Co-Hosts Discuss Whether Ayesha Curry's Accusation That the NBA Finals Were Rigged Crossed the Line

Did NBA star's wife act rashly when tweeting about husband?
3:12 | 06/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Co-Hosts Discuss Whether Ayesha Curry's Accusation That the NBA Finals Were Rigged Crossed the Line
So last night about 25 million people watched stepped curry get kicked out of that game. Out of game six of the NBA finals a lot of people watch. I wasn't one of them but he's a good I don't watch those games but Sonny why is everyone talking about Curry's. Whites I watched it because I love basketball along with a play friendly people well. After staff got kicked Doughty got kicked out of the game actually because he got fouled it was the first time he's ever fouled out and been injected from the gate he and you we're showing you right here he throws his mouthpiece into the audience. Any actually hits a guy who is the son up one of the owners of the cap Williams. You apologize that you saw how I've seen eight or he apologize afterwards but his wife is there she's watching it she tweets out this I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely Briggs for money or ratings I'm not sure which. I won't be silent just saw it live sorry. So she then delete sit. I loved that she did back because bloody she deleted or Leno she figures out that ended up there because. She was sticking up for her man they were and and they came for her I mean I don't know if you've seen all the means but they have like a picture of family picture of the Curry's. And LeBron James is now in the picture is. You that I named Heidi yeah. Yeah. From Arafat's LeBron James the net I used to carry that I write our but the bottom line issue stuck up for her manner I definitely one of those people you com for Mandy com comments or even if he goes as did you at some comment. Personally I think different ways honey I know I love you but. I got a yeah. I gotta disagree with you here on this one because if you gonna stand up for your man at least have a little bit of content suggest she took down her tweet cheap holiday season is in the heat of the moment but to call the game brain. If they crowding your husband EM BP you can call the game the rig hour I'd work and I'm home the championship last year you can't call the game rain. If they'll Golden State Warriors Adam they have the best regular season record this year better than any other and what it also spouse what about those fat. I'm so losing clean and tell finals he has the Allentown never been thrown out I'll thousands again Playhouse you know what you gotta be gracious in defeat mean that's what I'm looking. Social media doesn't attract secrets like the stand by her hands and I think humanity between it acts we could've gotten in trouble. And then as teammates might have what did you watch on this. Honor the moment she was when I came as she was like it is good at getting my social immediate and powerful like she could you could wind up saying something that I'm want him getting him in trouble again this brand on his back and just be in tune your mail flooded. And Salinas might stand by her man's anybody could. Yeah. She stood by the Wiener yet daddy daddy bid for a little. Nice how little bit a nice if you're angry. Quit your phone away. And do not get on social moody because you're gonna get something you regret plastic you your you always want to patent the Allison abbey in rain something that Hillary Clinton does something aren't I think about like you know what I didn't think about that I didn't say it isn't writing that you don't want to Lester rivers the size.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Did NBA star's wife act rashly when tweeting about husband?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39938756","title":"Co-Hosts Discuss Whether Ayesha Curry's Accusation That the NBA Finals Were Rigged Crossed the Line","url":"/Entertainment/video/hosts-discuss-ayesha-currys-accusation-nba-finals-rigged-39938756"}