One-on-One With Skating and 'Dancing' Champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White

From an Olympic gold medal to the Mirror Ball Trophy, what's next for the ice dancing pros?
6:14 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for One-on-One With Skating and 'Dancing' Champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White
From Olympic champions to quest for the mirror ball ice dancing do Meryl Davis and Charlie White have been partners for seventeen years and this year. They walked away with the holy Grail of ice dancing and Olympic gold medal. And -- the cherry on top of that year Merrill. Pulling in the big win for Dancing With The Stars but the mirror ball trophy were happy guys -- -- today congratulations on the big win the big wins -- Glad you guys stopped by a strike still on cloud nine from -- with -- -- -- And from both didn't think -- an annual and bank you know we went directly into Dancing With The Stars from the gains in -- it was kind of it's elegant continuation of the party kind of bombing the Atlanta bank and so we just don't -- and. But the trend over the treatment of is is a little bit different opposite when you're trained for the Olympics as opposed to. Seventeen hours plus. -- Is yet this huge differences I think there's a similar -- -- -- I think our approach we try to. You know we tried to bring over some things that we learned -- skating you know just -- to have fun with and to and to be efficient at the same time. Because you only have a little bit of time to learn each dance and you really wanna make the most of -- but. Yeah I mean it was it was such -- Travel experience this summer or for almost twenty years you guys have been working to get -- I -- -- -- for days -- -- -- -- very -- and I don't think you came out of the womb just like putting on yeah. -- but for spur offered for seventeen years -- has been working together -- all of a sudden you're competitors. Yeah it was like a little sort of back to or -- like you're going down. Not even a little men I think it's so unnatural -- -- all. And this apart between each other and leave leave anytime there is great if the parents that's kind of our parents. You know since we where -- in nine years old and -- I think. It's it's nothing but natural grass to eat every other things that that's -- take we tap dancing -- active. Risk a picture earlier regulate not -- agree it. This is yet. Yeah like -- for me you know it's tough getting the boot before the finale but I really felt we dean because -- And you know I think that is that was special for me to you know and it was on I think for -- us to watch the other person. Grow and -- -- -- completely different environment. It's an object object to work with another part which I know it over the years you've you've done so but -- papers this level of intensity -- Has a kind of -- you reevaluate your own relationship and -- You know you know are there relationships -- our partners on Dancing With The Stars were not completely parallel. Obviously too -- we have. We've then part of on dancing with -- tired and -- concern are. Unbelievable but -- also acting in our instructors in addition to our partner is. Into -- different dynamic to not only be dancing with 200 to learn from them on a daily eight cents. And the -- of our relationship is that me. Only in partners in. Teammates since the beginning. So speaking of relationships -- everyone asking you for being man that's. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you dating back yet. You know why it's been it's been -- answering that question because -- you can rate everyone's -- -- way when I have to answer to it -- It was all for the show you know the whole. The whole relationship was fabricated you know we're friends. That's really the stance. And that smells official answer -- -- Have you with a miracle that all of us. Worked alongside -- an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was there ever was making a big deal about it you know he did you know you're not the end it was making a big deal out of your hair -- you -- -- -- -- -- you can go to the barber wherever -- in the future haircut -- in the next think things are being tweeted about it. -- And that's you know I don't know if you answer for -- without -- answered yes and as your PR work. President chomping at the ban -- years. -- ending years in the making it tax cuts are amazing coyotes. Marinas -- -- Held him back from not -- the money are you don't. We like -- really added something to you what -- brought to the day you know I was part of who we -- -- -- -- plan but we enjoyed doing on the hang themselves. She held off the land unselfishly for -- -- I think it's time to allow at all all. -- -- That's a good -- from unity candidate thought I'll update you -- -- so what's next. They haven't yet. Wherever you are working with pots and Procter and down Walton and we're partnered with past. We're so proud to be a part of their team and they are releasing new products. The soft pack of tissues and it's it's the same great -- that -- -- love that. In a really convenient. Flexible packet so we're here promoting that New York City which we have a lot of I'm getting. And then me -- separately. This and yet it didn't happen to you and then name silent so we we're going to missing my talent in nineteen -- -- -- Well how much. -- -- -- Each volley ball. Popped up and expect to be in his sport that could -- -- from the Summer Olympics. Had absolutely what do you mean out and yeah. At a claim by applause and scantily clad in some -- -- -- forty degree weather and eight feet of snow on. -- Hillary -- I just -- -- speeding down and just like cut off the parent. Instead hit right and aren't. -- -- thank you got so much been successful thing that you handling and having us.

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{"id":23980070,"title":"One-on-One With Skating and 'Dancing' Champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White","duration":"6:14","description":"From an Olympic gold medal to the Mirror Ball Trophy, what's next for the ice dancing pros? ","url":"/Entertainment/video/skating-dancing-champs-meryl-davis-charlie-white-23980070","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}