Holly Hunter Reveals Her Approach to Acting

The Oscar winner reflects on her career in theater, television, and film.
3:00 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Holly Hunter Reveals Her Approach to Acting
Every question. Is -- such -- thing. As the human mind. -- -- -- -- -- What is the nature. Human man. -- -- -- Planning calculating. That is the nature of mind. Constant thought recent research tells us that the universe is not infinite. So while woman no way this is -- and meant -- programs. What I want to new ways. When you get. To the edge of the -- -- -- -- I was there. Don't know. Not going there anytime soon. What do you see. But first this is personal. My guests -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what does it. What's -- -- -- avoid that so frightening. What -- scary. A lost little girl. Your girl mr. -- Your kid. Was a secret growing inside. Who you. That time when it was all began when you were starting out and you -- doing. Raising Arizona and as opposed to who you -- now and how you look at this world your had someone call the business. In and someone called to craft some call it whatever they want to call but are you approaching. -- what you do the same way. Said it you know my career has been a little bit the kind of a horizontal one -- that. -- that. Who'll the first thing that did after -- Did broadcast -- -- -- television movie of the week and and after -- that the next project that -- after the piano was an HBO movie. And -- I've never it you know and I was doing television. That was -- that. The eighty's and ninety's I was doing the went back and forth between television and movies when people could do that. People at what and I wasn't a ground -- I was setting -- -- but. It was. Early today east of going back and forth and I never have really. Then vertical like oh I'm on my way -- I don't do that -- -- you know I've kind of gone where. Provocative work. Has taken whether and it's -- war. -- -- When you're getting that. First big break in a movie. And now what's going on inside your head well you know -- there's of course there's there's a feeling if you you know your own mortality is not. So clubs. You know as you get older you you begin to see that you begin to sense. My life. You know it it's -- you begin to sense the shape of your life more whereas when you're younger. The -- is still before you. And you know. The you begin to realize that that there are things that. It. They're not going to be there are things it is there are things that can still be ahead of you and that there's there are things that are too late. You know and I feel that way about my life men. It's like you can't play a certain role that you might have -- of course but but you know it's it's also just about life in general like you know -- -- Maybe I'm never really going to be. Professional speech writer. You know that's not gonna happen she can't cookbook I I mesh -- The -- on them. So -- you know eight -- -- their leaders. There's that feeling. That. I have about my life in general not just about my career. You know that I actually. And brakes. Because. Time is of the essence in your life. He now -- now is now but -- it that now has a different value to me than it did when analysts. When I was younger and you know I I value that I think that that's the beginning of if being smarter. You know half of owning where where I am. You look back at your work. You go back -- the exit if you're looking at television and broadcast news was on would you stop and watch it some things I would. Yeah its broadcasts it is definitely done. I've done that broadcast news other things I'm not. And some things have never seen. But there there and in some things I didn't really. Cherish when they came out and that I've gotten one movie I -- Woman wanted that I did with Kiefer Sutherland directing. I -- like a rough cut woman wanted right after we finished it. And you know I felt that there were flaws and then I actually had just recently -- and I thought it was kind of wonderful. The movie I thought was a bit of -- Chan. But anyway the movie did not get distributed and and actually and in retrospect I'm really sorry about that because I I I thought -- was hilly coal. I want to be brought back -- -- it wanted I often ask actors to pull a movie. Out I wish you all I optical keeper let's call -- question and did it again or at -- you do that -- like time someone is one. Hollywood muscle fifty woman want it back. We we want we want it. This is Sundance where it's not an act that -- this is Sunday had to -- Abu Ali you know to me that's that you're going to be -- You have this knowledge -- wanted partly because that's just to you walk in it's not gonna happen and I can live with an eye on the show -- active. Where I talk to people that make -- it always ends because a worker Rolling -- -- -- It doesn't have the whole thought he could be snippet of a song. And then I just -- resistance coming my way but I'm still going out there must be a song in your head and in your heart. -- -- About me not to be about -- I just need you to sing the tiniest little bit of something. -- think that's -- -- -- -- -- One. I I can't ask for more than that except for a. Some candidates kind of a hurtful to -- -- it was a little -- and nightingale. I am quite a wounded nightingale song it's good and that it -- the classical feeling to it.

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{"id":18729828,"title":" Holly Hunter Reveals Her Approach to Acting","duration":"3:00","description":"The Oscar winner reflects on her career in theater, television, and film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/top-lake-star-holly-hunter-interview-approach-acting-18729828","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}