Ways Couples Can Stay Connected

"The View" co-hosts discuss ways to stay connected in long-term relationships.
4:37 | 03/11/16

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I was reading this morning and so were you actually about that things that couples need to do what they want to stay together at want to stay connected in a relationship. And inside this is from a site called you a tango. We use every. Day and maybe it's for dancing with the snow on I want to use it with my dance partner for sure I'm art at the parts that our approach is. Also some of the things I like armed. Sherron vulnerable thing. Does that ring a bell then it. They asked the last guy I dated actually told me I wasn't vulnerable on not apparently I was to the top I was like tell you we probably finding liquid and out. Yeah it's happening you're Italian. But it's a good point though like I feel like you have to open not and sometimes when you come off really tough and strong. People don't see your soft citing a weak side you have to be willing to show the weakness or means you don't trust them you don't really love them so. Let you know trying to get over that let it and there can't let it. Yeah. I'm sorry. I just that I think is most attractive quality in a man who didn't strongly their ideals but can. Content turn on the vulnerability yeah need to season and I can't think how many men Teddy that they are vulnerable how many men really saying let's say I was terrified that day when my best friend sent this to an apparent that from a man. Something if they showed it they don't have to say it out of their mouth but what would you would what would you think showing it in for me would be vulnerable for them like doing life giving flowers being handled a lot another Islamic mansion in the suppress their love do something special for you. And not always have to be I feel better care when I said Shimizu the dishes. Things like that I L I imagine his I think you know but. It's very subject did we talk about this before I think these most transforming the book I ever read five of languages by Gary Chapman and eight. It is so it it has transformed my life and all of my relationships and it breaks it down. We communicate their five to come up likely to hit the find out which one. You primarily communicate in is now I'm outline let's get also may is that. Shall perish this is sad and in the night. One of the things number seven they say quite hard for their love and fighting defines healthy boundaries are letting your partner know what hurts I have a really hard time with fight I do not like confrontation I don't like something I will take it as long as I can't if we're actually have to say something enough some that I have a problem with. But I've also seen multiple couples who fight. Tight fight and I don't understand how you can loving your fighting all the time. I don't a lot of people get turned my that would be kidding I'm not really yeah M. There's got it out and yeah like you blowouts this down arguing cussing at each other and then like an anomaly on Megan up is the best my. Yeah I like yeah. Other things on the list is touchy feeling now people are always touching each other in public I despise that they may enjoy it but I do not like watching. And you and I like I can't hit until I. What did you expect CBI you say not happy that they're always touching each other thing they touch each and public. We dollars date it would be weird to be watching and the apartment but I think when yearlong relationship I like knowing that some well when you don't want relationship to hold hands and that's fine but people who went public displays of affection you enjoyed that watching that I. I look at I don't hire new actually look at the people that are going. Some lit the tongue out. I haven't. New that'll be a real quick three not exactly bad my husband now go to a movie and I'll put my head on national honor it and not Q that's he'll hold hands and unload it on the cheek adorable that's adorable. And then I think it's fine and I like to see it I like I don't don't any of these things and I don't like I party to every American they're here I don't know a lot of things the the view that's for the except right thing I do in my surprise and sometimes I just take my average Xerox. It's shocking believe me. Carl actually fighting for the same dream I think that's not meant heat heat people together I love to see couples that work well together anyone couple that we all know is Jay-Z and beyoncé they would work to gather on T and that accounts is she went and I think that's. That's what is it because they worked together. They work together they love each other they they have excellent boarding I think. And usually they're working with their legs they call that the third leg of the relationship I that this know what I thought the third night when I. And instead it is hip. So I play that last time but could there and played a very easily you have to have one thing in common with each of them like a child that's what people have children otherwise wouldn't talk back. But after the talk has gone up and then I have to find something else a lot of people buy a house they renovate.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss ways to stay connected in long-term relationships.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37582252","title":"Ways Couples Can Stay Connected","url":"/Entertainment/video/ways-couples-stay-connected-37582252"}