Power of Women: Interview with Candi Carter, Executive Producer of 'The View'

ABC News' Maggie Rulli tours the set of 'The View' and talks with Executive Producer Candi Carter about the challenges of being a woman in a powerful job.
29:09 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Power of Women: Interview with Candi Carter, Executive Producer of 'The View'
Digital. Only candy card part of our women's here we feature. Women do often and it. Why because it came in the back of New Year's mean they. The thing. It. How or when it. Austin and yours was also. The women who. And asked. Us. Oh yeah. Yeah. Hello every one. And I watched you in an interview wearing com and yet. Yeah it to me well it twice about it just act and act at. And lock and out that. Out. Like panels that pressing I don't care. At a rapid for the show the announcement like Tim Aaron. You know repaired and how about. I disagree. With that way. It. Out. Empowering and I do. And I executive producer of many and a little louder. I love I think we have on. Call that a PA voice that sounds like we're always going. I just. Did not yeah. I. Idea when. All the ladies in the what explaining. Back. Equipment was indecent let alone looking for as many. And we love you. Yeah. Not at opposite I went. It really cool that this confirms that representation of the show you know where it when Barbara Starr at the show how the whole thing was. Women from different generations at different points of view. I'm from different ethnic backgrounds and so that's of this control room kind of represented our Charlotte I think it's really cool in addition to that want like girl power. All right let me do it we can we can have a show on television for two years going to be successful Smart and funny. And so I think this I just think that make up of your staff should embody what the show with the intention but you know it's just really cool I decide look. Like the palace to. We all I I. We went to did you bring some different perspectives then to the development of the show where maybe you approach a topic differently you're choose different topic and other shows not talking about right. On it and certainly and then cattlemen had never ever at a time where because you have. A lot of females working in this controller you may be approached a topic differently or. Talked about a topic and other media outlets were even talking well absolutely I mean Alice I had a lot tablet. She moves like body issues and things about women that we talk about special at the presidential debate we talk about. We had a lot of Republican candidates on the talk about Choi is so big management topics can get a little Dicey. But we do it I think there are got if there is a guy at the table to change the hold and hang. So definitely of this now we can talk about things that people talk about and we go there. Yes you know we we go hard core issues we have no problem. Well until is that. The women on your show and I'm sure it's a classic the controller as well that's gonna get into you ask. Here you have women have differing opinions is because your went under doesn't mean the same thing what kind of house of the somewhere in the hot topics meeting we and we go to a topic we're like if everybody agrees violence. Cut into same I'll have to represent. What the viewer is thinking and the viewers don't all have the same point oh. So if you take a topic everybody agrees with the plans are you want people yelling at their TV thing I disagree with our disagreements are angry with her that was a good point. Or you wanna enlighten people you can't lie in the body apparently has the same viewpoint that you now you have to hear a different point of music a wide. You know also the water cooler conversations I got the new misuse of this but that's about it and I remember about pat. That's a point you know that's that's what this it was built on and so coming at me about we wanted to get back to back an intention. Really finding stuff that like where people are divided into this thing's a Charlotte this weekend. The the shooting happened if that happened we saw sunny Hostin weekly. Down because waste from North Carolina. As south of this. Yet cries from Iran office and so we went and they split up. And talk to people about race so those hot bed issues. It's like. Twitter is on I rarely used as here's an ammunition out. And have this. A laptop and I literally have tweaked that time he followed Evelyn I look at what it. People are saying and what it holds nothing good to see that you are inspiring this conversation I think so often. Women get stereotyped as only talking about certain things no yes it's all talked about that. Most movies or TV shows represent women only talking about other men that's kind of the right if they had any conversations at all but you're sure you see. Women hadn't personal conversations and I think it and get other women the power to talk about it and that's why you'd pass on the conversation pass on the power. Think we should be talking about rates and talking exactly worried. Our for the Ritz Paris isn't really fascinating that on our team all. They're like that sometimes it's hard for us to talk about that they figured out like communication is it here's Matt wrote in an. And so that's the piece that we want to extend into the community and we'll actually get tools like a might cost you see they're talking about how to talk to each other. That's weakening and a new south. And here you are overseen not. Being on mean you are in charge of the view of all of these wonderful