Singer Tina Campbell of 'Mary Mary' opens up about solo career

The Grammy-winning singer discusses her decision to go solo and what to expect from the final season of the sister duo's self-titled show.
20:33 | 09/26/17

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Transcript for Singer Tina Campbell of 'Mary Mary' opens up about solo career
And everyone I'm on the Nevada live in New York thanks for being with today for another epithet of live from out we are so excited half with us here today. He Grammy winner he had Campbell joins us live in this studio think you so much for being here thank you I'm excited to be speaking it's a great way to start writing today thanks to you enough court. So many people know you as half of the duo with your sister Mary Mary that you have an incredible solo career under your belt already and you have another album coming out yes this Friday yes only about. I'm super excited the album is called it's still personal because every single song on there is personal to me. These are the songs that spoke to me when I was down that helped me to get up. These are the songs that carried me once I got up visa this song that I have been party into says outbid you're out of Fayette. So I was super excited about these songs on there sounds of inspiration and motivation. And they charge you and they and they and they live Q they give you proper perspective in their songs that got gate to me while I was just. The terrible place in mount an amazing place and that figure it this is the music that helped to carry me through the darkest time to the best of times. Everybody deserves to hear it and so it's a personal hits everywhere Friday September 29. I'm super duper excited about it we hit the road to go on tour two weeks later that. There is the album is available for pre sale in the house when I got their make sure they get their hands funny you can do that yet convention and he's coming from the plate the difficulty of being you're going on your own. When you and it's only me here is what is your sister I don't ask part up a partnership and what's it like to go through that kind of musical journey. You wrote to say what you have to say why. For me if it if it did happen the way that it happened it probably would've happened in the I didn't desire to be solo I didn't desire to. Pursue make a career in music just being scandalized that wasn't my vision and and so if god would not have cute in mean music that was it like trying to writer intentionally hacked strategizing to come up with. If it enough but all this music I would have done a solo album does it that was an arm that was on my radar wasn't part of my wish there was mama bucket list. And so music just came to be in now when I first started doing it by myself. I thought you haven't done it fifty years on but when I would get on in my house like oh I'm shaking. I think I think America is as I found out that I was not a disliked by standing in my starting out just like Clinton breakfast there while it's an audience listening audience. Is right now my body's like lightly shake it's not just found out I'm that he would do that. Sound alike because I would I didn't know that I was nervous coming up I didn't know because this was my no I'm getting on the Mike and singing this was my norm but standing alone was noted the united realize it that was. A bit of you know at. I was it was a little uncomfortable when I started doing it after news again and I didn't know what's I was step up to the might not be like. So I'm nervous and shaken that's what an outlet is just all the people worked through it and finished thing. Are like that when your out there for the very first time. And and you realize you're here and you're about seeing. And you look tear left in your writing sisters and parents to ask you why what it was OK to me it for me to be without air I realized that I had a ways. I realize that the stories that story in the the message that I was conveying with something that was personal to me. It's almost totally OK with that. I just I just realized that like I needed to prepare my body repair. A lot more I did repairs much of the year with Erica. Like she could finish the statement thumb out of breath she starts saying it's way I outlet August this. This is a lot act at a not at a condition mob you differently because I'll be out of breath a whole new collection yet nobody's taken up the slack and so I had to learn how to. Men aged you know being on the stage in interviews all of these things without somebody jumping in finishing my conversation our. Picking up where I left off for helping me out of unfilled Shortslef to learn that again that wasn't it it that didn't create a nervous like scenario for me the only thing that I was nervous about is when I would get on the Mike myself. And I would notice my body shaking I was like I guess I am accustomed to having her here goes one on shaking which makes it fifteen years together and it makes that was absolutely my norm but. I'm getting adjusted to a new norm you allow yourself to eve ball. And I love doing what I do what my assisted let me inner critic I'm lovely. Marry me of my favorite group I think we make amazing music together and we have this chemistry and this magic together with her at our producer warned that's just. It's fantastic yes I think a lot of people out there would agree yes but I don't graceful sport but I have something to say and to communicate and to. Give to the world on my account and I think I'd be doing got a disservice to think that I can only do well if I'm standing. Next to my sister in so we respect each other and we respect got enough to give ourselves an opportunity to do what we do individually and then come back together and do it. Collectively. They