Former NFL running back Tiki Barber talks 2018 season and fantasy football

Barber discusses DraftKings, the NFL, and national anthem protests.
28:38 | 09/05/18

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Transcript for Former NFL running back Tiki Barber talks 2018 season and fantasy football
Thank you for joining ABC Sports Radio I ever really special guest here former NFL running back Tiki Barber ease of a former great. Former giant so personal favorite of mine to Tiki thank you for coming in in appreciate talk it's not felt I appreciate to have me thank you asked so first things first. You're doing a draft king's event. And that's going to be on opening day this weekend. Giant enemy plane the Jackson jaguar swat teams are opening up it can can you talk about your partnership with. Things has going on obviously the New Jersey sports book. With gambling being your legal in New Jersey now something that we're celebrating in the in the event is will be live at the pills their house in Hoboken. And you can get tickets buy going to draft kings dot com forward slash kick off bash I'll be there after the game Mike princess will be there as well. Brandon Jacobs my former teammate. It's Tacoma touchdowns on Alice McDermott to have. Yes because they needed the big guy this matches over the goal line in the main goal for whom offered jets fins in the house will be there as well and it was celebrating this fourth book we're celebrating some new games addressed kings hands out including flash draft with them out to depict. Five out players before the second third or fourth quarters. Of hitting team you're watching so it's just unique ways to keep people involved in the fantasy aspect of of of game how much fancy do you play. I play a lot of it I have a lot of friends. Who who consider re the expert now because I'm an NFL analyst and so I know if they had on everybody you know I don't pay guessing like everybody else on and on game day with. But it's all about the match ups and I'm and I love thinking about matchups and how one guy over and others going to be successful so I've been to a fantasy since I retired. It's interesting because when I was playing in new if you had asked negotiated as I noticed that while I don't I care about fantasy epic. That the that the objectives of the fantasy the players does not aligned with my objective to where I wish for twelve yards we went gut. Congress for 200 yards we wouldn't even better and better and better though. I've heard a lot over the years but now I'm I'm fully immerse them. But you were a top Tennessee back when you're currently well it's been well you know how I would in draft kings out of the steel yes I got so many yards and whether it was rushing your receiving the problem was and I was joking. Being a bit facetious about Brandon Jacobs is going to be at this event on Sunday. But he literally to the law might touched down jacket caught in the water two yard line. Here comes big 260. Pat O'Neal six to tailback who. Bus and in fact I have every rushing record in giants history except a touchdown does he touched he has me but I want my god yes I do not I have 55 is 56 though. As some beef of brain. Lara ET from what I remember watching the games decay heat got better at bat when he first are going on the goal line. It was kind of an adjustment form and then he started to really gain and then it gets he took everything gash and you had no idea to learn how to be different. As opposed to just being bay yeah it's one thing could be. A battering ram but to be able to run and cut it angles and also run to the years as busy as fast as he was released as people that didn't realize it until he started utilizing it once he learned how to score which in and in scoring is an art and yet all some guys can do some guys can't it he'd he'd mastered it. Yeah now I'm I mean at that time news really exciting to watch giants running back because there's you and and went airport got help at this very hard Ahmad Bradshaw in there were a lot of different styles kind of come in everyone kind of said Ehrlich all three of them were like twenty are the FY. It was like I think back to those years. People always talked about. Well when you retired the terrorist going to be in dire straits but in actuality. When I retired the giants had almost exactly the same amount of rushing yards the next year select more about the scheme in the offensive lineman that it was about an individual player. Look that said Derrick Ward who you mentioned him by love is awesome again and in Brandon became one of the first do Lowe's may be one of the only duels in the history of the NFL to rest for thousand yards both of them they were amazing but yet to go back I think to the east in the Cleveland Browns when they dated the fine to pressures on one team that rushed for a thousand yards away and it was really mean as a fan it was really fun to those rights act are what they call wooded what do they are calling him. Yeah earth when he. They don't even know earth would you you're too young to know it would fire. Well yet now they're retired in the absence finding out behind him. Agatha cannon that leads into what you know some NFL chat that I want to talk about but now the giants they have these running backs here we are again it's been like a few years now where the giants haven't had that type of run game now. Expectations are high and I heard you've been talking with all take on and call yeah. No Wayne I met. Com last year of a during the giants game that I do with my brother down in Tampa Bay and was a rookie was still figure announces first game but I stood some time with them. ID cherry event related college this offseason and Al like him I liked him in college when