Former NHL player Sean Avery on new memoir

"Ice Capades: A Memoir of Fast Living and Tough Hockey" chronicles Avery's career as an NHL enforcer.
39:51 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for Former NHL player Sean Avery on new memoir
Welcome inside the ABC studios in Manhattan New York Nikola Causley here with the great one Rangers agitator former enforcer. Former vogue intern and now author Sean Avery Sean played on it and thanks around me the great one the GR a TE it not to be confused with the way yes I am confused and laser. Yeah. But. All right so let's break it down I mean how did. Writing a book compare to getting mentally prepared for an NHL season. Yeah I mean I figured. Which seemed because. So the book. Is based off of a template. By Jim bowden's ball four which I think is. One of the most famous and and while written sports memoirs in the last forty years. I cottages rolled into it what I did was I actually use the schedule. From my first year to my roster and I use that as assert in my memory markers arms look at. Game one of my first season in the NHL. And then everything served to kind of flat open or general in the pal only talks calling first further their goals or assists. And it's CO replete Chicago that night Bob crow worked one to kill me Scotty Bowman save my life. Now months in the next months or it was a fun process. Take a lot of go back after all all the different box yeah it was. It's amazing how much. How much information there is online now and you and and that that they do a great job of showing the history of select you can find anything. As far as minutes played shots on call the whole the whole gamut so. It did it took a few months to initially dipped at the time line and sort of the the rough bones and outlined by the there it was a two year process altogether did you go back to the fights and the OPEC insurers which one you thought he had dealt with the best ones to write about yet and I I talked about the I think that the good thing about the book is that. I'm very vulnerable and I don't talk about just my goals and and the great moments the man there's there's a lot of there's a DV west caught fire it is the first fight ever had in the end NHL that I got knocked down and so interest in stuff that you know. I'm not a embarrassed talk about the about fights because. You can have is is in May whether this is that you're not fifty you know in your in your NHL career you go losses and those of the fund stories. Yet but and you an unbelievable job I think what I found most interesting is how you UN indeed few you're in your love life urine and the good and the bad of Sean Avery. And a lot of the book is controversy when she was like you followed you throughout your NHL career. Why do you think that was what was so controversial. About Sean Avery. Well I think that. Over certain amount of time it became more about the person. Then the actual. Incidents like if you look at the sloppy seconds incident. Yeah noticed the leaks have meter rehab for thirty days with with drug addicts and alcoholics. It's funny because I. I asked for the report from facility in Malibu. And it took them a few months to get its me because I was gonna put it in the pocket and it was two pages and I called them back and said. Did you guys for debt tabs the more pages assuming that you know I was there for thirty days medically they probably have more records. And they said now that said you know. Worried we'd see you you were really. Weren't supposed to Clean Air Act and both pages set I was in our success which I said to you know of course from a narcissistic and an athlete. Most athletes are narcissus you have to be in our system to be grade at and at spore. So I think. The crimes didn't fit the punishments a lot of the time and certainly as time went on an acre as account mascara there are trying to. Get ahead of me on certain extent. Do you think that your reputation wishing to procedure were you able to use that's your advantage on the ice towards the later parts of your career were you able to. To intimidate players are cause more Havoc just based off of that the villain as you say that you play. Yeah I mean I'm sure Marty Broder wrote the schedule the start of the season saw when he was playing the Rangers. Before. The season even started and we hadn't even created any friction that based on the previous season. You know that that the timeline of Rangers doubles so I had done advantage where I know guys could look at the schedule. I also know that before games coaches would say you know. Don't let Avery get in your head type of thing and I think that when that was the conversation I was doing my job and ours ours to right. One coaches is talking about you pregame and then then you ready won the battle. Back to the allies are copper comments just because it stood out to me it's the one thing that you seem to regret and I think rightfully so you know. But I'm sure if she'll fall the Rangers last year's playoffs I believe it was Kreider who fought for enough now. The legend of Sean Avery returned to advise G they'd did you hear the. Chan yeah I mean listen that the ranger fans are. They're they're not very