are album thank you do not ask you about the got a lot happening this week Alan cops on Pratt and Guerrero the last seed and Mary Mary and we TV Thursday Thursday Indiana air eyes on the trailer. Yes there's a lot happening right there is a lot happening right now like you sit the album was coming out this TV shows coming out this tour starts. Two weeks after that. I'm I have my web series with my husband Tim is with Teddy Tina like literally in the in the back from in the green room on just you know making sure that set up the right. OK we had to get benefits hit me for the promo up it's so just. Juggling emailing and. Making it work let's send me about it. Even coming up because I don't write yeah actually called sister verses sister I don't listen I don't know about Dominic kind of step. You know you know what is happening TV makes things really exciting because I'll put that thing is this my sister and I both have solo projects coming out like I had a single come out she hasn't singled them out there are coming. The same time it so. You're you have some elements of our team or some elements of the people they. Our in our circles you know are trying to figure out who would I get my attention to. How even over yet are still trying to navigate no spaces trying to figure out you know. Like you know either the radio team like you know your sister's a competition in you know that she's pushing a song you're pushing a song it. She's pushed and at the PR team and you're pushing the PR team and so. Even if you're not trying to compete you. Because of the way the world success of the music business this it's almost like and create it without you leaving creating it and so we are. Navigating that on the new season you're literally seeing us. You know going to the studio like for me I'm and going mrs. studio unbeaten you know recording the new song I'm. Deciding with my strategists there was also one I'm strategist Regina she's on the radio some like you utility what I need to do with radio can pull our head like him so your expertise would subsidize you at that you SES trying to figure that out ECB shooting videos and doing my photo shoots and all of this kinda stuff you see here traveling. All of elect girls' day job is into different states so that an issue for cuteness of the pastor's lack and that she's its allies and she's double artist she's just. It's that you see us macro. But managing or juggling all of this we're in might countless countries where an Africa Israel. Europe the back in America we and we we and we all over America which is weird everywhere this season and we're juggling trying to figure out how can we managed to be a group right. And be so busy individually that had never been the story. It you know you could see that maybe we would go that way in the previous season but in this season we are equally as busy. Individually and collectively so we're trying to figure out how do we make sense of this new. Life this way because it's like we're liked fully consult with both the group and I sales. Do we keep going this pacer what do we do it so you you know you see all of that being figured out in season six of the mayor Mary show. That seems to be at the heart of this next season this final season forget how they shall I went about what it's been like. Over the course of the years because he's such a big part of your life so much of your life of your life. Has played out on the Schilling yeah help with a lot of the very furious heady stuff they'll be typical behind closed doors but yours is out in front of millions of people we. Your husband's infidelity with your struggles with your marriage but coming back together with him raising your children in your career. All of the things played out very publicly what you like to deal with those very difficult time on TV. Some I don't know if it was. More typical on TV or off TV which is typical and I think because of the way that I view TV and because of the way that I view people home. I don't know if it would have been any worse if I would have dealt with it privately I wanna be hostage. And the truth is you know I care about people I do care about what care about people deeply compassionate about people but I do not care about your opinion of my life. I take full responsibility for my choices I'd take full responsibility for myself and I do not take responsibility for anybody else is thought perspective opinion. You know advise them myself now comedy and so you know the public opinion didn't it wasn't a it wasn't a Burton and like a fact that I look stupid house like if I'm on island about myself and it's happened to me outlook alike look stupid. So I didn't really take it you know people. That much stretches. That day acting maybe my family. It you know being seen in like me being off strong and then being all week. They are confident in being insecure being all hope for them being a hopeless I think. You know taking it in them being so did they were so heavy. Oddly all of them the council and watching me in a house like. I can't even help them in if basis they're so messed up not collect money to come out of my depression to help them out of there are. From watching me so that has that was the hard part but everybody else. Thank your from your like. Like your quietly we nearly you're out that you're able to share that's the beautiful start sharing was the beautiful part but like you know. I didn't allow their opinions of the public to affect me because if I let it make if I let it. Affect me too much it will make me in it will break me there's already enough things in life that can make and break you you can't allow the opinions to do because your rise and fall will be to speak. You know his huge going to be someone's puppet but I am so