Rosario Dawson's Long and Winding Career

The actress tells Peter she was first discovered while she was sitting on her New York City stoop.
8:49 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Rosario Dawson's Long and Winding Career
-- You're right this is what the -- country. -- -- -- -- -- -- hallway and also a relief it's the tools -- -- -- -- -- -- Call. In the hallway and no charges. -- -- It's easy easy. -- -- -- -- -- In getting apartment. Now what does this fit -- -- in terms of your career and what you're doing are you happy with yourself when I hand at this with. Is the best stuff that you've done. Yeah I mean it but it is such a concerted effort with so many wonderful talented people like it really. Just felt so great to be working with such professionals -- just made everything -- everything was better for -- conflict with some pros and and -- -- like -- been really lucky -- I feel like every project has led -- to do mean. You know something stronger Fuller more presents you know -- sort of incredible and I think of I I can't help think kids you know what we've fifteen been. Now and where you're sitting on stoop or something dad and -- -- in harmony creek -- And asked me I would come in addition. Addition -- and I worked for days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My dad tonight but I -- they help me work on an accident -- that's in addition. You know -- -- like it was legitimate because it was on Broadway their production office and staff went back that was -- the -- easy with -- like showing up and I am me. Picked up I think that I mean it's like at least not -- don't know. No not -- -- and -- still really amazing today you know I feel like it really fat and are my career. And made it possible. Some news that wonderful experiences I've -- since did you get -- kids and so he's and they and it's all built and you can I get game and then this -- off. But he had done something on Sesame Street even before that right -- from Sesame Street to. It's anybody wanna after applicant and then it happened. In the video he could -- and -- likely to a career yeah. I mean your margin in New York is very specific to I mean to talk a little about that I -- remember you telling me once about the squat and how you learn -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thing you know -- -- -- that's normal for people of Tanzania -- You know we were the only Katherine -- really bad. And there are some kids who came teachers and parents but it was it was -- -- No water -- -- him when he first moved -- -- a lot of people who lived in it were sort of single inhabitants or couples. And down and -- eventually grew to where you know. We -- water heat electricity and you know at a home in it was a homestead it was like our space and -- artists interesting people from all around the world to come together -- very rents. He knows and here's why I like as scary as it was to go in there and audition first nine months -- -- -- to we aren't. -- ranged from -- small government how obnoxious Marion mimic. I'm meeting -- -- -- up at five. Like. It's and I feel very attached to I didn't and it unit that was the stupid I was on -- harmony and Larry not -- -- -- -- always this -- artistic space and kicking in and just loving and -- my uncle and dads Brothers -- -- -- No contact yeah me so memorable in the band shell used to be at Tompkins square park so that I footage of me -- -- -- let -- by my -- my brother -- Listening to -- I just feel like art has always been a huge part of my life and you're still doing absolutely regular that's apparently the answer that guy and typical super cool right now they think -- -- -- He's my love at a streak and you're doing this that's what spiral death yet it's just everywhere I totally would absolutely do that -- times I think that's why. That idea because it was just like a fun thing were always dancing anywhere and everywhere that would make absolute and do that means -- If you could take one movie that you've done -- proud that -- -- Don't -- outside this time one. There's more than one and I hope that they didn't want to say that you want to put in the -- popcorn box and say to people. Watch it on Netflix -- get the dvd is it. -- -- this album my friends how you got me he co wrote it with her cousin Brian. And I remember her calling me to tell me the idea that which for his. Harsh and strong and clear. And she's that we're not -- -- -- write it because it's gonna be really arduous. To write unless you say you're gonna do because in Kathmandu at Emory on even go there. And I am hearing this and it's a lot today agreed to upfront but okay and -- a year derided. And it and that being this film called descent not by dissent dissent. And we shot -- here in New York on film. And 400 million got his brilliant actors -- -- part of it and we hit the ground running it's really intense and we're very proud of it you know that's got. Final cut on but we weren't it was -- had a hard time with releasing it pending an out there but we did get -- -- it turned back and and people come to me in and talk about it they -- dissent and a say they're usually like. The -- that. Whoa -- Britain and France. Resign that we always. -- -- Contact -- I think along -- you really get a little bit could have I could actually do all -- that for -- with the dance moves but I not to Palestinians in the elevator but it's like. But at this Kong and we heard at the mills Brothers and now we had really fills up any if you know the words on what I don't I'm waiting to hear. -- gas sack had a million dollars -- Had -- that played -- game all. -- Soon. That slap on the thing she's gone. And it's tough -- dollar that's not you. -- Bounded through without of them. Them a phone again saying. And -- can that must mean. Sosa's weighing less than it then again -- and management man. We'll have to let it is that out -- Well I'm not -- that meant she -- been winning. Still being -- to -- all of them novice. -- hand the. -- -- -- -- -- -- have a fit cone mountain that saying is that can. -- -- -- So John whenever we head back -- we never had ever. Athletes should the deal thank you so shenanigans happening -- -- me.

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{"id":18890617,"title":"Rosario Dawson's Long and Winding Career ","duration":"8:49","description":"The actress tells Peter she was first discovered while she was sitting on her New York City stoop. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/rosario-dawsons-long-winding-career-18890617","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}