forgiving and the sense that. They're also New Yorkers and blur are rated. Type of of of commentary in a game is unlike any other Dan. So I I'd definitely sap back and and saw what was going on as far as talking about it in the block. I talk about it the sense that. I don't regret anything that I've ever set over the course of my career. But not certain instance. There is a person that I was. Intimately. Involved. With in my life for for big part of my life and you don't I regret. Bringing her into a conversation. And I think that bouts when I look back about it I can't keep saying I regret this because I don't immigrants here is not that you hurt someone much. Yes there somebody that you know I had. A personal relationship with that that everybody else really wasn't privy to so I think its interest seen. When. You make mistakes like that I think it's you know and you wind you have to come to peace with that person and then you try and move downwards after. You talk about you're you're part of your game was an act. Was that the only time in your career worthy act crossed over into your off ice life. I think that that's. That's sicker question no I I think that you know. World where what were person right what sports and what's amazing about sports is. They give you this cost human they'll allow you to do things that you're not allowed to do in your regular life. And the lines sometimes can crossed you know were allowed to do things as athletes and we're actually. Promoted when we do things as athletes that you can't do in your regular life but you're still that person's still. You walk away it is you have to look at yourself at the end of the nine Amir. So that was probably the the most obvious time weren't word life smeared Mir at the game. He talked about in the book the NHL doesn't promote its players very well I think that's accurate they that they don't like. Or they don't really shine on personalities in less it's the big guns and you see it. With yield back in the day. You can say there was controversy and and I understand that but someone in today's game like PK issue bonds who is known first charity work and is this an is that. And you see him getting. Hated on by certain analysts turn dance in pregame murder you know for further at this style of his game do you think that that kind of his. The NHL way. Yeah I do I think. I think it's it's ridiculous because when these people criticize. Somebody like Putin Sudan. There are only doing it for clicked it's it's it's concerts such a selfish place because. I know the fans love it. The love that that the fans are craving. For athletes to show some of their personality. The conversation now today is were so sick and tired or hearing the same conversation. From athletes after the game. And there's a great part in the book which I pick was the most fun I hadn't writing a book right do. Sort of a mock interview had. Which is unrelated to the full deeds hello Andre it that's sick extremely. That's what's going in are now on in our had and you could play a sound bite. And initially replace the guy's face and it would be the same sound bite from every single player in the league. And you know the fans don't want to hear they're tired of it. And you see the one guy who now gets a bit of the exception is doctor Wright but even you go back yard is playing days in Washington. He was malign he got traded to the Rangers for Anson Carter like it was a giveaway and he revived his career in New York right before you got there. There's a threshold I think where once a player reaches a certain point that's when the NHL allows their personality out but it's a jogger watt. Fourteen years in the league to get there. Yen you know our yards is one of the most interest being funny. European players that I ever played wrath and I don't think can tell he got to in new York and he sort of assert a carver relationship with Larry Brooks that you saw. They use his how much he loved the game one. How much of a big kid he was and how funny and and sarcastic and self deprecating years at times a lot of the time. And they don't show that it's always Crosby overmatched in. Let's just show the head to head for the 38 time in the last three years and it's boring you know the fans don't want to see it. There's a great story about jogger and how superstitious he has now. How long did his tone als actually get now I mean ever get to a point where it was dangerous because if you took a shot. If you if you got a shot off its four. You know it is toenails would basically explode off of its toes. So. Yards as a crazy soup I mean I saw him sometimes in games he did his skates sharpened fifteen times. There is one of the I've never seen a player so particular about their creme and and so superstitious about everything from cuttings state. Two. Obviously cutting its tone and cut his stage I mean how many times he retired his state before. He would take a bite or I wouldn't put anything past or are crazy. It's you know I look at it as being. Focus on on a level that regular people don't understand. There are that it just that it takes over his life. How big of a role do you think and be played in their perception of Sean Avery