completely grateful for all of these years that I've been able to share my life. And like encourage people and inspire people war. Yet some people blueprint arm broke map of how to do it's like who everybody doesn't get to do that and I'm. You know united loving every season but I'm I'm really grateful that I have been able to show my funny we had babies on the shall we think he said marriages rise and fall. Me and helped with our own way my sister and I were evolving and becoming individuals I mean I matured as a woman. As a person of freight all the while everybody your version of yourself and say oh I wrote that chain Gregg yes I did that deliberately missing and I don't agree I don't agree with Al me. The girl they did girls crazy you know look. You know onset whatever I want to say it was insensitive I was unkind at times I was. I was I think it was more of a Christian in theory. But not in in in practice. I just added I lacked consideration I lacked compassion and never had an evil heart and never intentionally hurt anyone but I was just not. I was not selfless enough fight it I thought too much of Tina that I only thought of teen and we you only think of yourself. You're probably not gonna think of someone when you shoot it in probably not gonna be considerate or. You know conscious of things you should be conscious of that everything is about you and that's how I used to pity you know I don't I don't agree with how I used to be and so that's I refuse to be. Who I used to be which. Becomes problems many of the times because people get accustomed to who you war if you're in the public like. This is what this is my team I like you this way and I'm like man on my team and I'm got scene and that's all of them be. And so we deal without you I'm going to evolve and I'm going to be common I think this the reality show the Khmer nation has allowed us to. Evolve and become everybody's not a fan because you know some people like me when I was a bit more obnoxious an unkind in. Snap and off at the mouth in making fun thereby I'm not at the two women aboard an anger that our elected and I don't like people like that I'm not opt. So much about how your faith informs. You that your life that decisions you may your artistic choices yeah music and so once you've also written about it. I'm and you talked in an open letter earlier this year that higher faith guiding sort of your political views and how you were confronting where we are at the country right now they're sort of an open letter yet to then newly inaugurated president trapped right. Why did you decide to do. I won't say exactly why I decided to it's a funny so many people asking the right here to a defeated my opinion it absolutely and a I don't care what anybody say it just went out there. I'd never checked to see. The impact. And much PR team with act asking. As it no I just at the letter that's it I don't have anything at this act we can pretty Cairo that lightly he basically said whatever you felt about him before. Well this is what I was saying it and how one on one help out what explained is iced it with my president is making it complicated trying to. It's only it's nonetheless it's much longer than yeah right what what I will say it's. I am a person of faith that the Bible governs my life that's my guideline for how I act for what I do arts. The Bible tells us that we are supposed to pray for our leaders so what prompted this me to write is open letter I'm going to churches. And I'm seeing these people so spiteful it's so stay aired. So shaky and that we are going to Helena handbag because Donald Trump is gonna become the president. Like what are we gonna do because he's the president and the other part I don't know if that person was like you know with going to be our god or whatever but it was like you know. What we picked it was almost likely picked the wrong gotten out my first month present is not a guy that's number one. Not you got that'll put much faith and that it they are in office prayed for the duke it. Fight and resistance say he I hate him and that's not up president if you in this country idiots you don't have the claim on the the lack of but that issue pressing. So the smartest thing to do. Would be to pray. Got for the wisdom of how do I'd make the best use of my citizenship the best use of Motley. And so obese and that whispers about Christians stop being so scared acting like this new president Asia guy because he's not just and if the issue that I guess luckily him and hand. But he's not your got you going to be protected. By the got a ball guns in the came walking to sit there and had that's number one number two. The position that we are supposed to hat as people of faith is to pray for the leader no I don't agree with everything he's doing I am. Greatly appalled by many of his choices many of the things he sang when he seems to be giving his attention to I do not agree with. But you know what. My position while I'm gonna pray for him to stand with you I'm not fighting against putting them up on you on not using my. Platform Tibet should speak negatively at about you because what I saw is everybody does that everybody that did that they were causing fear they would like. Aiding the year and and hopelessness and despair and like it's do. So meet saying that was like Christians. People of faith if you've got any kind of thing that any got a higher power. But leave and pray and Ascap for some kind of perspective of what do I do. To help this country in any way that I can't and not spend all my time bashing the president talking about how horrible he is because complain about a problem never fixed it. That is legitimately why I wrote that letter you'd hope that people's. It got into a war on yeah I was point where they can move