Sheila E. discusses her new album, 'Iconic: Message 4 America'

Sheila E. discusses her new album and life after Prince.
21:20 | 10/20/17

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Transcript for Sheila E. discusses her new album, 'Iconic: Message 4 America'
ABC radio I am super prayer loop her. Are excited because I have a very talented amazing woman sitting right across from Al she's looking but she knows who she hit. One the only Sheila. ABC radio to talk about. So many things including this magnificent album which is now available now yes thank you so much for haven't been yeah and you have a message for America today Idaho Indiana I do. Absolutely now I ID. I was read a little bit about some of the scenes that. You know you went to in creating this amazing project and I heard you are kinda torn because. You are thinking about really seeing a dance track to an end and that and then you that look I have to kind of touch on what's happening right now. Talk about that because I think people are very interested in that process to create what we half today because there is a message behind. It. It is I want I put in my archives of folder that that said politically correct a year and a half ago. As something I wanted always wanted to do it and them. Things that we change imprints passed I was writing in the dance record and I just knew that I just couldn't release gastric and after that I shut down for a minute and went back and Syrian wrote another. Almost another entire record after he passed. And then ice like a sit earlier this morning in the country I just was offended by things that we're going on and and I just said OK can't do the politically correct record jet because I knew was gonna take me. Six months or eight months to do that record to lyrically right what my messages that I would like to. Talk about an end. And plant the season of hope and peace and and so my back and them. Try to find songs that I grew up listening to in the six season seven he's that are relevant. Right now on and that's what I did and I found. A lot of great music is back in that time. A lot of songs were very political you know Marvin Gaye what's going on in what so we did inner city blues in trouble man on the record in. Which kills a lot of different sauce for a specific reasons but such a time exists and that's how we really get the record out and done. We recorded in May with my hopes abandoned my family. Freddie stone enjoys Clinton Bootsy Collins ringel starred candy and offered Israel Helton. Via came a few. And to name a few and it and I want to know that there are so many amazing people that are involved in this project. That I have to ask for any of them had to take because of the nature of what we were putting out you know you are kind of taking it. By the bootstraps to say look we're we're gonna address DC there and it be able to have this political commentary. With anybody hesitant was there anybody that you said. This is what we're trying to accomplish here they were like now. Not at all actually. Everyone that I can't just say tell me when what kind of chill you know absolutely. The time is now the need is now. Finally you know someone's going to do record at this and this is again earlier on this year. We recorded in May so it was. More so trying to gather everyone in studio at the same time because I wanted the element of we're gonna say something lyrically and place something musically. And then message means we all have to be in the same room at same time and recorded it wasn't just continue over dubbed this part and you over debt now it was like them. The first day was Freddie stone and we did everyday people it was insane it was like we were playing Madison Square Garden in them really tiny room. It it was. It really was insane and at this set the bar as to Freddie came in them are right this is what is going to be. Flier that law yeah. Yeah glad that law. And I you know I heard that you don't consider this album. A covers album but a state. Talk about that what you know II if you like people you know. Our excited about the idea that this is something deeper and it hasn't steps substance to talk about why it's a statement. For youth specifically patsy and yes insisting. Up until someone asked me so high it and one of the interviews or how do you like covering. The stalls and I just oh wait that never even entered my mind. Because I knew that I wanted this tit to send a message with something that was already that was relevant in these songs. As soliloquy you you regal slayer should go all my god this is like now. Nothing has changed from the six in the seventies and you'd. Read these layers is like. We're we're in this right now so I don't feel like I'm covering a song I'm I'm the messenger I'm just. Plain and recording music that that is relevant. Ands and and saying hey listen to these lyrics you know what is it saying what does that tell you. Definitely when I was younger it wasn't you know I was younger it's like at and take it as seriously as I do now but. Manually the lyrics and you're going wow this is crazy. And I think what it. Specifically caught my fancy was that you know yes you have such amazing artist but then you also throwing in Angela Davis liked my. God you know can we talk about that and I know that you've known her for awhile. I I'm. You know I'm a huge fan I follow be seeing this is what we're this and I'm that were and you don't build words come back to me even more so stronger than ever. On talk about that process with her because I feel like that speak our voice speaks volumes are. Absolutely be just say her name is like OK there out she's pay if she's in she's in. Not good I grew up in the Bay Area and Oakley at the time during the Black Panther Party and my friend's friend was part of the movement there and their very first facility that they opened in Oakland. I played percussion with my dad and I and the band in the backyard in the in the driveway of that that the tablet but the the parking. Area of that first facility that they opened in the baseless like I was there. I called herb. And asked her if she could be on the record could she write something. I wasn't sure was I was gonna put him but I knew that. Letting her know what the project was about in how this was a movement it was a messages about freeing bring people together in. And that division has. A divided hate hate has divided us as a country and you know what we stand for what we believe in war better than this you know. And house trying to feel where I would put and then I thought wait a minute yes we can camp by the Pointer Sisters and we kind of dealt. Two to put her either before the song in the middle or after so we had heard two record. At the beginning with no music and then we had her try to record in the middle of the song nose like paglia announced going to be like that. And it's like you know I I feel