Adam Rippon previews ‘Beautiful on the Outside’ book

‘America’s sweetheart’ and Olympic medalist tells “GMA” why he dedicated his memoir to his haters.
4:53 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Adam Rippon previews ‘Beautiful on the Outside’ book
and now we're going to go to a man of many talents, he is an olympic medalist, kansasing mirror ball champion and author of his new book "Beautiful on please welcome Adam Rippon. Welcome, man. How are you guys? Great to see you. We want to say congratulations and how does it feel for you to sit here now, you have your book. You see your book. You have it in your hands? You know, it's surreal to hold it in your hands. You know, I mean probably the most important book of our generation. Yeah. What, I mean, what an honor that I gave to myself. But -- But I deserve it, you know, so -- You do. I've seen so many people online mimicking your cover which is so funny. It really does. So "Beautiful on the outside" is what you decided to call it. What was behind the title? There's two meanings to it. One I think we all try to have this moment in our life where things feel like they're falling apart but we don't want anybody to see that we have these mistakes or these flaws. And we put on this beautiful on the outside exterior. The other side is I wanted something that looked really stupid and I wanted it to look like Joan Crawford tried to get her picture taken at a sears. Which I feel like she would have done this. Yes, completely. But diving into the book it's so inspirational because you're talking about, especially in skating you had to fake it till you made it so many times and even when you would make mistakes "Beautiful on the outside," always showing it. I really love, this is my favorite foreword. So many good parts. You dedicate the book to your haters. Yes. So eloquently said too. You say, listen up, he says, and I quote, you're not cute, your hair is uneven and you look dusty. Thank you for being my motivators. I love it. Yes. That's one of my favorite viral videos but I think that, you know, there's so many times where there are people who talk down to us or we know that they aren't believing in us and if you take that energy, you can use it for yourself to push yourself forward and I did that so many times, I mean, wow, all the haters. You know, acceptance is so important in this book and through your figure skating journey how have you learned to accept yourself and what do you hope readers will learn about acceptance? Well, the biggest thing I learned, one, I wanted to write a really funny book. Other than that, the main thing I wanted to push was that I wanted to show a lot of the times where I wasn't my best, where I had failed a lot of times and I wanted to show those setbacks that I had because as soon as I learned that they weren't setbacks and they weren't things that would hold me from my dream, they were just launching point, that's when everything changed for me. I never felt like I ever had a setback again. I never felt like a failure. Juice recalibrating it and looking at it in a different way which we can all do and put into our own lives. Great to see your whole family here. Yeah. I want to ask your mom, hi, Kelly. I can't even imagine mom of a son, what is it like to see your boy up here and to look at his face on the cover of a book? It's really amazing. I'm so proud and not just because like it's obviously that you're proud on moments where you get trophies and book published and things like that but it's the pride that led to this moment, like that collection of good decisions and I think that's what parents really hope for, that daily where you can go to bed and think, okay, everybody is okay. Everybody is making good decisions and this is what happens when you believe in yourself and you make good decisions, you do get books and prizes and olympic medals and -- Everything you deserve. Beautiful. You talk about your mom in the book. I do. Sort along the lines of what she was saying, she was always behind you even though she may not have liked necessarily a decision you made or something you did, she was still -- she backed you 100%. I share a lot about my mom in the book and I think the one thing it shows is how great of a parent she is because she always was there for me, even when I wasn't there for myself, it's so true that your parent, they believe in you when nobody else does. And she was always, always there for me. She pushed me and I'm grateful for all of the things that we've been through and it's so exciting to kind of be here today. We really are, man. Adam's new book, "Beautiful on the outside" is available today. Make sure you go and pick it up, Adam Rippon, everybody.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"‘America’s sweetheart’ and Olympic medalist tells “GMA” why he dedicated his memoir to his haters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66279798","title":"Adam Rippon previews ‘Beautiful on the Outside’ book","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/adam-rippon-previews-beautiful-book-66279798"}