'Mad Men's' Elisabeth Moss Hopes Peggy Olson Finds Love

The 'Mad Men' star talks Season 6 and where she hopes her character winds up.
12:22 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for 'Mad Men's' Elisabeth Moss Hopes Peggy Olson Finds Love
What's the difference between catch up. -- -- Well -- has more tomatoes comes and a bigger bottle. It's cheaper but tastes just like catch up. Now we know that structure. But that's what your competitors -- -- over. And they're selling their watered down flee violence -- by pretending that -- yet. Be angry doesn't. -- -- But. I -- -- what they're saying. Change the conversation. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this -- courtroom tell you what's -- and in the pop culture and -- nothing pops. Like mad -- on TV I'm obsessed. That I'm obsessed. And so what -- plant suggestions on this show is of this mosque -- that deals that. And they're both the year he -- taking -- -- -- -- can't pick it wildly. Perspective of the teams that every went straight through the person that's out there that has never -- This season snaps it's hot and I don't really want but I only do this one due to its cholesterol checked. It it is who -- is -- Austin who is this one. Well at the only -- talking about the beginning now she's changed -- have it yes. You know she starts out and said secretary first day on the job is the pilot. The show and it's her literally she locks and with -- box and has no idea what standing. Fresh out of -- her secretarial schools -- members that and very good at that welcome back it Mattingly live. And then now she is a you know since I believe. Copy -- And she needs. Strong independent Smart woman -- Houston life. Still. Baseball and and Smart women working -- yet who dominate its advertising industry. Yes. Absolutely but I feel like it's I I like it is sexism part of -- our story and Peggy story it's actually not as. Prevalent as it -- -- at the beginning at -- in the past. Five in season six it's become more about. Other issues for higher personal issues. Personal conflicts but less than a little bit -- about the fact that she's just fighting men you know which I think is that -- at that time. But these two guys that are in her life right now at many went. Meaning sixty's a -- if you think. There's. Well. Not coming at it and let me out at three people already that these and that -- -- that season could be. Oh yeah that you know which going to be 12% who -- on -- now with a lot of women on the show too but he is currently stands. At the when he says. So -- -- ever had somebody -- I'm going to be the chief. And Don Draper matters -- sterling. And -- but all these guys. In -- -- then racists group of people where family and and it's -- -- that -- that we really. And I am I part of the reason why it's so sad to leave ST EP. And go some work some more -- Sterling Cooper Draper Chris -- people that Bahrain. He went down and nineteen. But I. It was because I love those points eleven working with them you know the -- and and Raines and Johnson really really. -- and and in. And in and you know Jay those are like my science and and very much a -- of kind of a mother and -- -- company take care of everybody in. I was sad to just get to. Not be able to work with and that's -- says very happy to come back and bring Kevin when. Me are you doing -- you know how much does met -- telling you. The -- this is going on that you're going to be back. Act year old firm working with Don Draper. If it there's stuff that they definitely knew. A look at too specific about -- a new way. There -- Stephanie knew it. And then the but I think -- -- major things that happened that I won't so like he'll tell me a bunch of staffing needs staff. And and and then I'll get the late last script of the season and be like oh my -- So he left out like have been the biggest things he -- he'll tell you step account sometimes keep things close to -- that's. -- you never know like if what you know is actually the biggest thing -- gap Boehner it's just like something that you know is it moments of the story. I don't desired yeah I -- and a -- it's typically eight changes. All the time you can even get a script in a change in their division south. But I -- welfare you're not just sitting on -- making this up as you go along you're pretty much. -- -- at about reading the lines and solid yet. Oh every single -- yet exactly at check in stable -- the scripts by answer will come up to -- -- day. You know it's that then I mean it's like a bad example but it it's clear that one. Given that the but it didn't make any suspects could come from but they they it's very very banks that you cannot change -- -- and what happens to I just wonder how people again and you -- Plus the alleged again I think partly because he don't wanna do -- think that they did -- Did you -- took up that he and Hispanic. Come Lyons is like blocks away in late I don't like not you know -- that while. -- why would you wanna change it sounds great LA it's written. There was interview I was