because. You say the bucket and it's accurate or somebody who lived through the heart of the Sean Avery error as as a kid. And who loved every second of the garden chanting Avery. You are probably the most talked about third liner ever in the NHL and that is where you don't see. He even hardcore fans of the average Joseph can't name the average third line out there in the NHL do you think that that and be played a role in why people. Tried to shut down Sean Avery. Yeah I think it's what it's one of the reasons why. I was actually even given an opportunity in the league is that when I came in on Detroit there was no anti there is no. There is there wasn't anyone in addressing a room that worst you know upset that that I was who otherwise there was. Eleven hall of famers there were all extremely comfortable with where they were in their life where they were and their career. And then as you start going. And and certainly when I got now weigh in and you sit across from guys that are saying themselves poll wise this guy popular he's the same type players Siam. There we make the same amount of money I've actually played more NHL games in hand. So that was always a four find balance that I ever benched in story weren't worth to grow over time LA who. He got to realize that because slew convinced Pollard for a long time there's always something that I bounced in and there was always something that. It was tough there was it was difficult to manage. They sound that comes from the winning culture that Detroit established Detroit you know that's a little thing that they're gets swept under the rug and you talked about the difference between. Detroit and maybe that's one of of them the mattress. In the NHL's Faris organization's go now and then you go to LA it's before they were winningest before called a TARP quick. It's after Gretzky you know there are no man's land almost out there in LA is that a losing out of. To almost the attic dig through the winning organizations don't nip here they don't. They don't micromanage. Day let. The morning guys 25 guys certainly in the hockey world. They let them police the room and that's one thing I talk about also aware. Certainly when we talk about the pro guard situation. Taking a guy out of an environment where it's a safe zone and the and players police each other. Is that. The biggest detriment an organization can put on our on a dressing room and coaches that micro managed general managers and micromanage. They're Indian party put me on double secret probation when I get when I was an LA. He hadn't even met me yet you know I that was my first meaning I had with them and r.s thirty on double secret probation. At that point I don't even know fight ever even been suspended in the NHL so. It's it's it was always an interest in old school mentality that I was always fighting against and you know that this tried to stints there had a bit to a certain extent. Do you think that you would be perceived differently in in today's show you hit on your internship at vogue in the block the and become lower and groom her end who will. And he Shea back and it's really not that long ago but it's a much different world today that it was. Then do you think your perception because you never. Its not like you're out there committing crimes and you hit on that the difference between York. Issues in the NHL I'd like every other sport and even other players in the NHL who get. You wanna say free passes by know it happens it's handled it's done it doesn't follow them around whereas your stuff. You know followed you for your entire career and it wasn't. Caught. He I mean I think now it's it's too it's too it's a double what sort of their because. Everyone has the ability tip to creative movement through social media. So anyone can sit at home and say I don't like the sky. I don't like what he just said and I'm gonna rally all the troops behind me and we're gonna bang down some doors and tell. You know he pays the pays a price. So and that. Situation I think. It would've been it was there was an advantage to calmer earlier increased social media sort of say. The other part part of that is the perception in. I did an inter chip evoke. Few years later became the hot cool thing to do right Dwyane Wade did one and GQ were or men's vogue after me. Certainly fashion now is accepted across the board and sports it's almost it's promoted. It's. The Cam Newton did. His interviews after the game the alpha or talked about more than the comments on top and and and were ten years ago it was our walked on a plane in Dallas with a short certain they told me to go home and change and plane waited like. It's a totally dip different space now but I think it's it's it's more dangerous because of the effect assertion mean in how people can. You know fight these wars. Without really being informed Bryant that mob mentality do you think you could count our acted as though by having a voice because it. At that time I mean outside beat writers social media wasn't a thing. The the message was controlled by the week down yeah I definitely think com. Me personally it would have been an advantage because I don't back down on on my social channels and