Caroline Wozniacki announces retirement

The tennis champ is excited about starting a new chapter with her family after she plays in her final tournament, the Australian Open.
3:56 | 12/06/19

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Transcript for Caroline Wozniacki announces retirement
Caroline wozniacki, she is here now one of the top tennis stars both on and off the court. Not just once but twice this woman has been number one in the world. She rocked the "Sports illustrated" swimsuit issue three times along with ESPN body issue and now she's here to make an exclusive and very big announcement. Caroline, thank you for this opportunity. Thank you. What do you want to tell everyone. Yeah, I've been playing tennis since I was 7 and professional since I was 15 and, you know, I'm ready to move on to the next chapter in my life and so 2020 will be my last tournament, Australian. Australian 2020 is the last time you'll take the court like Yes. You've been playing since you were 7 years old. How did you get to this decision? You know, it's obviously a decision I've thought about for a long time but, you know, I just got married this year. So that's exciting. And, you know, I've just come to realize there's so many other things I would like to do off the court and alway thought whether there's other things I want to do more, it's time to be done. It just felt right in my heart and, you know, it's never going to be an easy decision when you've done this your whole life but it just feels right so I'm ready for it. I know your family and friends are fully supporting being a newlywed you just got married in June, Serena Williams was among those that were there at the wedding in your wedding party. How have your friends and family reacted. Amazing. They're so happy for me. My dad is my coach so, you know, we have a special bond. But everyone has been so thrilled and so excited and, you know, you know that a sports career is only so long and so we all knew it would come to an end I think the timing was right. I still feel I can beat anyone. I still feel like I can win tournaments and wanted to finish when I still felt great. I love the sport and I want to when I leave I still want to love the sport and feel the passion for it so -- Time for the next chapter. You love fashion. You're thinking about a career in fashion. You're going to, what, Harvard business school as well. Did you know this woman ran -- yes, that is in itself -- thank you for that. She ran in the New York City marathon. And that is a great accomplishment for anyone and what it meant to those rheumatoid arthritis which you have. What that meant to others who have that. Yes, so actually next year it's going to be really exciting as well because we're starting -- we're going to start a new health education program which is going to be around ra. I can't tell the specifics yet but it's going to be very exciting and obviously racing -- raising awareness is important. The average time for being diagnosed is 7 years so, you know, it's all about finding out early so that you don't get crazy flare-ups. Whiff's been at my worst you can't get out of bed but -- and it's that much pain but, you know, being in a great state now, I feel healthy. I feel good. Maybe I'll run another marathon. Who knows. So, you know, I think you can do anything you put your mind to and there are ways and there's a community out there that is ready to help. You've been a wonderful ambassador for that community and to leave on your own terms as you're doing after the 2020 Australian which you won in 2018. Congratulations. Thank you. Good luck on everything that

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"The tennis champ is excited about starting a new chapter with her family after she plays in her final tournament, the Australian Open.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67542141","title":"Caroline Wozniacki announces retirement","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/caroline-wozniacki-announces-retirement-67542141"}