Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected: Is More of the Same Harmful?

"The View" co-hosts talk politics and the Democratic party.
5:05 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected: Is More of the Same Harmful?
Say no. Let outs Nancy Pelosi yeah. Not was reelected as House Minority Leader and Republicans are reportedly very happy about it. Critics claim a Pelosi hasn't been able to connect with young minority voters I've been able a stop Republicans from taking control. Why no she was that powerful. Good Democrats usual changed you know I. About this I was thinking in of the democratic policies actually help the working. Man I'm Mormon more than Republican policies for some reason that idea got destroyed and that would really strapped. The Democratic Party and I think that wants to raise a minimum wage cut really wants. As to help people who are in need let's just put up a broad strokes there so I got to change their policies but they need to do is change that messaging a little bit. So that people people understand what we do with the Democrats are not the union busters these we're not the people who were trying to hurt the working. The working person. So they need a charismatic leader. You say I mean say what you will about trump he he has charisma and select. You know negative it might be my opinion a lot of it. But it is it is he'd T he spoke to them what Democrats don't have somebody like what I can give some I don't know that I don't know I agree with that I think if someone had put. You know. What's is whether who ran back to button up big Carson no opt he heard eight earnings everything right. Yeah okay. I'm millions I million. We're back yeah. This quiet some would say yeah okay. Bernie has a very wealthy state Vermont. It's well only for a reason and there's not a lot of poor people in it so when you start looking for what's gonna benefit everybody. It really should be about what's benefiting the very wealthy in the middle class the lower middle class and the very pork. That that is. The and had been on television 24/7. Every day for the last two years. If he would get the same attention if his message would have got the same tension on late in the green lady. If you play somebody time. 24/7. And he was on every network all day. Every day or two year was a question why did they free up talk that's a question is why did the the networks keep putting him because he's wary Anthony's car he was an entertainer went on to entertain our. Is not necessarily. The right person. To make president now Alan this that would new president says you know we're gonna do this amiss in this in this and his and then I'm look at his tax plan. And then I look at who he's putting a hand you know why do you put him. Plaques in the in the house when you. Put people in charge to music all you know there there are in charge and whiny. The people aren't tied into any other people's upsetting EST yeah. U tax plan. This person that he wants to be secretary of the treasury and is back in a bunch and I believe. He months and I'm attention it can't and that led to Bryant that I'd expect much. Can he. I can correct me from runner will be he is the person that presided over the foreclosure industry he bought a bank that made billions of dollars worth taking people's homes from that they. These are the people or is that so when. People talk allow outsiders and get you know do you not think I'm that to me on the outside see the guys that have been inside have been Benton falls pulp are. Three. Set aside you don't think that his tax plan somehow gonna help. He had realized that his tax plan is not going to help the needy in this country just didn't only gonna help the rig is about to agree with you want to ticket anyway. Well. I would argue about a little Disney has argued. Out charisma and just I think you have a point out because I think you have to be competent yes and I mean you have to be inefficient right person to to bring about the message but in this day and age. People do want to celebrity component of their politicians they want someone who can hop on TV and make them last someone a want to grab a beer with someone that's likable. So unfortunately that's the reality that's the way people vote and I think you have to kind of combination look back at Ronald Reagan. Ronald Renault might not be it would but yeah. This is not an accident that was Donald Trump likable when he's talking about grabbing people by the generals he just one based on like ability for a lot of people because people saw him as a funny. Guy like crazy uncle at the dinner telling his viewers an idea what I want has added to the table has to negotiate with no -- and I'm -- is forbidden people who want people rub so we saw you sell wheat we will give us. Exactly bats and I hope that all you people got out there and send listen. This is the guy out or not this is a man is going to make about I hope that you're not the people he's banning all but I.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk politics and the Democratic party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43905293","title":"Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected: Is More of the Same Harmful?","url":"/Entertainment/video/nancy-pelosi-elected-harmful-43905293"}