people and Olbermann and nearly got has slipped. My thing I serve them so it's my job to make. It's my job to make the operation run. So that everybody has a good work experience in any means not haulers would relate. At these guys have some think first off at the live shows and it doesn't have enough for my poignant like what suspects it. So that everybody can be it machine everybody can get it here we know we're doing in and we can actually focus on. The real stuff which is the contents and in other things that are stamp or and and not have to worry about operation. So like that's abuse trying to like pull together and just challenge people like be creative. Talking that he created think out of the box I don't care where an idea comes to you can have a great. And I mean there. Alan control around ten year outing camera. Looking at the bonds. The rally and. Kennedy. Now. Well controller African program what it's about candy at the Bachmann. And all of excitement forever and tuning in length and a lot of men and women. I. Mean. I. Now that the media oh yeah this art right. Instead had to. It is bad at bat really well. Here's whole picture this. The debates we're here overnight and into the studio. Well look like me are. You a parent for twenty years at our lot of you are part of something that's. And that it. Are like social media tells me that we do I. We do it and WD on the news so sometimes just war and will do just like where. We'll put a product appeared 60% job and Dishin' Digital that there young world that if we think it really and it. Isn't that isn't glamorous behind this team with news and isn't news social media. You can tap and picnic let's charity right yet again. Khmer. 21. Another. I. Yeah and that FF that's how we actually have any. We just as the until our celebrities come at bank we have pictures of I wouldn't let them neatly cut and I look at it like doing it. Owens needing. Look I'm not out of the Lape on the way back and our hosts come downstairs dressed in our industry record for the show they're here. Beginning make up of three seconds of the Brooklyn that they do a lot of odd that they are here they can check their final yeah. So what's. Since the beauty section and yeah African median app for quite a few years yes we were just discussing this before they were and I handed a check in its demanding. A leaflet put together at and women in particular have. And it's no secret that women have to do a lot more so to get ready then and he's a look like in median particular to watch the progression of women. Having to this day looking beautiful all the time even as we age humans are working long hours it just depends on what's at the camera here yet. What I'm wearing today. I don't. And I ask who I am just play. Very much about the work at Michael Gottesman you know I've gotten an entry to handbag when our. Data de act again and it didn't work so you can. Didn't do the work and you're not judged on the inner play really its products but that's encouraged my idea it's just actions in the hosts. Every day that. Ended up outside when they worked their way ripped jeans and sweatshirt ask nobody at this is a spot where it's just that we too much stuff that's important. Act as important. Lag its dramatized. More and more like keeping up on this means I do. Goes back to you when Riggs an element that there was a lot of women and I think. With that shift comes a new appreciation for getting the work and vs focusing so much when it's a male dominated spirit they kind of expect Wilmington. Always look nice and set to get cash the from the arts. Control. Lot of at the back and well. Now. It will not adding up all the way it works and your war. This is. It that. Network. They keep him in responding. Why Indians. And yeah. I got out. Okay. I. Actually. I got. I. Don't think that's not our and they have and I. That Ratzinger for candy. It. We rehearse. We rehearsed and that we are closed at. An awesome items six. Wave. And hello I'm. Our our state. Law. Guys we heater because can't even awesome woman. And we're here at ABC news Digital's part of our power of women there is to reach out awesome women doing awesome England's. On in our inner. What do you think of candy and the bond. I. Clara it was complete with high. Okay here's the question as a bit. But I am here. I noticed that. I that's why I'm governor I would've. You all on the spot because we're here and nick and Fuller lives mostly women. But I noticed on the floor it's often male dominated what's if you bed and student of whereas before a lot of the camera operators and what producers are up and now we got a woman active. And one. So what's it like when you. Have to be in charge of a group that Allman and you making one of the very. Few woman. Worked at other places that had you know where it was very few women very few black and I was a television stations and the only black. One station. Or other black people at this in the past so that's easily mean that's a group in New Hampshire and if it. And that point but I think that if you're competent and sort of the day now yet like one of the options. And the country everybody here is extremely competent so negatively issue just. And athletics had this well all of whether to irony in the camera and the woman as running the camera well. It's not a matter and an aggregate annual heart and being appointment but if they report to you really. Oh yeah of course now part and an advocate the male female thing that you had typical the black man who went into this. It's just the person. I just say