‘Jeopardy!’ prepares for ‘Greatest of All Time’ tournament

Brad Rutter, James Holzhauher and Ken Jennings will come together for a special primetime showdown and the 3 said they have studied each other to adjust their playing styles.
4:19 | 12/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Jeopardy!’ prepares for ‘Greatest of All Time’ tournament
We are back and behind the scenes of "Jeopardy." T.J. Up close with Alex trebek and the top three champions as they prepare to base off in the greatest of all time tournament. T.J. Is back. Why did you stop dancing? Very serious stuff. We are about to see a battle of the brain, the likes we have never seen in the history of this show. In all these years. One of these guys has never lost to a human. One is Ken Jennings who won 74 straight and the other "Jeopardy James." Guys, get ready. We are about to settle this. The three best players in "Jeopardy" history are about to go head-to-head for the first time. As we stand here now, who is the greatest? I think we all agree it's me. Reporter: At stake $1 million and the title, greatest of all time. Brad Rutter, James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, "Jeopardy" legends now coming together for a special prime time event. "Jeopardy," greatest of all time. We spent time with the three on the "Jeopardy" stage before their big showdown which begins taping today and is set to air in January. I think the fans will be very happy to see it settled on this stage instead of arguments on chat boards but there's a lot of luck. There's going to be a lot of breaks. Who gets the daily double. Who knows the final jeopardy. It's all going to happen out here relationship Jennings is a fan favorite and has won over $3.3 million on "Jeopardy." Rudder holds it at 4.6 million and Holzhauer is the phenom who won 32 straight games, has collected $2.7 million in winnings and holds just about every scoring record there is. How much did you risk? $38,314. A new one-day record. Reporter: He makes big aggressive wages but I mean Brad and I have seen him play, you know, those are games where he played against newcomers. Oh. People off the street. Okay. It's nice that he can beat up on minor league talent. This is a different arena here. This is better trash talk, fellas. Reporter: The three admit they've studied each other and might have to adjust their playing styles. You always got to scout so just like anything else. I've looked at tape. Brad came in person. We have been scouting James. You get that extra bit of information coming alive. Reporter: The format, first player to win three matches is the champ. And at the center of it all Alex trebek. Here is the host of "Jeopardy" -- Reporter: The longtime host despite being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March is leading the show in its 36th season. Who is going to win this thing. I have no idea. You are better equipped than anybody to answer that question. Who is going to win? There are elements that favor each of the three guys. And James Holzhauer, of course, is more impressive right now because of his great appearance last year on the program. But the other guys don't, discount them. They didn't win all that money by accident. Do you in your heart of hearts even you won't give it to me do you have somebody in the back of your mind you think could win this thing even though you won't tell me? Do you have somebody in mind? Quite honestly, no. No? No. Who gets an early lead? Are you going to try to pace yourself if you don't win the first match? Are you going to push? What are you going to do? There are so many different factors that will contribute to this win that we can't predict. It may end in three days. I hope it goes seven days because that will be the best of television, guys. So, yeah, winner gets a million but the two losers get 250,000 so everybody is a winner you could argue. Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention he's been open about his battle with pancreatic cancer and they have him on a new drug that has him with new energy and feels better these days and took him off one other if that doesn't go well we'll go to plan C and D and keep fighting but we saw him yesterday, spent all day, did every bit of work and was having a good time. Bless his heart. Can we talk about the trash-talking between those three? Yeah. Had to separate those guys at one point.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Brad Rutter, James Holzhauher and Ken Jennings will come together for a special primetime showdown and the 3 said they have studied each other to adjust their playing styles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67620547","title":"‘Jeopardy!’ prepares for ‘Greatest of All Time’ tournament","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jeopardy-prepares-greatest-time-tournament-67620547"}