collaborations with artists gospel and you also get a lot of feedback criticism for that. How do you take that having him that crews are. I'm used. In this room to artists as opposed to news corporate. Keep Richard. Which. Led literally. Oh yeah you gotta get out so I've always. Pros oh. And people whose. Oh I. Tunnels. Oh. On. So that's believe laugh yeah Calcutta but it wouldn't be. Exactly exactly now spurt that has. But there have been a bit. Baghdad though who would you think is an elaborate. That's where. On this for its was closed. In on. How's that coal. They played it. Oh. Go to. Coldplay. Or. Oh. One that the I don't know Larry. On a whole new thing rat thing I think I could do is straight. Out is that they learned about use. I don't know if you. Created it or is that something out there blip. Trapped possible. Lake commitment that thing is that. Nobody is created oh yeah. You know older and them all your travel I would. And I love this hip hop is the bullies in the is that as the typical. Age. So to speak that language is that it's excellent said strap on the future now. I like the ballots. Of course put traps 4000. Oh. I think. It's up into worldly Connecticut got into world and its musical. I think we just live in Tyler's late. Boxes. And when things are spilling always let lately and control over and I don't know. If we're there yet but with people like you breaking down of various. It helps to open up Onebox. It is very appreciate. A problem legislatively playlist. Within a mile rail. If we open up here after all. Home. Man. Policy among just we've we did. Rally today so. So I'll listen to my mind music so if you open right now axles. Army. Cannot marry him he got now there are all right. Yeah alum now cloak movement nothing that would fit that ultimately. It is that the most important victory yet very. Low flow coming different about this now own opinion as little harder. Little more rugged. That being bloody Wayne came from. Their and we probably didn't something's on. We're live. I don't know anything can I don't know if we keep Uggla we'll and ultimately it. But letting 1000 cu. I eagle. So we actually planned and accidentally. A solid album you get north and South Africa. That Barbara. It's some. There for them go back rocky end of rocky he goes up the bill OAG and the price regulation. It. He's the champion. But his face. He had to swallow Alina socialist blows coming out as she is really view rules and the lords is gospel inspired they. Sometimes this is what winning looks. Sometimes victory looks like this not always does. Yet ameliorate the Olympics and yet those tears and that's always how victory look sometimes. He needs it. I don't want I want to encourage people. That's because you think it's just because they we've dozen years in law or even lose. Sometimes pain as part of the process. Even as some. Will be the yes. Now clues. Moments which was. Fed should be. African rhythms cop and with his left that the trap gospel V. God. And that comes again. Very very easily if that's aware. It's the only news in China makes it into the compartment. On the African. Net Leah go to Africa on its. Mark my next album. They might be all. How can it be. If it. Just. So I'm not plug. Anyway to end so. I had to do applicant that we all. Fun and and you got to me that's partly influenced and building our atmosphere of cesium worship. Oh that's part of the gospel. That's rules so I charted it ought. Albums. And it makes the labels. Plus if the weather would put this traditional. It is. Contemporary gospel it is. And what was say what's next attention. Whole. Lotta something's Bruin in Orlando. So that's it is an Orlando. Cologne is Janet Reno land who can't reconcile. Until listen partnerships with some people down there. Agreeing so home faith case. Answer it's K. Is that the problem didn't listen I'm not I don't know I can at least at least but isn't built. He's very TV. It will be very gave the keynote and anybody who loves music and inspiring positive music. What we have. Well that but that's the island that think. Oh lead was canceled all. You become. What damage. Phoenix.

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{"id":52936100,"title":"Gospel singer Tye Tribbett on faith, 'trap gospel' and a surprising dream collaboration","duration":"18:24","description":"The Grammy Award-winning singer talked about his inspirations and work with his Orlando church, and named his dream collaboration that might surprise you.","url":"/Entertainment/video/gospel-singer-tye-tribbett-faith-trap-gospel-surprising-52936100","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}