I don't get I don't get afraid. That initial wave of people trying to start that movement right. You can't be intimidated by a when you believe. That where you're saying is is is not the double. And you know about street in trouble that's for guys that's really where guys are afraid to speak up and why EC certainly the NHL. It's not worth it for guys now they don't want to take the risk. Our I want to get back to to Andy Cohen because you were really one of the first professional athletes to to come out. In support of equality say you know and gay marriage and all that and now it's much. More weights except that entered into its spoken about regularly and rightfully so. But. What you did then does it really get the coverage that it probably should dessert. Yeah I mean I think that what doesn't get talked about is the fact that Jim Dolan who's the owner of the Rangers. In. Allowed me to do a public service announcement for marriage equality in New York State NN New York ranger Jersey. And I think that. Todd I had an owner. That I was somewhat nervous. Bouts. Expressing my position on and marriage equality. I would never gone nearest. Iris lucky to have a guy like like. Like Jim don't do the owner of the team where I understood that. He embraced personalities. Is a loyal guy. Very open minded. I was in a position to be the lucky to be able to do something like that's when when the they passed. I said yeah no problem. I'd also played into markets and lived in. West Hollywood and an ally owners claim for the kings and MI came in new York and lived in Chelsea's are surrounded by. The LG BT community and and it was just part of who I was at that point. But stand alone because he. For the most part is vilified a new York and I think one thing that I found very interesting and an ice capades here. Was that you humanize. James don't you and you call him one of the best owners in sports here's a guy who doesn't want on the while. But he always putting the money. And to these teams had it easy nothing he does is the reason they loses as far as additions and at some decisions he makes report. But it's not for a lack of after no I mean from a player standpoint. I would. There would be tough to find a player that says that Jim dawns not the best owner in sports because. We have the best planes we have the best hotels are the best food we have the best equipment we have the best trainers. We have the best of everything Rainier are paying Knick or ranger. And as an owner there's nobody more loyal as well that's part of what gets him in trouble I think sometime certainly the Isaiah situation. Look at you know he hired Isiah Bach he's a loyal loyal man that that really respects. His athletes. And I think that. And I got in trouble in California got arrested at my house and moral can infer. And there's a party and some cops there were a little bit there you know been about mirrored nerves about situation. And before I know it. I'm at the station. And I have Blair Berk who represented Mel Gibson and a lot of big big names is my lawyer. Duct income from anyone other than the top of the rangers' organization. Dots as a player you can't get a better owner than it's as good as it deaths. That's awesome your. And I think that's a opinion of him that is it might be widespread among suppliers but it's not. Shared publicly you know outside an inch in storyline for certainly in New York when. In it's the bash. Dolan train ride. But if you know they have gardeners dreams they have stayed they are an organization. From a business standpoint. That do so much for the city of New York. And I guess the good thing is that with the exception of a few occasions. Jim Dolan doesn't. Get fazed by it he's a pro with the media. He is understood the New York market and how to manage it as well as anybody could considering how much heat. The guy takes. Gregory and you know staying with the Rangers here and dole and John Turturro plays a huge team in this book yeah. Was it is bad as. I mean as a fan and I so morrow followed the Rangers I didn't really grasp how bad it was your relationship which order Ella was that bad. Yeah yeah I mean as somebody told us for a story yesterday that hacked I just kind of shook my hand. Where fifth. A reporter's phone rang. And a scrum after a game he would kicked them out of the meeting. And that was the mentality of back guy he micro manage everything there's a story about me being on the set a money ball. And day a call from turner rallies to do these as these checking calls with me. And I think it was to see that I was somewhere that didn't agree with the hockey world. And annexing an arm on a plane coming home from California I never ended up shooting the movie. That was that the relationship. And as soon as you tell me that I can't do something it always goes in the opposite direction. Why do you think that was because throughout the book due keeps they can it your goal to win them over and your your play. Rightfully so what time should have won them over you were a key piece. On some very good ranger teams maybe not the most talented teams in the league but I will say it seemed like toward a relic got a lot as far as hardworking. Talent