forward in a productive way and stop spending on it time bashing that does not help. If you hate what someone's do when you spend all your time bashing this is bad as they knock. To do not like this site you're not better for that. But even with the black lives matter issued an enemy because that was what a lot of this view was coming front. Everybody glad that we obviously is giving all be shipped back from somewhere at a bite it was Mexican reality (%expletive) like this is what everybody was thick and I was like. Stop. Pray use the powered. You have used the was an that you have and do not think that all of the your existence is in this man's hand that's not what it is that's not what it's about so you know you stand that you pray. You believe pray for him gossip and fashion because all that does is make everybody angry make everybody bitter race but on the days be an angry. Like this man is live in the house but he's not take your house when you take your car need to take a job from you like. He he shouldn't be in my opinion he should be M. Much of a part of your every day existence if they cannot every week that he. Makes and every decision that you know it. It came out of place like that I just got fantastic you know that fear and yeah you know all that anger in all of that everybody black south of our lives is all the way over outlet my life and all the way over. This man does not run my life. I've I am going to pray for him and I'm gonna stand with him. In the with the Bible tells me to and I put my faith in him like he's not it into things I'm hearing a little with a defiant that your voice and is now because I didn't agree with all right everybody thought all this is troll I think he's also batting medal at what you're saying this is where I'm productively putting my face and my energy. That's led us resist honey it's. Lane it everybody's upset I'm just leave it out there he read the whole thing there's no way for you to misconstrue my perspective if you take one line into the context it if you choose to do that I don't choose to defend. That you have the right I'm a public figure a put things up in a public. Everybody in the public can do what they want to do with it they can have their perspective so happy but I think I looked at it I considered it. I think comprehensively. I think animated a good statement a wife statement I think it was patriotic. I think it was beneficial to every race every group of people every sect of people every created that you know fate of people and and I stand behind the whole. The hope the whole matter not some line in some. Pieces something put it together I stand on the whole thing right I'll I'll ever have to really talk about it again you know because whoever doesn't agree with that. You have to ups America. And I thinkers people there wanted to read the whole letter it is out there and and the whole argument in context there. Moving. Right which is what you are heading back out on tour. Gary on our solar yes I'm so excited me about that we're going lift that I everywhere like I'm going everywhere listen I was. Into the wee hours of last night because I. I do love my own things on my record amount record label now I'm mile promoter what I want to do something when it got changed my life after went through everything that my husband. When I it's almost like there was a rebirth of my marriage but there was a rebirth in my life whenever I wanna do something I just do it. I don't wait for rob powers that be in on a kind of stuff I figured out and I do it in I don't mind making mistakes and out of my funding not failures to get to the success you gotta mean. I stopped living my life with fear out these inhibitions and so I just decided out of also. And I've decided is about three months ago so I decided three months ago to drop the album to go on tour to the TV we are definite yes. Being able timeline and the torn and that the tickets I don't think I about. And so easily lead we're coming in New York become an it would come and I'm never coming at Bridgeport oh in the November 8 Rick report Connecticut were coming in New York on November the ninth. The going to be an LA on October commitment to trust fund you know ethnic entity that you can go LA's San Diego anyway but that's really Atlanta Chicago I am Tina Campbell back count all that they Europe and all the tickets are on sale do you it super excited I spent a lot of time after I released the first album I spent a lot of time just kind of testifying. And speaking inning guys like I became like motivational speaker. By accident but I'm a sinker at heart you put me don't say it's uncommon life you know enemy and imagine being able to sing those songs. You have to pay imagine. Being able to sing the songs which was that's our song that she sang. When do you. Had a sign of victory imagine singing this song is suing his life got better this we shall first anthem to you know party to like this is what I'm taken on the route. I'm hit that stage in Amman lighted I'm on light it up because I'm so glad to have this platform. I'm so glad they got inspired me to write this music I'm so glad that he gave me music that could save someone else like it's made me and I'll give it. All that I got what a bunch of other amazing artist on the it's too personal to a so go. Get your tickets at times senior cabinet and a K Tina Campbell thank you so so much for being here on live from the cat that eighties he say. That is final C then a Mary Mary picked up on weekly ES. On the 28 in new album it's so personal drop this Friday when I thanks for being here they're welcome thanks you for watching as well they anytime your latest hit with a new coverage for Al. I'm on the not to back it.

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