Kelly Ripa Dishes on Her Family's European Vacation

Ripa says her June vacation to Paris and the Greek islands "all came together beautifully."
6:32 | 06/30/14

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Transcript for Kelly Ripa Dishes on Her Family's European Vacation
Jason -- did you -- well I've got to tell you Italy is magic all. It was one of these trips where it all came together so beautifully and we started out in Paris for a couple of -- just -- -- quick quick trip to paradise. And then and then we spent that the bulk of our trip -- in Greece. Eat it and going from Eileen Eileen in placed on the cheek Lanny. I think I'm saying that rain I hope -- My -- can tell anybody here break Hayley yeah. That right is that right because I have no yeah. -- you don't know. -- I haven't. -- trips where we we went -- this time found some lift to families they also have three kids two boys and a girl just think we have. Two boys and a girl so it was like having no case because they all in -- each other and nobody drove us insane. So it -- like a vacation. It -- and it will somehow you had kid please -- do we. Kids but they weren't -- -- teen -- like they weren't fighting with each other and they weren't telling us how bored they Larry it was like the kids all about the same me. It was only heard it isn't perfect and that and so much fun and I I have. Vacation about yeah. My mom's like I can't believe you -- people to death nationally with your vacation photos I'm like why haven't talk show if you can't afford it whirls OK we'll be back. We started asking parents there is the kids -- the Eiffel Tower I think this is next year's Christmas card -- shore. Bomb. Now with the current purpose then -- -- looking at all -- content. You -- -- refuses to look into the camera anymore now -- think she's getting to where he must not be named is where it's like she doesn't really want to be photographed door and I think -- did I think she's learning her angles police say. I think her angle sometimes straight -- a good NYT -- -- caught right in. You'd have a -- -- like Australia -- you have no solid but if certain yeah Doug. She's Smart yeah Florida and angles well you know it's funny when you when you're on vacation Anderson Cooper filled in for you and -- talking about the fact that when -- argues with me she doesn't look at me she looks at herself in the marriage -- We just can't ever. I don't like you. And anyway so aren't happy end Christmas. Put sightings tend. Only jobs we all ran into the top of recited his temple. Which was very very cool and ate up everything changed in the increase is so ancient and beautiful and the people are the -- -- And the -- is the most delicious. And let's see oh here we are at a place odds you'll like this you will like -- -- -- any other -- The hearing -- -- -- this is -- effect he called beach Indian Ocean. This isn't an entire beach it's made of pundits don't so I literally -- only -- my entire body. The -- I went highways. Didn't it Max -- husband -- in less I was just -- -- myself with comments the entire. Hey did you like that -- you forget the -- I was right. Can we is that I think got. Holy -- the -- myself well Maria I. How much he loved it because you can jump off on these rocks into the water and it was in -- -- -- linking Haiti's quake tied the the rescue of carrying nuclear war this is what -- got -- everybody kept saying you know I would -- -- like you're just done you're enhancing the photos she did is still -- list this is just plain little camera that I can't I don't added. I don't know how to manipulate photos that way. Com and and then here we are. These acts signed comes Jerry and Jessica I think. Scared yeah. She looks awesome it's incredible and we're taking is that car -- In century -- we're going up to to see the sunset we were there for. Then the long -- stay in the year and yes somersaults desk. And this was the sunset that happened that we've got to witness and this was like. 930 at night or something if you can imagine. Anything -- spectacular. And then and just ask you this is this wedding photo that we saw that took our breath away in that. This is couple and it looks very dangerous it looks like they're out on -- on the clay F you know in tangerine each. But -- I am I had the boy do it and you really not on the cliff did you sort of standing on what looks like -- -- what happens if you follow one Saudia. If you fall over you are standing up on the side there's like it looks like there's -- allege that there's a whole building that -- been -- It's -- an optical illusion but I think maybe this will be my Christmas card photo. But of course Lola wouldn't go there with her brother's -- I have to -- and her into the what happens. -- can't. Basically I won't bore you with the rest all I just wish -- one more picture I found this interesting because I -- I told a lot of octopus on the -- And I -- I didn't know how you know he think opted plus I don't know I always think of it is sort of cut up served in the Sallyann. I didn't know that they -- them -- like letting them hang in the sun to make -- tender and there. There they are this is that none of this is in front of a restaurant but in -- the to drop the -- in the cease women without him. I like -- optical. -- -- -- -- What I'm not a big like I -- a blue -- Katamari I noticed my feet on the menu -- -- -- it will give these octopus. I know -- I have to -- every day and and I am not I long for its delicious I long for it. It was just didn't have very lovely trip and it if you're taking a trip. Someplace overseas and you're like -- -- You know where should we go which we -- I highly encouraging to visit -- really beautiful are the kindness and the loveliest and it's still beat of falling is really. About eighty Greek salad every -- -- would be. For the -- -- -- and I got here is here like -- Greek -- Yeah I tell us your -- I was so funny and that should be like is it called Greeks out -- -- -- is it just -- -- It's actually you have to wonder -- the increase is because there's a different.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Ripa says her June vacation to Paris and the Greek islands \"all came together beautifully.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"24367986","title":"Kelly Ripa Dishes on Her Family's European Vacation","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelly-ripa-dishes-familys-european-vacation-24367986"}