goes from his players in her beloved by long quest say they're like Xu. Your your friends with cabaret coo who tore Eloise had problems with but. Is there's do you think there's something looking back that you could've done better to win over him or did you are are you happy with the effort that he put into that. No I mean I think if violent dark and think you're fire out of wanted to continue being a hockey player the best thing action I would have done is as had mean traded. As quick as possible when I Kieran of the turnaround situation you know. That was less sour relationship this was. Nonexistent from the moment that I came into the situation because he had previously written me on television Canada and you know. It was a whole thing so. I couldn't have done anything different for that. Relationship I worked as hard as I can. It's really a testament to how much I love new York and how much I love the Rangers really is as how I stock through it. It's tough corner work every day when you know your boss is doing everything in his power to accurate if he does his success today in Columbus surprise you. Now I mean. You know I think. Nothing surprises me in sports at this point and he's a prepared coach he puts the time men. He. Has won before. When I tiger a people in my relationships in the book. I talk about my relationships and I don't generally for the most part trying. At an attack the work that they've put in more they've got I criticized some of these coaches and say. It's tough for them understand hockey player when they never played. Diapers they think if I'm running a billion dollar business the guy that's running it. Has been in the trenches doing exactly what he's telling people they need to do. So sports is a funny thing it's it's it's an inch seam path where. Sometimes people learn positions that. They say the right things and they do that do all the right things at times and that's at different thing behind closed doors now. Interest and. Let's let's get to the Rangers here. Any other good stories in the book we can't go into details about the one story about long quest and it yeah I had if you wanna phony story that that should make you laugh. Read the book because it it's great about the king outside of that other any other Hendrick Lundqvist stories that the public doesn't know. Yeah I mean I thick I talk a lot of our tanks focus and how prepared he is going into games. And we're always catered the soundtrack before game two to Hanks. Desires. And I think that. The Swedish singer Robin she had a big song early on. And we listened to that song probably for six years in a row you know that song I I heard that song every single day for so many years. Well pass the top chart topping years of that Sandra sighting is just inches seeing when you see the the the little tidbits of guys your favorite player things that. He never really hear about my and you know there's another goalie in this area but you had some run ins with and I mean some Robinson Marty Brodeur. Was there anything. That was off limits and our rivalry with Brodeur. No I mean you know. More I think about me when I trash talked and ever made things up. I always dues that's apparent in the book I always use things that were reality. And like if something's true. If you've done something and your characters questioned because because of that then army to use that as an opportunity. To really go right to the core of it. Because my job. It's very clear I need to do whatever I can to put my team in an advantage. An outside of you know. Going in Sioux. Certain things like. Disease. Alcoholism. Sexuality. Preference. Those are the things that I stayed away from everything else was on the table and I'll never apologize for it. Because that's what I was there to do you work. The the the eight every rule was he saying anything to you when yours then there. Look at him in the eyes now the only fled the fighting about doubts Chris jury came over and whispered something in and to my year. And he he said yeah I'll paraphrase without the without the with that with the PG rating out of it minority. They're gonna they're gonna get you. I was basically lectures sent. Birders eyes just went from there was like in a cartoon received that the boiling water come up and two others into the characters' eyes. That's who was happening repairman at the whites of his eyes just are going router. And redder and tell they got to the top and and he looked like. A it was like the double he wanted. He he was so confused and so up sat at that moment and I'll never forget it because I'm the only one that had privy to those eyes through the mask. And it's something I'll never forgot. And and less than thirty seconds later what makes it great it's not just the act of dancing in front of a with a hand in his face. It's got to be the goal and that Ed and and that's just a good hockey play here in the right position. What was his reaction when you scored after that entire ordeal. I could see. It was like letting in the air out of it was like popping a kids balloons. And I think that's the best way I could put it just the ultimate. Deflation. At the a moment and obviously we were at home and it