that's just. And accurately again that is ahead yeah well you you brought up. Being a black woman working in this field and you with the first. American female officer of the view Evers shad have some what like you. You're working as a woman whose interest but also the minority to two groups that are often underrepresented in the with a like for you representing sort of both of those groups with an extra pressure and you've do you feel and you don't think you care I don't notice but it's important to us to be to do great now it's important to a great job impeccable. To leave you now and I think by example. You know you impact people. So it's not really I have to do it's just. The bags and I decide it's time to continue to do good work and be an end and just make great television I just opening gas so at the end of the day when you make. Smart provocative meaningful television and impacts people and so if you're focusing on. And your team restaurant everything is strong in your leading in a way that's respectful. And people are happy work all of that. Is that reference is the representations. You want dividends net so you but just working and being amazing. And trying to have an amazing team helping people grow. Personally and professionally it's the bat as the most important piece and then back to us you're using a lower on the planes. It just pays it forward. Mention his passion for TV's a look at what got you into that what was sort of your path from. Any Carter in New Hampshire. All occupants of the via like I. Like I can't. Chicken restaurant on my calculator attic but when I hit 20% an exact match is always been and it's and I talk very curious and loved people. Lewis on it and now Atlanta and back in the day Alex I think anchor men and on the up and that it. Actually outside I was at the site. My Austin tomorrow only. It's not for eleven months I was working working retail site and sent him in Atlanta scene and and while I was there I notice by. The producers. Were really kind of organizing the shadows like my first Obama was very young I was written scripts and running cameras. Those finals having fun it really isn't thing and then one day access I just noticed. But like the producers were organizing everything I was like. That school. Not thinking bad apple I like the idea of being able to news. Kind of like in my head visualize how somethings that plays out but and that's what I've been doing my entire career. Mostly in talk. Bulls in tock. Some news specials I started news but I've really been doing talk for years. We haven't mentioned it yet as you say even talk for many years and yes here EP of the viewing Abbott. You also had a huge role on us. Kind of well known show for about fifteen years risking your his visitor in the Oprah Winfrey shares on out of you've earned. An hour anything but and he would like what dean. Meet in Paris on this yes and so that's incredible another show that featured an in incredible romance songs on the arts while yet. How is it open with you and. I can't pitch in television was there not a bad person to get round it was one of the most amazing. Experiences of my life I was. Created shows and and things that went way just when. We were able to do but even like working under oak public. She's very Smart man you know she's just. She's insightful and Smart thing. I just learned so much like working on her thumb but also working with like one of the most of this group of producers even here I mean. When you get these shows that are like icon in their built on a strong intention. The people who work there are all like the cream of the craft so just that the luxury and the blessing of being able to work with that group of people in the blasting him be the work this but Pete moments like it's critical. A I don't think. I mean I am soaking in it the power and aids here. So accurate that they the and the and old. Eighty. I'm. Really excited. Cool warm. Ones. And it's. If they're working on it because literally. In its. I mean it's it's it's an experience. I think people forget about you see on TV but the actual. Experience of coming to think it's mixed. It's a lot of work to put. Operatives an experience like this together. I you're in charge of it but you're also in charge of a home. Is and a husband. And one of your kids have special needs Anders and York the Euro is that you and how are your daughter now who. I can't when you have two children. And mean company I think. What is it like being a mother being a wife and being an executive producing. This is what I. Aspire. To the sky plane if that's why not everybody right it's who I am that's what I love. You have to there's that you can't every. So my kids and I love them can is that when cook meals. Remember when I was working oh Bradley joke about me was active market for him but he did not date because it literally I am that the grocery stores. In the morning. You know even now cook on the weekend by label all the foods like there's homemade food. MacKenzie never panicked so I just think it's like you have to produce your life when and Liberty's life. And so I find the pockets of time and do things aren't so that. Everybody. It's me. In enemy and if I feel like of my life is together. And my kids you know we span. The qualities that we spend NN that at times and our plan. And we at least a week and that works. Do extra pressure pressure being woman I think. As much as being grown as a society there's still different standards for a working woman verses a working man in terms of being a working on other cars