Inside Marvel: Characters in 'Secret Empire' fill surprising roles

Writer Nick Spencer and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso talk about the importance of Dagger, Kingpin and Rick Jones.
4:02 | 05/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Marvel: Characters in 'Secret Empire' fill surprising roles
So I wanna go to this issue bit by it because there's a lot to process of these is a ton of moving parts. To be open on again bombed out Las Vegas but that we delivered in new York and New York has been kind consumed. By the dark force to mention right elements of when every seat dealing get banished in the marvel universe they end up here and now here is a New York City so again we see. The one ray of hope that we've got is this Eric Decker and part of this cloak and dagger do you Axel who are these folks. Cloak and dagger our beloved characters more mythology. There are light and dark. I think they can speak better Q the significance of cloak in this story but. We were thrilled to have them play such a prominent role on in this years ago. Absolutely and it we're worse what's cloaked doing here at what's aggregating sorry when it comes of the role that she's playing in New York City. Yeah what New York is trapped inside or where men that are worth an Audi is literally no light. The only light that is available today and east actor. Attackers that he very powerful hero. And she's able to illuminate. The city. For a few hours a day. An enormous strain to ourselves. It's so I sees she's basically the only way to ever beneath me anything to survive. It we in the dark porch he's he's really the key day all of these here. Now. Well she's not the only way that folks are surviving because we actually have this other cool element going on which is the machinations of king. And again campaign as one of the iconic villains of the defenders. Daredevil particular and what he's doing is he he's building a protection racket. Now granted he's not doing protection against them obviously and protection against. Actual dark horse demons and in that took Tenerife off churches whatnot but but he's doing work and so. What's what's this going on what are we kind of seeing lay down here what's going on in New York City when it comes to the underground. You know will think it is the crisis. Up. He's NA in Spanish. You know he uses it resembles. Their big plans for her perky and if there's. It's upset. Bremer so that the stage one of a long term plan we have for this you know she what you want about Fiske. You know he he also does love new York and I think that's worth noting. It's he's got. Watts of motive for protecting New York but one of them is is that you know he's he's born and reading this commitment through when we saw Clinton that there noble Sears will open season one in a Netflix started deviate from publishing but. That's enough reality it was what made it scared to compelling was that he loved New York was doing what he thought was right for his city. This version of kingpin single one of Faris but also that element is there where he's kind of setting himself up and you can tell it's it's. Coming up the best Phyllis complex and more motivation. Spiritual that we're events on the law but he's Patriot Act right I'll take it. So don't back out west and again where the vendors are posted up we see a whole what's of interest and got Exxon and one of the key things that we find rates in this issue. Is the actual impact that Rick Jones were cast on. And whether it's the stealing event that death star plans whatever you want to call it. He has figured out a way that some over here as can potentially. Solve what's gone wrong with that wrecked again this is. Panel from. Week one but this week will be kind of scene is that. Rick Jones as a solution here here nick what what's the way out what's his proposed way of solving the Captain America if you. Yet repeatedly and anyone who. Alert the Euro. To what's happened. You know we see day. Everything that's happened to the result of the cop you. School. Be it Kobe so so Rick is really one new acting and I'll. Yours breaks all that why.

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{"id":47493748,"title":"Inside Marvel: Characters in 'Secret Empire' fill surprising roles","duration":"4:02","description":"Writer Nick Spencer and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso talk about the importance of Dagger, Kingpin and Rick Jones.","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-marvel-characters-secret-empire-fill-surprising-roles-47493748","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}