was a big game. He it was a series of events that I'll never forget because I I just had such a great vantage point four. Yeah I mean I've gone back and watched those videos on YouTube but he doesn't shake your hand. That is one of the most underrated I think rivalries in sports because you torture and out a hall of Famer and now we're talking in a guy who's probably considered. A top three goaltender in NHL history. Yeah you know. I was I had the city of New York behind me. And when you feel that that momentum wave come over you. One you don't want to ever disappointment. To you feel untouchable. And there's no better feeling when when a city like this gets behind you and and and roots for your views. You're on top of the world I mean. I think that's what everybody is craving for in the movies and in in your dreams is to it to be able to take over the city of new York and certainly. Ranger fans now with now is as good as a cup for me. And you did it wasn't just Brodeur. We could talk about Mike Richards you know there are few rivalries that you created shear that. I mean the way you word to word and MSG is reserved for. The greats I mean right now the only remote Lee come parable excitement that a player brings outside of long quest. Is may be you corral opening it's in a different way I mean I'm. Superstars. Through the last decade outside of yarder weren't adored by the fans like Sean Avery Y. As the I mean I I had this uncanny ability to. The arena. Champ my name bridge I've seen a few. Athletes have the ability to do it our son incredible. Night one night when LeBron scored fifty points in the garden and their chanting his name. Hendrick Lundqvist could could curator at the drop of our hot in the heyday. It's inch seeing now you go to games and it it's sort of lost that magic in somebody's been asking me what which you say if you're on the Rangers right now Howard you're trying get them out of their funk. What I say it's their team that has the pleasure playing in and New York Madison square earned its use that as an advantage. Tap into that marine and tap into the fans. And make that that the most exciting place that you get to walk into on a daily basis are locked in their MSG. You talk about these fights the famous concerts I got to go in their forty times a year. You know bouts of privilege that no awfully. Should take for granted and and that you should taken squeeze every. Minute of that and use that as your seventh ban. The Rangers are struggling this year do you think they're missing. A little bit of that juice and is that it and NHL wide thing because fighting his way down you know. It's not even slowly but surely anymore it's trying to be. Removed. From that game. Do you think that plays a role in the lack of energy especially MSG. Yeah army in you see it. The results grounds there's known as a talker wrote in the book you went to see you Sean Avery when he was playing for the Rangers. And it was a coin toss you had no idea what was gonna happen there could have been a brawl on warm up. And there could have been a bench clearing brawl by it the first period their curb I mean you never knew what was gonna happen. Now I went to a game my first game since I I retired. Rangers against torture all last week. Nothing happens I mean you could falsely literally the most exciting part of the game was seeing the funny videos. Up on the screen so. I don't know why. Guys have in. Taken the advantage to stand out and it's very. Mundane. Of environment across the board. Now equality in the product of the play is better than an ever happens. Superstars now on the leader taking over at nineteen years all of that didn't happen when I was playing. Compare superstar Danny Heatley to Austin Matthews announced no comparison. So it's an inch seen time and and in the anarchy for sure. Do you think Sean Avery if he was born five years later and has in the NHL today it would wreak more Havoc considering. There's so many less people that play the way. You did it it's almost a dying breed and news talk about heart now and the book. Chris Neil you know there's you guys who. Who do what you did and maybe they've had some seasons where they've put up more points Adams. It's a role where you walked a fine line between the enforcer because. I mean your five foot ten and and I'm sure your you're built like a brick wall. But compared to the Derek who guards you weren't fight in those guys you know in today's game when you don't have to worry about it Derek who guard or. Really eat there's very few people to be as afraid of now a comparison to that do you think that he would just read half. Well I thicker air wetter it's it's inching question because. I would've had to cater my game. Two of how well I would play in this in this day and age because like it's being moved the puck with the best players in the world so. Our hot I would've had to enjoy scoring goals now more than eight then I was privy to prior because. I would have been able to do it. Ed it's a different game where it would have been able to thrive so. You know. I can say right now that me in the NHL today I'm one of the best players in the week. Because. Nobody is really pushing the