Katy Perry talks about her pregnancy and adjusting as a performer amid quarantine

The pop superstar also shares the meaning behind her new song, “Daisies,” which will appear on her album set for release in August.
5:51 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Katy Perry talks about her pregnancy and adjusting as a performer amid quarantine
Katy Perry everybody. She is of course when the best selling musical artists of all time she's an American Idol judge and she is with us live this morning kicking off our GMA concert series. Katie will perform not one but two songs for us we're so excited about that but first a little might catch up. Hi Katie looks so cute how our how are you the pregnancy. 'cause everything. They can't ringing and I know hey I'm actually it's about five a 5:15 in the morning in Los Angeles and I'm in my diet. Stepson or feature step son's room. Because is that farthest away from everyone else's room cited 10 we can't do it out. So about that stuff but covenant of good paying use all things considered taking it one day at a time and finding my silver linings. You you look good the bad thing for healing I know your that they. Sorry Michael I just lived out how the pregnancy is dying how are you killing her nesting like crazy. Yeah I'm me and I definitely. It was nasty being a little bit more. A couple months ago now I am resting in set up nesting. But somehow home. Decided to put out a record this summer August 14 and start that journey with. Daisies my first single coming out but I'll be playing for you. Grace and we you know you definitely have been resting measures that you put out bases last week what do you hope people take away from from this song right now. It's. You know I think for me it's a song about going up your dreams and not caring about what what anyway thinks about that or if they're to bake. I think in quarantine has taken on a relayed that kind of a different meaning about like. Maybe we've all had this time to reflect and maybe we have take things for granted are quite certain dreams on a shelf that we always thought were accessible. And now when we get the freedom to go and live our lives are we get legal and live are back live at navy bell would fulfill some of those dreams that we. Haven't figured out for ten plus weeks I don't I I'm not gonna take anything for granted anymore. A specially why after the I hear Acadia I hear you on that one now it's pretty remarkable you released a music video that you shot for daisy need to did all socially distance you also. Did virtual reality issued for American Idol. What's it been like being a performer. In these quarantine times. So well you got that kind of like jump on the trade and hold on for dear life and hit innovative work. Or you get laughed and and a weird way I mean. Not everyone is up to the challenge of putting out record during a bad guy makes some people are like. Okay I'll just you know chill first update and wait this one out but. Quite honestly I'm after my child comes up I am going to my only other version of quarantine. And I would like you know this record that I've been working on for two years to come out. And be a gift to the public because I think we're all going to be dancing in the street at some point when it save. But it's it's interesting when you are the hair the make up the wards of the light and a picnic. When you're all they need any got out like really think outside of the box safely obviously so I think we're doing that you know coming up. This performance I shot in my backyard Ed right next to my favorite tree in my backyard. So it is amazing tonight utilized my own house about what way. Well we're definitely looking forward of that and we know the you've been keeping busy you mentioned that album your fifth album dropping August. Fourteenth and you've been working on this for years what can the fans expect. Well. I think they can expect is they can expect to have a record about resilience and finding kind of a light at the end of the tunnel because. Added riding over the past 2 years and am going to be getting of those two years they were. Really different I was really kind of like. Clinically depressed and coming out of that and didn't know what my life was that if I was going to be. I really even imagine living to be completely honest and now I feel like. I've done the work and I'm still doing the work emotionally spiritually physically psychologically. And not cubs had this light at the end of the tunnel which means I am gonna end at Natalie back on how to bring life into the world. We know. It ended up positive plate though buyer. I know we love your honesty I'm as a very honest answer we'd love bay we know a lot of artists right now they're making a very difficult decision. To delay he really seen any new music right now but why did you go ahead with relief senior Al. It's. Well I think you know like I said earlier it's just that. I'm gonna. You know I have to date on the calendar. And what Obama did not change your body that's my child that it needs she's not going to be a slight. Hang out for sixteen weeks no way now how could. So I'm getting phone and transition into being you know a mother and I have this incredible body of music and actually gonna put it out sooner than I'm putting it out but I just decide it looked. These are the soap a record full of sobs of apartment resilience at joy and light. Maybe people why back kind of music today Ericsson and in this dance during the summer. What no value that they wake video would bring a lot of doing to still be who you are unabashedly yourself you are fun we really appreciate the looking through here. Idea may wish Jordan loved bag do you we have we have much more ahead this morning whip Katy Perry there we are good to fit a baby bump will be comeback kid. Will ring that is so absolutely false and regulations as always we come back later and our and we.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"The pop superstar also shares the meaning behind her new song, “Daisies,” which will appear on her album set for release in August.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70827924","title":"Katy Perry talks about her pregnancy and adjusting as a performer amid quarantine","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/katy-perry-talks-pregnancy-adjusting-performer-amid-quarantine-70827924"}