Matthew McConaughey Says His Mom Wants to Star in Movies With Him

McConaughey appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" to talk about his latest role as Kenny Wells in the new film "Gold."
21:52 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Matthew McConaughey Says His Mom Wants to Star in Movies With Him
Paid about fifty split. Do you have folks. A. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you we really do tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called gold. Starring my guess Matthew McConaughey in a role. Well this eight does change himself to play parts but he's really changed himself this time to do it but look you look like yourself. There are just more of me it was more obvious was that for setting device or did you just put on the way autos. See he's burgers and beer you just don't playground do you do fun things about what we get to do you know this I mean when you when he. It care or that. You always have been for middle spiritual and physical commitment and they don't all allow. You know commitments like I got with Kenny wells. But. There's a lot to be committed to on all three of those phase with him part of it was physical what about the hair. Well the guys Kenny wells is that I knew and the real guy David Walsh. Had been of that hair and the one of the guys that I knew in the eighties who Kenny wells is of the world. That aid. Did look in the proverbial Mir they were hard living. Most of them were going to be dead by sixty of heart attack or sometime could they're consumers. Of life. In the T these guys I knew that had decent money. Some chipped their teeth and without even. Interrupting their own conversation going over to the workshop people that some super glue and cooler reckoning continue the conversation and it was there's nothing to it. These guys that you know when they went to the dentist they went to the one of the local strip mall. And so that's what Kenny Lofton to we'll tell us tell a solo about it and who can he closes because. This is based on something that actually happen yes but the names were changed to protect god knows I don't yet yeah. Kitty Wells is an area Asia dreamer I mean cookies prospector by trade. Prospers we are looking for minerals copper nickel silver gold. He's been he's paired this very successful company whose grandfather's father. And you meet in eight years later he's the bottom of the barrel he's on the company into the ground. By his own right and by now the economy turned that say both. He's them with a girlfriend there haven't shall pay and that ran. He he literally has an injury. Almost a black that he knows. A guy in Indonesian for the gold it. Who he crossed eight years prior. Pox is government watched it's one way ticket to Indonesia. And makes this train happen. Or Desi which takes as well I don't wanna give it takes is to the third part of the that the story. You know read you was the gold found. Or was it was there really gold there was it now. But he's. He's a guy eighties American archetype like means of people who. Didn't get a ticket to the front row of the American dream. And there are gonna have to hustle on Japan nor create their way sneak in the back door down the chimney your side door into the American dream. And this is a story of a guy who actually guy now. That this is something we all love as Americans as it's just he's called the American dream but basically we all love the story the underdog if who manages to hit the jackpot were jackpot mentality he gets here. And not many of us do hit the now age and then by their own rules we like to see. But he stick it to the man on the way next C Samie prove everybody else wrong. We like to see somebody who makes the need the unseen scene and the unimaginable become real. And get lucky along the way and he's football terms can he's a guy. Who throws five hail marys. And catches his own pacs I mean he's got nine lives getting through this. Delusional and optimistic. Sure a dreamer who actually takes his dreams literally chases them down when others would have quit and said. That's Tom Fuller I'm not gonna do it norm on tired yes seas that connect to. He's also a guy who has to be depended on other people. In one case the geologist Brett Edgar Ramirez is playing in this he's got to believe him. In some way in trust. But we are that movie goes like this. Is when he dies at that. Yes then what happens to Gloria and now one thing did get your riches. It's another thing hang onto them you know the jungle. That he runs into the concrete jungle of New York Wall Street at the top lowers his got larger things in the jungle he was in in Indonesia. People go mattress money you know one of one of the great. Like times every into the script there'll be. Scenes and I modernization ago all the character lives right there and one of ms. He's you know Kenny wells has no trouble turning down 300 million dollars to buy out his company based on. He took my name off a but you know he has traveled on you know makes its witness boot. Winning prospector of the year and having did say a speech in front is Peters I went and that is a pure soul right there and warnings island that is. Would you do in your own career hit a jackpot. Man. Because when you're growing up in Texas. What do you think you were going to be a lawyer I think he told me like that was you're going to do that didn't happen now thankfully. And when you made your first movie they didn't say right away. This guy is a stall our. You had to do smaller parts until it happened to a so what went on ignore it when you in the Kenny wells position because she did hit the yeah well. Look I as an intelligence to have before night fell I fell in the acting laws in the right Barr the right time that a guy Don Phillips three lines. Turned into three weeks work. Mind you one of those lines product called launch pad line and we've talked about this four when you care politely hours and days confuse it is. Now that's that the high school girls I get older safeties they made me that he goes there's an encyclopedia on that even from that line alone. So when three lions turn in three weeks work and all of a sudden I'm getting paid 325 dollars today. And people patent on the back on payment great job today you're good at this and I'm wondering how this even legal it so