he was a Clemson he's vs tile. He's he's Mormon upright runner but he's a good receiver out of the backfield. And he pairs perfectly. With sequent Barkley who drafted in the first round because that's what pat Shermer a new head coach in as an offensive coordinator likes to do. He doesn't like the dude if he doesn't like the Brandon Jacobs Tiki Barber type combination he wants both of his running backs to be. Interchangeable because he gives him such of an in and ended an advantage over defense and play call and underlining guy up as a wide receiver reckon lineup in the backfield. I can run between the tackle reckoned run into the edges up or. Can I can I can let him catch the ball you know running swing routes and X that your chair would both of those guys can do that it makes for. Great versatility. In your office disarm I'm excited about the giant torn game one because I like those two kids mean and nine and cinquanta more important what it does for Eli is is enormous and the giants have gotten sole focus on being pass happy and predictable. It's easy to defend them. If you get back to what made the giants really good throughout the decades. Forget you know in the last ten years going back to them you know points thirty years ago it was four games Nam and I think that's coming back do you think that he lies and a decline. Trophies and a decline but I feel like he's been in the us. Stagnant state a lot of that because the support around him hasn't been great we don't remember two years ago they went. Eleven and five made the play off unexpectedly. Big Mac into second season and yet like Ottawa this is guys might be okay. I'm and they fell off the cliff note back happened mostly because of injuries from O'Dell's gone in 60% of your production has gone and one guy that. Brandon a Marshal who brought into the offseason he gets hurt the line was banged up defensively were all over the place and so it just it spiraled. And then it became chaos in the locker room and it's really hard to be any skill position player particularly quarterback and a leader on a team like that I'm till I can't say he's on the Klein but I think now. He has all of the pieces around him. They now he gets its new contract yet some people have said. He didn't deserve it coming off an injury. What are your thoughts on the contract and what how do you think he's going to fare yeah. As tenure as a drug he's a transcendent player. Not only as a on the field product but as a commodity off of it. Orient awful day he something to be attacks because people want they watch an idea that they we forget. We caught up in the winning and losing them balls of business is there's a bottom line to I think he's by able to the NFL but all most importantly to the New York Giants as a brand. And that's the contract this reflects that and away from it's its interest in the structure like when you skewed the numbers and although Beckham is the is the highest he'd receive in the history of the NF LS that's how they say every new contract that's that's expected right here but the structure is interesting I think it's friendly. Come to the New York Giants but also awarding todo 120 million dollar signing bonus but he took a six or seven million dollar pay cut. Which helps him in the caps illegal from one million dollars in cap space to over seven million dollars in cap space but get this deal done. It's not. A ton of money out late early he gets ten million dollars right away five million dollars in November and in five million dollars in February. Which makes it manageable from a from a cash flow perspective for the New York Giants. Has not his cat is next year he gets paid. Lot goes up to 21 million dollars yet and it and it makes it feel like a a pioneering. Contract it's also safe are for the New York Giants we know how this all works right there's a window when championships you pay. Top dollar you pay premium. For a league players as long as they are in that window. All right the raiders aren't in that window that's why they let Camille Julio I was back at yet right and so but the giants are in the window until it's worth community Eli this number. With Eli Macon 22 and Olivier Vernon make it seventeen. Because he gives you would change its route to win another Super Bowl while you still have to -- great players. At or just on the bottom side there of of their the pinnacle how old you know. Much about him a couple time to spend an evening with he and his mom. His rookie year at these fresh air fund gala we honored him and he said at dinner with us he sees so to. You know nice kid lucky he comes off socially. Like social media wise yes. Essentially is this vast they -- easy. Indeed Ann used to an extent but he plays with the he plays with a exactly and he's he's aware of it. He understands what his brand is and how important it is it be that guy. And it's it's an act all the world's a stage right and when your football player even more so and he'd he'd he loves. He lives it he lives and but he. Actually has a lot of respect for people and when you when you have an 101 conversation with him you realize that. So I've not seen a couple times a league over the years. You know you know he's always joked with me about anti eaten always a it there ever were part of my career. And I and I like I I can see why. If you hadn't ever had. Personal interaction with them today now he's still penis yeah I am but if you've had personal interaction with them you realize he's actually good kid. High and tight hotline at one asked about that not so much about that specifically by. I hear you talking about the giants keep saying we we weeks ago and I know you've talked with on. It seems like you really adamant entrances Claudia mean what