Vivica A. Fox Opens Up About Ex 50 Cent

The star revealed details about her past relationship with the rapper to Andy Cohen while on "Watch What Happens Live"
3:10 | 11/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vivica A. Fox Opens Up About Ex 50 Cent
Now you know on Sunday night's watch what happens live apparently given to ape fox was asked about her ex. Are ya know our rent up. And ran out OK just come on tell them who don't know. So Andy Cohen as the backpack XPD think he's troubled make up by the way adding color to say yeah. And I have really hot and sad. It's everybody. And Communists sent shockwaves through Livni said take a look at what were your. Thoughts went fifties that blame the second season ratings dip on gays stock. First of just. You know. The pot calling kettle back black salsa you're not insinuating that any gay asset is its. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I was five compared with him soldiers' lives that made me kind of go. Now does look like abilities that you not want to. Why don't Ron CC did say that he doesn't think that dissent is game. Where is this reed takes. Stock is a mess like that slap my even at that. Just let us instead on Twitter she said let me say this wasn't speaking about at soldier boy only my ex and his antics I apologize for that to soldier boy so Larry and damage them solidarity dad you can sink your teeth Nasser and it's all over the last night other. Hundreds not defined what a Buddhist saturated it's natural ability giants got to give up booting snatch it. That's helpful. But not at her exes on that kind especially in X like fifty cent who we all know. Will come for you in the sense of words and however in a rap battle he's not companies that left. Clinton on. It's that car she never did that but her hair was. Bomb task and hair down and did you ever go out there to her hair a half dozen acts are definitely come now we you know that's. We'll check. Not come on. People it. That's my idea that I haven't had a next and twenty years because he has denied any got a rubber but you don't you go after an ax when you break anybody should be going have to anybody know a lot attic he can't handle them coming right back patch yeah. You know incidents and you know her relationship once I like when people even say anything negative about my exit I don't like I was glad to do backhand. Because that means that I'm an idiot that carried out so you're really not good Passat. Is the idiot that was with Matt yeah I was exploit our fundamental right now. 2006. I think she realizes now at. Maybe I was little to lose let you know it will make you did you feel like you're up and home hanging out via ran he would talk about everybody ought handing the and then you bet I listened and then they show what Tico. And you like me hit countless terrible I don't know I know I'll talk about folks that meant that we want on matches my audiences it's terrible thing.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"The star revealed details about her past relationship with the rapper to Andy Cohen while on \"Watch What Happens Live\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35108801","title":"Vivica A. Fox Opens Up About Ex 50 Cent","url":"/Entertainment/video/vivica-fox-opens-50-cent-35108801"}