much bond plus the pay. I don't they get that time I even. Was dreaming of being an actor. And that let myself Caribbean actor at that point. But I sure was loved when I was due. I go back to school I finish I move that Hollywood. I'd do a couple of shows and I did get kind of hit the jackpot early if you gonna say with success and and film a time to kill that happened very early in my career. John Grisham book this cell Schumacher. The but just to go back to dazed and confused not only is that. That particular line about they stayed saying I get older but. All right Iran Iraq is in the first stewards ever sat on film. Man. And then what about just deeply well that came to me viewing. That filming of that in five days in the shooting that my father passed. And just keep living came to me is an understanding of how to keep him spiritually alive regionally physically. No longer here and and the night he came to me I said it out came at a worse is now on the football field. In the scene. Guillen and that's what about where the KR two lips. You would live and in neck. In a lot of ways. Yes yeah. JKL that's that's your foundation this it is branded almost everything I could find it Volvo's doghouse visits he she hurts. Walls to eighteen. That's it. And you keep doing. But you know it had never asked you know all the times that we've talked a never asked you what Texas. Did to create who you all are there because that's a big. Influence on year. I suppose it is and I get asked that question and I've never. Pounding of ever had the perfect answer for you. I'll take an imperfect one Stan make says it's a state of mind you'd I have said things like hey you know in Texas is certain on Serbian attacks in that. It's a measure for doing the best you can and you have your name. Con-way you that your Travers. Now you have your nation. Here and there you have if you're believer that as of god and to act as you go forth measures it's because you're Texan but. There's a real independence. In Texas it's it's when we say to country and to a town it is a little different from the other places in the south. We love to say oh we can still secede. To undermine the blood sale our capitals and you just talk the nation's capital things like this that in just a little hey we too were handling herself over here and we came analysts. But you also the Texas I grew up in. It was not insular. And there's a certain. Thing that goes about Texans which is go out use your passport travel around the world go see other places they'll as a Texan. You know bill venture out there the rugged individuals you know. Though in the new frontiers. So was an insular in that way like a lot of places and so maybe NR. That's on the team who still have placed this is lets loose you have to testing did just that and say okay that was passed. It's you press as well. Well. To Stanton and and Austin, Texas because I went well want to. It shows it says it yes you know and that my mother's there the rest my family's there. Part of the reason for going back there was having kids. Instead of C and mom twice a year. I drank it's mom's 771 moved there she's 85 now I realize it was fourth quarter stuff let's get down closer moms now we see your every weekend. Rather than to ice year and that's important to kids important for Camilla and my mom he. See the rest of my family my Brothers much more and I just feel at home I mean it it. I. A mile feels like a mile sixty minutes feels like an hour. Today feels like 24 hours and I'm there in a relationship with time is very important to me. Your mom was a teacher yes that she give you advice on your career if she say not a no not anymore the again in. Well it was an essay advice it was that every single role. She. Wanted to be in the that retain that there are very great idea. What would her and I should be. The pitch two she comes to visit handsets and you don't say OK where's the guy in charge. And OK that's the producer of that by an answer there's mine okay okay and what she'd see you should start hedging hedging in all said she always corner. It is okay this is great idea. Remake of the graduate and I I'm Anne Bancroft. Matthews did to us now. Of course out of him got here is mother in all of that but all I'd I've seen it before it's not that dignity is still where. She still pitching. She's still got it. No as many yen. I want to see that. Whenever I've got left in my wallet but I'm glad we're death. Seeing. Well. She's game it says a lot about who you walk. You took if you had a dead earlier right yet. As a dad 92 yet so this is she's this major influence on. Wishing she always and she always wise I mean my dad as much busier when I was growing up he spent more time with the elder two Brothers. Business got really good he got busy you know more raised by my mother. And mama mama kindergarten teachers whose substitute in seventh grade for. A year and then substitute another class that had for a while it's your teaching them to. You have a class it would she I think he really dig at University of Texas. It's the class that I wish I would have been offered 1000 school. And what do you do you script to screen really. So say about Padilla can sign up and go well the class we only take thirty but. We're looking to branch this class out this curriculum and plug it in and other universities as well. And after about ten years of work in the business ally a it was on it became obvious how different the initial script is to the final product on screen. So. The gaullist puts the science behind them and how does it from there. One to take pressure off these young filmmakers to think like I did. Oh I've got to know at all it's gotta be my idea have to be known to you see the in the nation's JavaScript you see. In so what we do is we we've taken chronologically through film. Leave for its treated Jones in the book first be the book now everybody. Wanted to get up and declare. In five minutes your picture of what that movie you'd and they had its in the film got. They declare and for script. Okay everyone talk about what was left out what do you think how the filmmakers do the writer do with that wheat from the book into they get up and declared we come as no wrong right answer. Declare. In the next. And the next and the next in the next. The breakdown two scenes in particular. Show