Catching up with Halsey on 'GMA'

The pop star opens up about her recent projects and what fans can expect next.
1:41 | 06/01/18

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Transcript for Catching up with Halsey on 'GMA'
It is wonderful to have holding back hear it didn't. And. I loved your fans and how badly devoted they are expected. Love it all back. Congratulations. Certified. Connect known Leanne. Highly highly have been able to do without fans that stand in the rain remains so thanks again. We got the news about certify whether the big deal yeah as we surprising it makes it nice my second platinum album. I only have two out one site that if you look at the half of the pretty good record did. LA hasn't car. Big tenant mix of pressure and in my carry the third above all third time provincial lot of students wouldn't. NN spending you have your hand you haven't picked off your world tour and live. Yeah. Wanted to do right now here's sometimes your fans at the other with their cell phones on the street student. Yeah down. I despise my life just flash format set up look at his picture of everything that long about growing informs. Me. Yeah I know they throw a lot of different different style. Residents. Glow sticks cell phones. Every element of I guess I'll play a pick it up and this southeast not encouraging that now. Take your phone front you don't throw it into the pot I can't afford to back bonds are popular thing ago. Congratulation to the clapping or to make these guys recognition for you for that you're really appreciate that.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"The pop star opens up about her recent projects and what fans can expect next. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55584811","title":"Catching up with Halsey on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/catching-halsey-gma-55584811"}