Marion Cotillard Plays a Double-Amputee in 'Rust and Bone'

Oscar-winning actress on learning to train whales and acting without legs
9:43 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Marion Cotillard Plays a Double-Amputee in 'Rust and Bone'
Just wonderful -- Such soul music. So that -- he can. It's possible some -- Old. Different today in the decline and sometimes kept us from different some song won't give us -- -- -- -- -- -- -- news tradition and historical commission it actually -- -- include. -- -- -- -- -- -- Particularly the accidental or -- protection. The group of -- report of food to go into a social and personal it is important to support a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's an exceptional -- right now. Called rust -- bones star in Merriam coty on. Who. I'm very shrewdly have invited to be on this show today and I -- welcome board Shula thinks in my flat out antiques after night. Bob Hope I can do this -- I can do -- That's -- that stretch that's my French OK didn't you weren't convinced. I made to sound of happiness. All of -- happy yes yeah I like ten. Happy like doing as well as that I'm sorry OK I can do all right I am a firm will cast -- area where Canada. Anyway as you see we have a rust and -- poster right behind my head -- that's and that means it's up to you. To start us off by saying who used this Stephanie that your -- and asked -- who is this. -- very mysterious. And a lot of missed years. -- like -- -- because you know it's very rich. A lot of things that it's going to be. Revealed or not. None. But yes she's a very mysterious person and insists tried handing. -- -- with her life she's starting with who she is -- struggling with Fiat with everything. And she's kind of sounds like all of us and went on yeah struggling -- -- -- -- while north hall but she's working with the York she's -- They are because she's she's kind of violence person tries -- Feel that she's -- life that she has and she doesn't see any reason. Reading and then and then she's gonna have an accident and she's getting hit the bottom. Of her existence and no way and my guess when you hit this bottom you have to two options give up. Or in face what's left. That means you yourself. And I guess she has enough. Trusts and life even though she doesn't know she has that trust. To open the doors to what it's what is to face when in there's nothing that. And I think that when you open that door and you can let them love and and -- the love happens him alive it's a relationship that isn't founded just nonsense. There's no support things have cats calling you in she even. I I guess is not very. Aware of what she does when she calls this boring. That there is something that is strong -- and her. Drain I would say it it came from deep. And and he's this very. Genuine person who looks -- her as a human being and Mike for the first time up her life someone who looks at -- Right here just a human being. When you get -- script for something like this and you're talking to -- -- Does -- start with the technical. -- -- off course I have technical things to learn my -- to. Make an -- gem upside down and he'd do that -- You give them they should give them fish eyewitness -- something way more complicated than getting well let's he had. I don't know they told me -- and they jump up that. Yeah kinda while -- happy I was right Jennings and Daryn won an Oscar now might that is coming back from you. -- -- -- -- -- Anyway it is yet -- that there was technical parts and then was tied to. -- for her to. To try to -- the -- she was also. It's also with the legs they're not there they're digitally removed from yet again. How do you act back. As you just can't answer it that's what we do. What and that I don't think -- do you pretend that -- Something that is not actually be real it's actually real that if you believe it enough you can make. -- you know you can make people believe that it's actually -- Do you -- A role home with you. Is it something weird during the weeks that you're playing Stephanie in this that that to you -- when you go wrong. When I did Matt Leon rose I totally took her back with me. And she stayed with me for like months. Which was. Was -- kind of crazy but now I know that. The deepest I will go I need to know how to get out. It sounds like it was a hard. Thing to do very difficult thing for you to say goodbye to Apollo eleven hours was -- high yet and I was Shane. I was ashamed because I always thought acting as -- -- you do what you have to do and then you go back how many go back to yourself that should be easy. And when I would hear someone saying -- -- -- it was so difficult to get out of the -- -- was. I have to say -- like this is this is crazy this is we're. And it happens to me so in what happened how to manage to say it. I had a hard time leaving our. Because how biggest year as a woman. Was to be alone to be left alone. But then when I realized. That that was the reason I told myself while for -- use totally crazy because. She's. Been to head for Life Party. But at least the reason I was. That's that's crazy that's weird right but that was the reason I I didn't want it to leave her alone -- When you do something like the deals. -- -- Here in America you've already made movies in France they know you walk here for a lot of people. You are just this new creature you're somebody nobody's seen before and suddenly your -- -- And you're speaking your native language. We're watching it that way we experience in this whole thing with you and your finding your own -- -- taken -- and then you win. An Academy Award for this performance the first by the way. That any actress has won an Oscar for speaking in French -- Do you like remember what happened that night you won the Academy Award were you thinking when your name got call. Well I thought about the director when he -- down on and I thought about her and I thought about how my god -- I haven't could carry anything I have 48 seconds to say something. You weren't thinking of anything this no I didn't want to -- I didn't want to prepare anything because. -- you never know what's gonna happen and I really did and expect to win this Oscar. So. -- yet -- life by the well at. If I'm gonna be ridiculous I'm gonna do ridiculous on stage and not in my -- threatened -- I'm gonna keep that or this is not mandatory you know no I didn't feel -- The people like where will it they would they want -- and -- -- -- something and this will give us adults them. -- couldn't do it wanted to live the present time in. And imagining. Winnings something would it was not present it was it was -- her. And I -- want to be in the future one in the past. We have -- So maybe it's something things -- -- The tiny little hit -- -- -- -- Why do you fear that then -- on -- I think -- -- it --

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{"id":17905380,"title":"Marion Cotillard Plays a Double-Amputee in 'Rust and Bone'","duration":"9:43","description":"Oscar-winning actress on learning to train whales and acting without legs","url":"/Entertainment/video/popcorn-peter-travers-marion-cotillard-plays-double-amputee-17905380","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}