Tim McGraw Reveals What It's Like to Work With Wife, Faith Hill

Country star says wife Faith Hill pulls him "up to a higher level."
4:59 | 08/16/13

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Transcript for Tim McGraw Reveals What It's Like to Work With Wife, Faith Hill
He is one of Nashville's biggest stars selling over forty million albums three grammys twelve CM days. And that Tim McGraw is turning his sights on honoring first responders and video series called quantum heroes they stopped by with us. To talk about this hey thanks for stopping by thank you and congratulations on the huge success and it's like you heat your reading lake. Every musician's dream resonate right there aren't good fortune harassment from renewable. And working very hard that you in new album out now. -- been on our. -- -- Karen January. Their mineral supplement just finished a tour this summer to a different school which is -- -- and him. It's been busy new label new energy on our that's been great to -- it's just something big machine records its first on the off of that label and first -- were. So you know it's it's install new store -- payment on the row with your beautiful wife Faith Hill. -- -- Borough what we restore the Venetian resort where a series of shows OK and at the Venetian and various together. What's -- like it's her. It's great you know we've we've we've been nearly seventeen years have been very wow congratulations. -- and we mayor Torre so. You know it's it's somebody that knows -- exploring for instance -- sort of knows the business. And -- are separated from view of the day you know it's like you know at the end of the show it's done that's that you put it to bed -- move on to kind of. Your personal because we've been doing it for so long. This is this is portable reduce this and it's not something that we think about two -- you know stores as far as us being together -- -- -- -- We do our performance we do we do. And she's great at it you know she's somebody really pulls me up to a higher level. -- performance here so I didn't -- -- -- -- much tours in the summer independence and the senator. -- Lot of great things go forward obviously. You know with a things -- -- strikes me is that you know your relationship your marriage -- your entire family is oftentimes very played out very publicly you know a lot of people are are out that they want to know. You know either your kids are doing -- -- is doing how you're doing. You know one of the things right now that the talk among Californians putting up a paparazzi bill essentially would would kind of redefine what went harassment would be and you know a lot of photographers sufferers thought -- celebrity's kid's. Look -- what's -- was spent years. Variance. You know we live in Nashville so that for us it's so safe havens doing a lot of -- you know better as it happens when reviewing other places home. There has to be there has to be some distance and I think it did you know we put ourselves after because -- -- -- from the our kids didn't ask -- there's -- -- international strained Franken and I think any time that they can. They can push these guys back offensive it's a good thing you know I don't mind people taking pictures release -- -- -- -- snow or somebody is doing some community north. Don't leave their friendly. Here. I -- ask -- I heard one time today you might have thought about having political aspirations. But there was drinking and -- Usually which -- usually -- the best little political careers are measured at the bar at the -- and I own you know. I've been very fortunate my -- and and there are probably -- things and and had the success that I have had becomes more come from any other country -- this country -- great country. And you know you always more look at ways to give back. Home if that ever came around -- I thought that I can actually do so we have a lot more work to do community to -- -- more educated and a lot more things about. Policies and things like to have it. In it's just such -- for told somebody along towered over -- -- pass -- him -- take a pay cut. -- the usual -- of yemenite of the kickbacks can be just as nice festive you know it's a good one look -- we are really great country the laughing there's a lot of great people in politics and try to do divert to write and try to do great things. While -- -- you know about him. So you keep up with terror cell now on this news shares done about the explosions are so we're getting better or quantum matters and in these batteries are Lawler question matters throughout Germany they came to me and they wanted to do this program. -- giveaway in the in these matters to first responders. They wanted to do this series that told stores and it's great. And assumptions first responders sort of serious ones -- and and in these heroic things these -- -- and harassment hostess the series that they were doing. Well a Ritz from the stores and it was just amazing and -- -- -- fantastic company. Terminal for a long -- and any time that they can do something like this American involved whether. And it's great -- I was they got a great face -- in front of it now have children drop they're good people they are good you're good people as thanks to stop -- to -- -- -- FaceBook. Slash their -- thanks again Ronald. Talking to.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Country star says wife Faith Hill pulls him \"up to a higher level.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19977037","title":"Tim McGraw Reveals What It's Like to Work With Wife, Faith Hill","url":"/Entertainment/video/tim-mcgraw-reveals-work-wife-faith-hill-19977037"}