you become an. What's become fully ingrained. In new York and become part of Africa team it's hard not to. And for me personally beat Gilles Bakalar relationship with both Wellington Mara my playing days about it now one of the few guys that lived in New York City at least on the upper east side about cable lived in the regency and as is as is the owner there he. Was involved in so many different things a round of the I was tell this story now. Why are we going to governor protect he's apparently he's a Republican in your response Democrat. And he instead a couple of things and if is that you know Tiki gonna win an attic area in it was it was it telling. Interaction and narrative that he lived his life Bob was the kind of guy. And I and I had stunted. I learn so much from him being a young. African American in New York. Hanging out his circles. He could be everywhere but nowhere. He was always a defense. But he was at every event type of thing and and I miss them and so when I when I think about. Relationship with the giants and reason that I saying we use because I I had a real relationship. With dealers is with the players and my teammates but with the with the guys who were in the in the organization whichever monitoring organization and some type of role. I don't know onto busy trying to be a businessman yet ready oh less than in raising kids that at some point on the line and maybe maybe now. So. Along those lines are now you hear the giants urging the season a pattern. Mean last years of really being most of yeah. Every which way but how do you think that an affair I think you know that it's an exciting year because pat Shermer feels like a calming influence. We bring in James Boettcher who is a defense of coordinator. From Arizona he's very aggressive he likes blitz a lot from the secondary. Yes it's super talented players on that on the because of the ball landed college at one. Endorse Dinkins as we all know was free agent like this. There's extra is that the pieces are there like dvds a piece of paper it's look at what the giants have from mail office of line standpoint that you allies say Kwon. A sterling Shepperd owed you know as an Ingram a tight in all the skill position players or they're the requisite it's what you need defensively of the plate maker here here here here. Com it it it makes you feel excited at the same time. In order to be successful you have to be consistent yet and that's gonna take some time it's all new. All of these guys the office is different defense is different. Coaching staff is different so expect you know a fly out of Magee. You know we're five. And zero to start the season is probably unrealistic there could be some growing pains but I think in the long run this thing it's figured out the giants are playoff team. I want to bring in telling you just brought up earlier and strangling from the answers and and at the beginning of the year because he's on Dancing With The Stars Terrell Owens. And they expect. He was really nice scenery of a heart art person. In every youth art person I've interviewed on but he's intense and weird way exactly I know exactly we do what I think he I think he's a nice guy EII I that that's what I took away from it as okay like as he walked in music. But I. Ayatollah it will do this by but he was really like I mean his answers were so thoughtful man he's very Smart is cumulative so awful and contemplated that yet that's what I've really it didn't seem that person a ticket that way you know and at the time I want it. It's with the starts it was months ago Padilla at the time asked about in theory are he's in the news again in the giants' thirteen that. The main active days they mean honestly be tied with tapper nick by the man John Mayer has been pretty outspoken on how yet deals out the protest reports general. Where do you personally stand of that and if you were. On the giants yeah in this time you talked about being an African American Indian York city how would you feel about African women participating spreads a disagree questions and. You can only. Each you were. Your your answers on your personal experience and now you're you're big you're not young enough to and to not know this but I was on the New York Giants and on September 11. 2001. And when we. Ultimately. Canceled the games. League did and now we would go to practice. And Giants Stadium was a commuter line and were cars it never left and they do is they never left this the facility. It it made me realize how close to this tragedy we were in fact you could look across the river and see the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center from practice field from him. Com I lived in the city at the time remember being terrified. I also remember of what we went down and visited ground zero. How emotional uplifting it was for those first responders all of them to see us and in even those respectful on the right moved take the week off. Football it was more important. To give back to normality our president past us with that George Bush Haskins of that. So we went out to Kansas City and I heard the national interest so many times right my life playing football points or two tetra. When I heard out there in Kansas City it moved me in a way that I. Can't ever mention. So when I think about in the context in the open protest that's going on now I would never meal for the National Anthem because of what it mean. Meant to me turn back in 2001. In the overwhelming sense of unity it abroad. With that said. We've created this. This this is buying Miree conversation. About the anthem protest that is you either hate it. Or you love it it's either the right of the players and as Americans or their anti American it's anti military. If you if you