Could White House Role for Jared Kushner Be Conflict of Interest?

Some are questioning whether the son-in-law of President-elect Trump and husband of Ivanka could be problematic.
7:03 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Could White House Role for Jared Kushner Be Conflict of Interest?
There is a lot of speculation that president elect rob want to Sonnen lot Jared Kushner. Had to be one of his closest advisors. In anti nepotism laws don't prevent it. That cushion is married to that you want god who is helping control heard dance business. Yeah so old. This kind of man to prison too much access to both sides now yeah and some pop and had I. I think so then you know the anti nepotism law is there for a reason and it's a federal law. And it's because you don't want to start having a dictatorship you don't want to start having a royal family. You know the bat that kind of thing. And I think what's also difficult. Or could be difficult is if he is married to respond got any vodka is running the trump. Organization. And certainly there's some sort of conflict of interest there there's a business interest that is a governmental inches what if somebody decides to stay. Foreign dignitary stays at the trump hotel in Washington DC. Because they want to sort of in new rid themselves to the administration and their all sorts of problems and even if there wasn't a law what about the appearance of impropriety at the paper he runs the at New York Observer. So yes that's a little bit a conflict of interest right yeah would be like its charm forum. Were involved with the New York Times who would allow that this is a newspaper when you've also got the sense of entitlement with at this particular reading more about him all along the way from getting into Harvard not really having good grades you have to wonder. How you get into an institution like Harvard to somebody gave up. A couple million yet like it I'd I just don't like it out all the way along every job in every title he's had on his resume was given to him out of having people could give that to him so like I just had exactly with the charm voters voted against somebody was entitled to and that way there was pissed off about that yet well if that's the case this. This guy geragos is not going to be the one they want there. I'm just a little bit about him on some things that I do see as positive from questioner he he essentially reports are that he's the one who blocked Chris Christie. From being involved in the way that he was that he was instrumental in hate it or. SI a seven nods now I don't like him you last when my father called Seattle got here you will not you will not have a job BA. Well I didn't have no. We want someone to mean by the city is blocked Chris Christie that's what I'm. Hello my hey. I think things he does he was instrumental in getting Corey Louis Gaza fired. Who I think quietly asking it was a disaster he persuaded Tron to reconsider an evening Steve baton as chief of staff. Mom so I think I mean this is Donald who was a CEO the company at a very young age at the age of 27 he doesn't have political experience but he does have a lot of business savvy. And I think as I have you already dot leans on the triangle but that's the political elsewhere and has business and we got them then eat let's say this guy doesn't get an official appointment you essentially can't prevent Donald Trump from picking up the phone and on officially Miki. Kushner an advisor and single what do you think about that somebody to get out and have a clearance and he's gonna get your eerily. C you're worried about security cleared tomorrow morning not Hillary Clinton secure I was worried about salary this. And equipment I was worried about that tea but what about the lack of experience it mean I I don't know. ID advice they pulled could go to a doctor did doesn't have a medical degree and say you know ansari irony I'm iPod it's. Medical Experian well being advised by the money a couple of like anything in politics is common cents. I would rather have a small business owner who has hired and fired workers who has seen the impact of minimum wage laws. The end of C resident I would rather have that person doesn't it look there are people out there believe if you look in the telephone book to pick out of Renton name. That person will have a lot more common sense than your average person in DC. And sometimes I admit I need surgery come to be surgeon. And I have a lot of different areas of tax I don't think it's very different. He's got. It I think this guy was arraigned while a ballpark. No way maiden name in news. It's possible. People when you speak yeah that clamor for you to run for president and there's a reason for that that's the. Kept up when I speak at least you know that I've actually look stuff up. More aware they also know that I've had a wide variety of lives and at so they think maybe I know some stuff. But when you have someone. Who doesn't seem to do the homework. Who doesn't seem to have any idea how things actually want to not trump asked I'm I'm well I'm talking about wolf about because I don't know I don't know I can only tell you what I've seen. You know. When you bring up. Hillary I I think to myself you know what she may not have been the best candidate for people but I know she knew what she was Joseph yeah I. You have no I don't know how you haven't done your home. When she was telling how she would've known that those documents that were labeled confidential she was briefed on explains something yeah. You act right EI EMs are those emails up as much as you want. She wasn't. Packed everybody else was that's all we don't know that. But that's how I've got my point is not talking about Hillary my point is talking about Donald and when I see. That he is not prepared when I see sixty minutes and I see that he doesn't know things that he should now only because he's one. Just look like you know what's in an in depth. I don't know anything about gently as I don't know anything magnolia is married to his dorm but I do want me there are a lot of you won't comment to. Politics who don't have a lot of political experience. You know and sometimes that's great. But they surround themselves with people who do the mountain as well that's what he's got a battles did what and so. You know I don't mind that as long as the people you surrounding yourself with. Are looking to take care op all of us and not just Barack lighting up like I had yeah. He's taking a few decisions that might be you know he's got says Nikki Haley are possibilities as rent free this these are real rid you know politicians. By the way did Jay you coming up a hit peel one. Only if you think I would cover up Nikki I would be wearing that loud and proud.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Some are questioning whether the son-in-law of President-elect Trump and husband of Ivanka could be problematic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43611962","title":"Could White House Role for Jared Kushner Be Conflict of Interest?","url":"/Entertainment/video/white-house-role-jared-kushner-conflict-interest-43611962"}