people are really getting in her feeling because now a officially use your on the knoller charged with that the album. Though can we talk about that how to feel to be back on the charts and it's a way I mean I feel like you know regardless if you do this for the purpose to do this or correct way what the message is but I have to be some type of lake. I I. Again until someone brought it to my tent because I feel like I'm not end the system. And they told me as well as much is Sheila you're not really in the system you really don't belong in the in the system of the pop the radio and all things like. You know I'm not trying to be I'm just I'm just. I love what I get to do and so any town that can be creative and and do something and this has a message in it and it's radiating in people's minds and their hearts you know that. Man this is something that I believe that. Movement could bring people together and it's kind of cool they haven't on the tries it to solicit it was either 620 years ago since I've been on the charts some like. Know how are you kidding really think. Yeah yeah. We'll go Doug and Danny. My passionate. In Atlanta replay any known now in town on now it was just because the work is good thing and and I. Usually I appreciate that and and but that's at things like all we want to do this people. I want people to get this message and to stand behind this and down. You know she's getting the word out and having UN and ABC and like the view today in and allowing us to come and talk about it in this platform because. You know we were seriously when Mac and ever get rid of hatred. You know we're never not gonna do that but there's a way to plant a seed of just like hugging someone as I told when little ladies earlier site. You know my shows I ask every single person in that room who comes to Simi Weathers 200 to 20000 people. When we perform this moment. Let's turn to someone that you don't know look him in the eyes and say I love you because that person some people have not heard that word. And they give them a hug and the whole room changes that atmosphere changes and I said now just what that feels like right now plant that seed in that field and as someone else's life. Watch how the change happens we can start somewhere. I felt that spirit within you didn't visual out he funky national and W got my ready to go out there now. Ogg talk experience because I'm always curious when an art is kinda you know. Besides upon what they're gonna do think they have a song and they say a chemical on creek is visual what would be ideal when you step into that project that okay this is what I want to achieve this visual. The visual. I took my breath my brother Peter Michael does all my video so I talked to and I said. Listen to the song he hadn't heard it yet nationalist Tucson call funky National Anthem. And I have speeches we did the shorter one today but I have speeches with a lot of leaders. Better that what they're saying are relevant and where their speeches are new or old. And and we also with the speeches had to go to doctor King Family in the state to make sure because is deemed as a performance so. They came back to us to say we believe in what you're doing you know and for them to give us the okay to use his speech in his image. In the video is a huge accomplishment because they just don't always do that or if at all. As so we continue to say even in that it's like where were also. Continuing to spread. Doctor king's legacy insane protests in and nonviolence. And that's what we should do anyway. But what the vigil is as I tell my brother we need to bring. What you hear in this music to a visual aspect where people really understand and get it an egg becomes even more powerful when you see was happy so. He's like while in my brother so why don't we use some of the kids to. Mimic the speech is so that we can also reach beyond because that's what we want to do we've got to get Torre used they're going to be running our country so. That was a way of of conveying that message and well. And I love the way that that was incorporated I thought that was kind of like okay I get it because this is kind of the generation that we need to be in listing into this conversation generic picture very much so. You know there there's so many elements and I love about what you doing and I think. Even more so when I think of you act this ultimate performer I get super excited because. I say OK so you give my drummer precautions you not to kill us she got security not to go and it's fun and a favorite thing that you love. He loved to do as entertainer are you aren't like I like being at studio because I'm chill RD love to be on stage I'm always curious. I love. Everything all things I get to do I love being behind the scenes are low producing. Putting shows together putting artists together. Writing songs are live in plain performing live I mean that that thing of of you know you you're in the studio creates something and it and it could be in a room with just your you know the UN an engineer or two or three other people or halt an entire band. When you go out to the the audience out and claim perform in the audience. They're singing your song in their. The love that we get from everyone IQ there are no wars that can explain. That intense. A love. It it's its sole powerful and it's it's as beyond wars is that it it isn't it gives a very emotional life time's a random crime because it I. And it's hard to say how much you all give back to ask. And I sometimes feel like you've never give you enough even though I do as as my body's gets tired and shares down and it's harder to be covered. To do what we're doing it's not easy it's more challenging manner to be sixteen in a month in the happily. And you know as his get a little bit harder but. But the love that that we give from you guys and it's it's overwhelming and an amazing to say the least like I would. But this is to me it's this like this is how I feel like heaven should be. That that much love this is in one room at one time and that's why I say this has worked. At my console is just as what America is this is my America this is what our America should be as when you come to my shelves. That everyone all ethnicities all ages from two to 82. People come and hang out they laugh they cry they dance they sing I mean man what why would I not want to do this you know I'm. I'm humbled and honored and blessed to be able to to do it I do I know it's a gift and I am just very grateful. You are extremely gifted in I I think because of it people constantly CU so I know there's an performances that you do lean. Coming up I read online about the call a few here in the air but is there something I got cooler or organize and he went what's the plans for his good people aren't like. Which means Hillenmeyer and home. Where stood trying to book. Shells I mean way in week it's not like we're on tour