Neil or that's exactly what the military one like. Did the conversation. It's pushed too black or white when in actuality. It's so new wants to needs to be talked about that is full of great. Now I understand. You know why people get upset about it. But they also need to realize in this is a history. It's somewhat of a history lesson. Break things in this country don't happen easily. If you go back to. The the late nineteenth century with women's suffrage or the civil rights movement. Com or brown vs the board of education with you know Oliver brown having his and his daughter little let's non segregated schools like olds movement happened because people took action and Colin happening believes in something he's taken actions not on American. He's not anti military what he's doing is is creating. A narrative that people don't want to talk about it's no different than women's suffrage is no different in the civil rights movement it's no different than loving. Ers is Virginia you know that without that active that that that. A case in 1967 I wouldn't be married to my wife who's who's who's who's a Caucasian. All right in so these things happen because people take action. A Collin company can news wanted to do is create an actionable moment. And he's done that that was two years ago we're still talking about it I'm out how many athletes. In the modern air on talk about the Jim browns of the world and Mohammed Ali's been in the modern air I've been able to create a narrative that is existed for two years and created a conversation. It's more people don't talk about black and white a talk about agrees that are truly in existence and so. Com and have a full stance on it. I wrote I respect people's decision to take means I also respect people's com emotions to be upset about ice that neutral nations nature of humanity. But what I what I can't stand and I think it is. It's insulting to the complex history of our country to say it's black or white you're wrong or your right now. They knew for a pop lancer on. Because it is. It there are a lot of nuances movement in the forest that is this debate exactly right. You work you had that experience and a very unique time growing up an African American New York City. With the team that. By all by all accounts my understanding in the New York Giants is there really dedicated to their players and they really do look without dollars without in the community and the community. DN and I think a lot and he sent that with a lot of NFL teams do you feel like. At that time while it was through 9/11 and you neck that was your air beyond do you feel like you had that some pour even if at that time the talk was a lot of now. And I was young at the time and it was a lot about war to salami out coarse country and words patriotism and do you feel in media like race wasn't at its center for that is embraced embraced didn't feel like it was part of the conversation at all yet been it is certainly part of the conversation now. It and feel it well. Who. Mean I always felt the Bible was ignored. Me it is it's one of those things where. It. I didn't feel like he was really affecting me and in news it was affecting me what can I do about it and just myself yet people person and make crew have relationships and button in and try to be of a productive member of arts community and society. Nowadays. I think race has become so polarizing because it's talked about an almost. In a social arsonist the way I don't start a fire here. Comics load. In the 10% that engage in social media and the rest of the media's going to pick it up and an end run with it. Even though it's a vocal. A very vocal some thundering loud minority. That's that's just the world that we live there live in right now and it's hard to adjust to it. I think it and it and it's hard to understand what's really happening because things get soul out gap when in actuality it's. Actually that last. But it's his it is feels like it. Rick Pitino was in this morning actually sin in your chair news talent means like that there's so much negativity out there and don't know it more like. The telecast winners like this idiot that you he wants to play golf now you hadn't met until of the be distant from the world are to blame DFS. Now it's it's it's in your face every day. I want also movement of just more general and piles up again along along those lines. You know. It feels like when in as a mean cabernet a lot of offseason hemlines. Have been about the raiders and the moves on making that I know what you said on Twitter about Cleo Mac but commuters vocalize year sentence in in the air gamble deal here and in what what those deals need the NFL. Police Sodexo so like the numbers are getting enormous the National Football League specially for quarterback to have Aaron Rodgers is there like ridiculous deal 32 or 33 million dollars a year whatever it is. But there's also so many revenues coming in new revenues coming the National Football League raiders had to move they had to. Because Mark Davis is not a money individual he's not like a lot of the other owners who were edited independent billionaires and independent companies. The giants actually at least half of the giants with a mare's in the davis' are one of the few owners that are there only business is the sport. Right it's football. So he had to move in order to NT two Teague to garner his riches. If this if the Coolio Mike issue could come up three years from now I'm short Khalil Mac would India's careers are rader. But right now the money is not there or the raiders to put an SO ninety million dollars. For currently a Mac and also we talk about that when built the raiders aren't ready for that window right now this is not enough. Other great talent