envelope and nine other direction and it's still. One of the most useful tools. In in and sports. Richard Sherman. In the NFL as a prime example. The that the villain and the antagonist in the guy that has the ability to put all the attention on himself as a still an effective role. And I would love to have played now you know would have been fine I also might have got run animal league. At a much earlier. Pace because of how. Outside the box I would look now you know I still have the luxury of having guys in the league like Jeremy Roenick or. There were characters in the league when Bristow plane so I could deflected a little pepper and now it's not the case. What do you think the Rangers need to do in today's. Right now to to fix their issues and and let's talk about your your I'm sure you're still very good friends with them long quest has age. Caught up to the king. Or do you think he still has it in until rebound and the team needs to be planned better front. Law I've played with a Dominick hasek when years forty years old and won a Stanley Cup in Detroit and Ager wasn't an issue for him not here Hanks a very similar goalie actually in a lot of ways not from a style standpoint but. From a body type tamp. Standpoint from a focus standpoint. Hanks got a lot left in the tank. I I really come back to and I think they need to embrace the city that they plan more and that arena and use the fans and really kind of get that feeling back again. Do you think they're guys on the roster that can do that or is that going to be outside moves to. I don't think there's a Sean Avery in the NHL right now like guys who who well play a little bit more gritty style 'cause right now other Rangers are way more wide open. Yeah yeah oh yeah I mean I I think. Listen you don't understand the importance of guys like Ryan Callahan. Dan Girardi who've Dan Girardi is a real warrior when you look at. NHL standards. It's not all about the sloshing and the fights it's about being able to have that gritty. Athlete that can handle big minutes and I think that that's what they're locked in now on certainly losing Derek Stepan that's become even more apparent. Where you've got a guy that can handle those 45 minutes a night itself. Woolsey we'll see little cigarette happens with them. Do you think your stats that I can't measure about Mikey said that the Girardi though the warrior a fact it's hard. I think now with advanced that's making a major push into the league and and numbers. And you can't measure heart you know there's no heart factor there that. It is tough to measure do you think that the wrong. It's Lou lost its touch almost. I think that. It's starting to become somewhat on an unidentifiable. Yeah now. I think the salary cap has has been a big factor in that because of turnover in the and that it's difficult to keep guys in place for a long time now. There's always going to be warriors and sports it's never it's you're never gonna lose that. But couldn't I think that. Trying to keep those guys is the hardest job a general manager has found its. Enough about the Rangers were Sean -- been up to outside of this book house war and 77. And the other ventures that the public doesn't know about. You have it subsidiary. It's eighteen months ago a friend in my computer ever premium movie and called patriots then. I was on the train ride home and just thinking about. The fact that. Those a couple of days on set felt the closest feeling that I had to wires planet at MS shoes. Here on the street there's tour 300 people around and all ascendant director says action and all the energy goes into that two people. It's arguments in new York and and now from Los the year in Africa and studying and a studio and in the city and the future Sean Avery is our mother going to be broke out of work actor confirmed to be a working actor in film television or in in the theater Sybase. Because I can't lie to myself anymore and I have to try and I have to I have to find that rush and that's the thing in sports is people are always. Trying to figure out now. CT and how to they have guys make the transition part you have to be honest with yourself and understand that. You're chasing that high and until you can find something that replaces. You're gonna be lost and I've found some thin now are just now I you know. Here are gonna Tommy that I can't do anything right so it's exciting time right now on the book was was was along side of that. You know this time that I could reflect an open up and become vulnerable on it's all related to each other. Are there any rules that you have lined up for the future. Yeah and actually doing repeat purchase new movie mile torn in two. Where it's too which is mark wall hurts the star and again and that's starts shooting a few weeks and Milan M Bogota February if awesome now. Our show Walt thank you for joining me and I'm sure. And he shot every fans out there at the book is an absolute must read for hockey fans wouldn't even get into jelly ghost and Brett hall. At some of the stories that you know are an ABC approved. But it was a fantastic read parent and thanks thanks for taking a time project you.

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