reading with Matt -- where he said early on he said I'm like take. Because I felt that way working and David Chase on the soprano. I came in two way family yes that was already exists that yes and this is how she's you -- you as an actress that's. Do you had that starting in this business field. The newcomer I don't -- that you were working as a kid. Yes I mean I think never quite to the extremes that he had. I've live in and bad kind of great modern society that is -- -- allowed as a lot of opportunities in you know equal rates to women. So I've grown up -- and that. So no I can't say that I really experience -- the way to -- of course though. Every day every first -- -- -- job -- suffers damage dotting your scared you know anybody you know what you're doing. But at the same time mind you I'm used to a lot of first day it's you know every time he -- movie -- TV channel Everett is the first day. And so I think it -- it's not haven't I cannot say that experienced quite the same thing. As that that world that she's selling TV now. But you hear -- on season six we almost season seven it -- Are you writing a script in your own head any -- -- -- where she winds up even though that hasn't told you any. Yeah I -- -- in LAE dad I I there's certain things that I -- for her specifically. And -- you most want for. What I most want her sending -- -- and I don't think actually ever have which also kind of line. That the city had his fifth wicket to help anyway and anything I don't think that she will ever really -- -- Blake love. And story Wyatt I think that's great it's very high. But of course I want to be happy so I want her to find someone. I just don't know if it will be you know by the end of -- That said I am. Not I don't write it and then I'm -- whenever -- someone comes up with will be better than that. People remember sometimes I think they wouldn't that you weren't -- yeah. He lives totally -- of the tests. Done having racial we've reached -- young man. Back. -- you know we all stand seemed to it's part of -- -- that it seems like another lifetime for me by the way that was that was passed on special for seven years from seventeen to -- -- -- three. Right up until we made -- mad -- pilot I just went from one to neck and -- seemed like forever -- I don't mean -- the people -- -- your parents what they think of your career and what's happened they're very proud. There I mean my mom is lake Tina. The big -- tonight -- -- Batman and me now detained in its. I think. -- you might be although she'll forget staff like I'll tell her staff and -- just about time something that can happen and it shall forget. I don't worry about telling her secrets happened on the show because I forgot about it haven't and that's really help yes and I won't remember you'll remember Ike hit Arlington yet pick pick -- -- if there's somebody on the mad men that does that for you. Death and time ran to him. -- discretionary -- he's really close friend and he's given me a lot of we have a kind of Don Peggy relationship except he didn't yell at me -- has -- spent. Quick to -- it quite as quick fix yeah. Actually paid me -- that really by about Sally -- reality this -- our. When at all when. Yeah you do something that's how it mean -- now not at east but technically he. Let you know if you sleep eat. He can be picking her can. But he's he's giving me a lot of professional and personally but it's significant you have these people and -- and -- I read somewhere at that Scientology's teachings stability is more comments wow what. What is when I talk to people that have that faith -- they only say yeah I can better means yes because I think that's. That's and that's a good way of saying it because there's so much focus on man I guess empowerment in and -- respecting yourself men and yourself as an individual. That that's a good way of putting it -- like a better version have better you know not necessarily changing -- -- But I'm also big believer -- -- -- now taking. What works for you know from different things seem now I have a lot of -- respect that's a friend might give me -- -- -- -- -- my mother. The last question and the last thing we do one show. Always new moon which you don't know what you. Saw we always sentence -- yes. It could be some things in your head it could be me thinking that you stinging that entertain -- In Gypsy or it could be anything that's just because I -- you -- parents from musical yeah. Everything is there could just be something -- you what it's just going on fire no it isn't hard all. Our abuse act uniting Rihanna. I know them but it's yet. I have this thing you do not -- what's -- -- missing -- heard it before he only tried it with Justin Timberlake and it is Davis and in -- -- on a piece of while I got a thing -- rain and she's my car. -- got to -- at. Me aimed at. -- up. -- -- -- -- -- You could look like it because I think it and -- in Thailand. But there's -- -- that was. You Maria. This was for union. Of these things. -- -- -- -- --

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