facility for the sound of the ball. Two to waste the cap space and in waste the real cash flow money for them to do that. And so the raiders have created an interesting. Situation for themselves one because they hired John gruden who hasn't coached. If in ten years Super Bowl was fifteen or sixteen years ago nothing about them that and we began sixteen years ago when he was the lead at the top of the mountain. Beginning coats in a decade. They give them an eighteen year hundred million dollar contract. Rodman crime property so there's like that ends the oldies like. By contradictions going on with the raiders but. And the reality I think from my just from guessing what was going on as it Aaron like Limbaugh almost like they're they're. Making this transition where it's going to in reached the organization is going to. The creek is new buzz around him in Las Vegas but they're not quite there yet neither one of group a winner on the field because they always to Oakland but. It's hard to do because this Allard kept Estrich says that it's 88. I don't I don't know that they're going to be good. And he dished to many there's too many moving parts their story isn't clean. An incredible liable older buyers to Florida deal with they have the oldest mom and opened football point seven and a half years old on average. And that's old considering out wires that are actually in authoring Claussen and the and the young kids who're who're just coming in silk. Com I mean. I I think it's a great story it's great for me on CBS Sports Radio would be -- exit exit to speculate that in this and opined. But I don't know if business agree for the product don't feel. Probably the least awful question but always the question. Mood evening. News. It's it's hard to Nazis the patriots for the season's. Ratepayers. Always read just that we look at them right now in Italy kept three receivers on the active roster only cut on the fifth victory in neighboring and a couple others. Julio months ended quarter of Patterson's never been a a marquee wide receiver but somehow they always make. These guys whether it's those that I just mentioned were the ones that preceded them into Starr's threat for the first time XYZ makes a plea of horrible. In the in the New England Patriots are headed right back to the FC championship game they've always benefited because of the division. Ditching it would be better but struggle spill bills are going to be. Putrid this year and I believe that line just not into. In Miami is or in where and where and it's. Wait and see face a they deconstruct the little bit may have some talent there but. Not right until Apple's gonna prove himself so again the patriots are likely to win the division probably have a bye week. And not play into the second week of the post seasons that you win won the immunity if she championship game. So it's hard not to say the pats will be there but from a looking at teens on paper. The the rams are exciting. They're going all the way and with the offseason signings and acquisitions whether key to leave a Mark Peters. It on the consume they finally signed here and Donald. Today that is that enormous deal. What to make him happy almost as rock of defense of players in the game. Offense than they have the offensive player of the year the of the coach of the year dom McVeigh geared golf is is it really good player. In other than to bring in a branding cooks a mean to there's there's so much talent in and in Los Angeles on the I'm gonna say that the Graham's from the units a year at likely begin there. We're talking a lot about the early two thousands and Macy repeated yeah. You have to answers yes and and that was a great what they ask a great outlets can't ask Alice have this come overseas news today about the the patriots. How many how many super bulls won by fewer goals you have Mike Patton less than one scores Adam didn't vanity airy ticket appealed and we're not we're not saying I mean probably are still saying Tom Brady's best ever but when Palestinians and its on ice balls and jackets it is different if if if if some of those really tie gains with. The other way yes now I mean you know corporal game they weren't I know yet and they weren't an industrials aren't cheap like an announcer in that doesn't want any of like forty or so it wasn't give me and it wasn't give me this is what it's like he's a legend yeah when you talk they have got to have. So F Clarence yeah exactly NF yeah deference a reference for emulate. Didn't you need someone you've used lead. The goat yet right after he you have done it yet but there's a good enough contributions of itself but the winning games is what matters and I feel like he's a guy you'll just like go fishing and do whatever add Linda cannon is that down there via he's he's a hall of Famer in the MPH trouble begins kickers and yet. He deserves the pressure. Kirschner while you're here on behalf of drafting a partnership drafting. I think we finish at that and news talk about what fans can expect going toe Balkans. Yet this weekend is going to be a fun of and it's an open bar the draft kings dot com for its last fort slash kick off bash. To get tickets I'll be there to the game is all Mike princess of Brandon Jacobs. Ending Mangold from the jets will be there there's a contest is going place on premises for 101000 dollars. Policy comes sign up half funding will celebrate draft means new sports book. On some of the new games that are available this year on draft kings I've come. Excellent. NFL running back thank you so much for taking the time to join us Gil be in Hoboken this weekend and will be right here. Thank you never ever won for listening and have a great day.

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