while he added to that scene and then at the end of mr. Schoenfeld. And they've gone through all the changes the subplot that became. A main story line the subplot that got cut completely eaten. Whether themes running through it. That you thought it would how unique is beginning an awkward because they have their own particular favorite moments that would I'm sure so you have the point of the classes that no wrong a right. And we're not telling you secret additionally some signs and a mad about movies made and for me. That was lot of my best acting past that'd take acting classes but because I was in film school. At the time I went in today's confused I remember very clear is if first time being in math are seen. And all these lights be in on me and sixty people stared at me. Because I knew everyone of them did you through film production. I wasn't nervous and feel like sixty people are looking in here sane okay. Now go. And so that that helped a lot with me to start acting. Which you following following gold with dark tower this year asking yes you know. There's nothing they don't have anything to do with each you know it it's a complete switch again. Well I was let you know if dark tower works out. That could be a franchised. And I've never been a part of franchise. What I liked about dark tower was one of the things was one Scripps very good and I'm a fan of Nicolae. Our cell. In Easter actors. But it was the first in this I want to be I'd read some guardians of the galaxies of -- moment where. They were talking to me about maybe coming on and I am as I. Like the movies the roles good it felt like I was kind of an amendment to their success. That would like that dark towers at the alike can be the author of the original creation of Walter in this series if we get to do more than one night and continued but I can be there on the from the first. And that intrigued more plus the teton legalize. Take on it in in the realism that he. When they go turn me on Tom not usually Idris Elba but I things liken it this thing come yes. Things that are it says it is another another reason I was excited you do what you. You always do. And I mean this is the highest compliment you pay what people would say. Why is he doing that for what you're now like an animated star sting is. Your co Wallace yes. Singing call making not very much a lot of people one a little more about. Economic and Andy and think college at a huge test for of them that I know but still it's there. And then hearing Kubel in the team's yet warrior beat all yet. Is that the kids saying that. You should do just that nobody did it at duke it to me kids elect animated films you like to with and you with a laugh they all differences humorous to hear my son's favorite care currencies. This snail says flat like the when he's in the movie for like two tickets and its recent. To watch them watch animated films began honeymoon you're relieved you must have little or did you are bused there a lot got a a few more points and household help is doing that and a little more Leppert. So I did for himself treason. That's part of the reason I mean I've tried to get animated voice work for for years and holds high. And you know having kids I win up and talk to me as it can we actively seek out some. From rolls I don't know if we use us looking form help recoup cocaine because. People like I heard an interview I do with Terry Grossman PR Eaton and in the eyes the best microphones on the make everyone's entree that helped get that job. And then Chris no boundary. And cartoons Cain before. Saying much aware that income that they came to me for that. And I hope to do more their Fon and also look at my track record of recent and I have many films that my kids concede. True they can't go to gold really. The last night now you know let's not take into killer Asia. Let's not let it wants true detective right now that you douse buyers club we might have a long conversation for weeks months and years they sought now it is not many. What they see you about it because they're friends have to know who you walk what did they actually set yet. What it did there was they're they're conscious of what goes on again and and I remember this moment when things click the first time. Sun rose theory here for fourth time. We were in the kitchen in town out west and seen and we are Marshall comes and Papa. In east entity. And edit was to a burning cauldron fire. Immediately. Crying tears my dad fire not good. And he didn't get it. He was much less interested in that I was there and also there but he saw that was me for real and can't defy ourselves aren't taken to set. Ms. on the set of Lincoln lawyer where. Bring in and let them watch reducing. And then taken to the monitor and watch play back. Indeed run the other room and seed that's where it was. But hey that's exactly I just saw. And once he did that he lit up and he has agreed upon by to Matt picture you're capturing time that's exactly what we do. That's it sows so for him now I think it's in my job now he's captured and time did it pretty good announced so. Now they know kids say he's seen me he. He sees me he's asked me why people know your name that don't know you a lot of people. We've talked about that now be an ongoing conversation and Nell. Because it's over our time together again means that song. Well there song. You gave us a little of corn chips and you have to that doesn't count that count at all now. What's this you know this band called foale's. British rock band aired them as though we're. Militant cabinet in pink cast its last time you did. Annual there's got this great rocked him. In the on called what went down. It's called. Snake oil. Uses Hosni gold to the butcher which is the new rules always be in. On them done to. In UH got a great baseline and really. Dumping. Reluctant allies elbow Greece I would say check in that and that's downward. And then. Yeah yet and then we'll say good bye and you're seeing the whole damn thing going for you guys know human con Hank what it is I knew that song I would sing with. But it it's not what's it was on hand and. It has to be you and hat. I'll do with you it would be you. And they hit that stage has duties yet can hear it. Bad songs but to saw and that's it nice day. All exits.

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