officially believe not really stopped where. Doing you know two to four of five shows a week depending then like that it's gonna slow down a little bit in November. What I wanna keep pushing this project and we're just beginning and you know if there's good. And I'm saying good agents in good promoters. We would love to work with Bennett and their far few in between Jimenez. It's kinda crazy and so we're just kind of doing a lot of things ourselves as well. It's you know because of people do want to see them we appreciate that. Yeah and as I look at you and I see you wearing purple you know I always think we're all of purple print that out daddy said Betsy. You know I also it kind of resonates. Clearly with Frentzen and kind of way. That element as well. I know he has a ton of music that and release you feel like. You know there's. You're itching to hear some argue think it should be kinda kept. Inedible what what are your thoughts on it I think that was a lot of the conversational pieces people are saying hey you know. We we want this to be released to the masses because heat he touched people with his music in an and you know first hand of course. And so yeah there's that conversation what are your thoughts on. Some there is an I'm not joking or exaggerating I feel that there are at least 200 songs I recorded him and I together at least. Valerie you remember what they sound like you know pisses. Starting improbably 8384. We recorded a lot of music together it was just human tiny studio. For eight years. Like there are times is just humanize so. I don't you remember what those songs were or what had come of them after I recorded with him and because he loved to ride a song and then. By the time it really comes out sometimes it's almost a completely different song and to you see the title or what it was called. And as he changes his title this is what it is now. I'm not mean that. He. He would always say he never. You know that music was his and he'd in my release until it was finished. He used to say in all the time. And then one time he said well if he gets release is not going to be behind me so. I don't know I mean there there is music that maybe should be released I know the fans want to hear a lot of it. But I just feel that there's some things that. I think sinking of mileage actually if you want those songs released. He would have released him at some of the music I just don't think should come out. Well I mean it's got the hard stuff thank Arabic and others like the back and forth with the idea. We love him we miss him we we yearn for that we we need that you know it's kind of cathartic and and many ways but of course you know you also want to respect. The arson and and so that's that's that's why it's typical that scenario it is as hard now I know they are today. A lot of tributes and every year here we are member. I'll how wonderful and Howell important and how amazing he is and still is today I feel. Is there any you know thing that you would like to see done specifically I mean obviously we saw your tribute amazing performance on. That you feel like you know. Is knee didn't at this point baker what what would you like to see you know its honor and if if that hasn't been done already if anything at this point. I am I am only deal rain. What I know. He would love this to keep his legacy alive which is his music. So. We've recorded and written songs together and a lot of those songs are stealing my show never not done them. But I mean. You know. If I was doing things differently at Paisley. And that if I would do things differently a Paisley. So we'll see what happens I don't know I think there's some some things I should be fixed. NM NM again it's hard I haven't been their system memorial after the more. I'm have a lot of stuff still in the building. I have a lot of stuff I I was there before it was built and human I would walk. On the dirt in known and that's the string and and that pigs in the ground site OK I think this is supposed to be the kitchen. Well I think that peace over there might be the you know studio there whatever and so you know we would walk. Through the dirt holding hands walk into the dirt and slight OK it is going to be cool is so big. Piece of land you know and then we come back and then you know another wallop meld those foundations down in the malls are going to happen. You know and I was probably won the first record besides him an in the studio thing. Yeah I have a lot of I mean that's like my home as well I'm them done a lot of stuff there and so that's where I don't even wanna go get it to stand just gonna wait is still harsh. Current and heavy any communication with the estate and no one over there now the family but known nah not things stand now. Well of course you know I I I know that you have been. So. Good to his legacy and so authentic to his legacy that you know high. I can respect anything you ever fit that doubt that they believe that that's understandable. I'm but of course we're talking about the album and I want people to understand that this is something that also is life changing and what you're doing here. By bringing this excellence to the forefront is also. You know as important and down before we go I I just want to make sure people understand. What you liked the resounding message to be for somebody you know obviously listening to hear it year album and also. Just write down the political climate if you could say something to the president say thousands of the people out there who are in this. Who feel like I don't I don't have voice what what would you want them to hear from you. Everyone has a voice and that's the thing is people understand it just takes one person to either do good to do bad and you know everyone's voice that's what we have to do we have to go and Bo. Mid terms will be starting next November you know we have to reach to kids the youth. Junior high colleges. To get people go out and vote you know if we don't vote we're not gonna change anything we get sit outside that window and yell all we want to and throw rocks at it in. Be angry but it. That the way to change things to get to come together. And men and let your voice be heard every single person that does not vote. Is your saying no and accepting everything as is. And if you don't vote that it's gonna stay like this so we have to go Lambeau and that's really important to recharge used to let them know that this is the next thing. Absolutely Willie will you are the thing you are the next thing I think he's so much for thank you come in by the studio and talking today about this iconic Mexican violent act pat thank you and of course and congratulations. On being on the chart a course that would that I endlessly. On. ABC radio radio Shealy eating comparable she Ian thanking his client signing off. Everyone makes you checked out. Of mind.

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