over. Crash and doing it because the truth. Is that when you travel a lot of stuff way. If it was a guy he'd come home and there would be out by warm could EU's. Now that I'm general I think it's an. Have to staying. And they are and it com Lipton ready to act but I just like it's. I read an article by one. And experience you have stated it's us like. It's just not that count. Oh. You know there are things that I think when a woman is traveling. Working hours are you know meeting that to me that lives. An executive cease we. There's there's sometimes a dead woman and or at least is expected to be super. Man and that is what I tell young people like if you want to do this you half to. You can't do all of that. You need help you have to Ers now. To. Like you have to be okay with it because the Yeltsin. I should be everything that I do I should have according. The cable and apparatus for use and topped expectations women to be every and it's exhausting. So I think they just basically like they'll actor but just know that it's. Okay. If can't do I can't do everything we can. Can't do everything. And in just because you're not doing everything doesn't mean your kids don't love you there's been a great meals doesn't in Atlantic vacations. In and does not gonna check homework in my and I get tech. Every penny Pappas. And let's get them up. In out. Interns. Your future and Reese yourself going from here you have your family you have this amazing show what else to stolen conference. You know I just went to times stories can't have done for my broker and tell stories in town. I take a story and I push it out. Buying do you do. So united a lot of special needs community excited about the I didn't hear from Chicago is that really found my tribe. My son's thirteen and so you have this. Big community of children boxes and special needs and Clinton where they can be Levine. You know there's still a lot as he worked out and I'm as a mom of a child has special needs there's a whole different list of demands from congress to Helen that shaped. Who you heart and as a career woman have achieved your career. Which is maybe a bigger conversation that caused a whole different it's a great question because the house with the idols like this mosque that lead I've always had a very serious situation and so I've come working people but. Network and spell. Your honor it just really hyped up over like just exit from the announced I think and a variant lives. I can upset over things that are also symbolic if the word was spelled wrong but it didn't on air that's what it's okay think thinking. The last ounce on the person. Because there are bigger issues in the world and my son as a reminder every day of it like. A lot of big it could be worse for you right now that on the stalled work out a lot going on the world outside he he has helped me things respect. That's what you make that your personal life and your work life are separate that they do affect each other cars and chains and has not yet. You know what this basically from some like we could take a lot of places that we just think you know I just. This beast now and for somebody who just constantly moves he produced television multitasking constantly going going agreement were shut off. Like to have a situation. Are you have to have more patients. You know where you can't go out where you know years having. You know take care thirteen Euro would you take your three year old and play it just hopes to put us back to second and it slows you down because she and of of Hariri child and then rushing things always gone so I was like that was or us. The telegram. Candy and you have places to be and things did ya wanna give a shout out though to our lady crew geek and. Half the guys that we don't hard data rates. And and under the hammer and we're gonna show you know. At bat an act now before Abby he's not my phone real clip because as we spin off I can't believe about the also. And rapid fire questions free and at and and you're from there my parents and Korea. Yeah I think these are applicable to your life. Not candy all star runner current running play that's when Jim asked him. Nothing. I've got a heck yeah no music okay. You also are involved in hip hop pop maybe I hit pop music that was if they've. Perfect. What does your crew makes me the most court. You. Pat how active are boring at Wheeling most of yourself and life. Does. You used you o'clock A mean look at him. And killers are red. My aunt and interconnect commitment yes. Death on the view that surprised you the most came on as. Hey we have. As we can stand. Out. There with her well. I expected when they were so me. All right I use that from Chicago Chicago style deep. Just keep them or a New York's light. Oh yeah. Think he's not tough and keep the plant. Hat that I like the worse. It's an attorney in the rain and greatest college Alton and you. It's unfair lot of your so wonderful. And Howard and it's an iMac here at the partner if you preserve the view. What can people watch it. And every ABC. Sonar off. Anymore and kill.

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{"duration":"29:09","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli tours the set of 'The View' and talks with Executive Producer Candi Carter about the challenges of being a woman in a powerful job.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42478754","title":"Power of Women: Interview with Candi Carter, Executive Producer of 'The View'","url":"/Entertainment/video/power-women-interview-candi-carter-executive-producer-view-42478754"}