Grace Helbig On Her New Book and E! Pilot

Youtube Personality Grace Helbig talks about what comes next after internet fame.
8:58 | 10/21/14

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Transcript for Grace Helbig On Her New Book and E! Pilot
So with nearly two million subscribers and fifty when million views on her YouTube channel. It's grace. Grace held date has been called one of YouTube's most endearing personalities and brilliant comedienne. Just has a new book out it's graces guy the aren't pretending to be a grown up. Proving easily that YouTube stardom can obviously go beyond YouTube and grace how big is in the city with us today thanks for stopping by thank you. And regulations you've been very busy. I I have thanks very nun heads so to the so so 2008 take me back what yeah. Against the Genesis forward were kind of putting yourself online. I and an introvert by a nature by design and think it's genetics at I was born into introverted this and so. Being. Being alone and felt very comfortable an ounce IA still ahead of aid is strong creative streak in me so. De idea of blogging as a concept came about when as graduating college and that I saw a couple people starting to did making these videos on the Internet. And that became sets a fun hobby for me because I got to be at home by myself but still making creative funny. I think if you don't like you can either crazy cat lady without actually having. Actually like them eighty seems turning inning thanks to them yeah I'm cats and now has a dog. Well in deer and that's obviously what we have and are open their me. So we've said it it's now it's pure fat bacon night to live up today but here is here is he's. Written some of your work its regular. In honor Eileen I had. This it sticks it real like markings on it and implement it grows. Mold test that's still. You like an aggressive necklace I see you pulling beautifully as well yes this is kind of a pro tip that a statement necklace can really check people in the thinking that you have figured your life together. The real idea I didn't know yet NL pitcher and if they want to plug on that I go to that I survived my what did you stop every keys on the way. I haven't you sit through department. And as well in fact you're very fashion forward as well you and I were talking about this. Wearing clothes yeah yeah I don't know other fashion Fuller in some lapses. Jest clean. And available in my hotel room when I woke up this morning. And drug that can be criteria that can be selling gas for four for a lot of people you're known as the Internet. We're hopeful there sister. Yeah I think I used to think that one being integrated and being awkward we're too negative qualities. An overtime and realize that they're not that if you celebrate them and you make them. Positive for yourself and for the people around you can be really empowering and it's gotten a lot of really great feedback about that. So this seems to kind of run counter to it to than your personality. And an Ottawa and again I'm not gonna try to rip you off and sick is when that Tuesday accused because. Part of your branding yet not too deep and you don't yet I don't wanna go too deep with you yet but. He would seem very odd that if you're if you're very kind of an introverted person that you're going to be seen by millions of people and have a book out as well. Yeah I mean it's always from yet and not one to you all really share or to voluntarily share much about my life and the conflict comes because that and the Internet itself is so inherently a person on an intimate as a medium I'm talking directly to my audience. And listening to what they're saying we're having a two way conversation rather than just putting out content and hoping someone watches that. So in this book and B I'm made of real points it kind of go a little bit deeper than they normally do at some a memoir by any means but I eat sprinkle it with personal stories so people that read and read the tips in the and vice at least understand that. I'm giving us advice because actually experienced these things and sell these. This stuff that I'm talking and there is not to get a bunch of made up fluff. You're from New Jersey but yeah you're an LA you love it there. I did buy this place and it says the weather's really nice but I like I'm back here because I can Wear stuff like this and people are like. She's quirky and interesting. Let's see about she's on pointing out in LA you might be able to get away with them now an LA events like she's trying really hard. So maybe it's what did listen was speaking of trying and succeeding you know have a pilot with Yi I do know about this. I'm really saying about it diet when I first got into entertainment is the industry at law I was auditioning very TV and film. While I was making these web videos thinking that the web videos from more for survival job they allowed made equipment wait to see job so that I can work from home. Why auditioned for commercials and films and that sort of thing. And then only a few years into making the videos that I realized oh this is my viable career path this is where have creative control. And I'm still fascinated with the more traditional world but Howland now can we represent were present the traditional world. With the merging of this new media this digital media so the pilot that it made his kind of like interprets talk show it happens in my house. It's infused with a lot of questions and I. The audience that I hope to eventually watch this tickets picked up. And I think it is making it more of a conversational show rather than a presentation of shell. And trying to have some sort of like you know Abdul inner activity where things happen online at the same time that they happen on TV. I think could be really cool so it's an experiment to see how we can more what you're used to do with this new world that you might not be totally familial and will you. You are incredibly interactive with your fans you're YouTube channel and you really and you in youth said this before that you actually. Read their comments and that you do take them very seriously. And in you respond as well. Yeah I mean if you think about it the eating. You're your own boss online but really your bosses your audience wreck like it they like you and support you and are watching you and or subscribe to you then you're channel grows and more opportunities come from that so. You kind of have your mom sometimes he don't want them to dictate your entire channel for you or your entire outlook. But you definitely want to mixture and then they are participating and their part of it is that's why they and that's awesome because you share these communities to share the. Experiences. Together you are you also did he USA yes a web series is about Tommy about this Hanna what I. And of them and because and that paper as it is that hey US yeah what is the correct. KSA travel series that existed with my really great friend mainly hard way met here in New York seven years ago doing sketch comedy. We went around the United States over the course this summer for two months suing to eight different states. We it's basically. Your traditional travel show that went to happy hour. And all the mutual episodes are available at hate USA got the scene dot com right now it's is really saying. It was so fun and the Wear and mean. We love traveling we don't know the best way to do it but we enjoy having a good time and I think that show. Really tied the highlight that and may need it. It's it was a really fun time and I hope we get to do more of it. Because in Greece is Guidant like you said you offers some very real world tips and advice and we'd actually had a couple people that have. Tweeted use some questions and I wanted to ask you some major Iraqi weapon the answer these questions let's get those smile for Denny. I have two eyes is asking how do you cover up an embarrassing moment. How do you cover up an embarrassing moment. I feel like you can go that the route of repressing and just pretending that it didn't happen. Or you can go the celebratory Rowell and realize like something really embarrassing this happened. And in hindsight make you may be a stronger better person. And also in that moment it makes you human which happens on us up you celebrate the fact that your human on the road but I think maybe that's the best way to deal with that. This was Alco could be good news huddling convince my dad to buy new car. That's practical question how do you convince your dad to buy you a car. And it depends on what if you're asking for like a brand new car that's very expensive I don't know your dad that I'm assuming that might be difficult for him to say yes yes. I would say it starts slow. Prove that you're responsible respectable young gentleman that is capable of driving and and paying for things. And just say you're dad out into ticket edited thinking that you are respectful and happy incapable. So you've raised this and that if you can't be honest for approach may be just. So take it to you make it. They didn't make it make a PowerPoint presentation and that it. Yeah and I'll get it. Grace's guide to art pretended to be a grown up yeah. Here is how they think it's we're just talking about ten cents in you know.

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