Tom Brady, US Open prank the internet on April Fools' Day

Lara Spencer reports on the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
6:10 | 04/02/19

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Transcript for Tom Brady, US Open prank the internet on April Fools' Day
Good morning to you, guys and to you. We begin with tennis. Dog lovers rejoice when U.S. Open officials announce ball boils and girls will need to make room for ball pups at this year's tournament tweeting all breeds welcome along with this shot of a coordinated corgi who can still make it happen. Yes. I fell for it. But I'm not the only one that got played an April fools' day. The twitterverse went into overdrive with Tom Brady joining the social media platform using his first tweet to retire. That's not happening. Michael, you knew it. We knew bet ever than that. We all knew better than that. Pats fans who didn't notice the date were apoplectic and the management a little skittish after all his team made Gronk use social media to announce his real retirement a few weeks ago but, yes, this was a joke. Brady confirming he ain't going anywhere as Strahan said. Yes. I just want to say in my defense and for anybody else who fell for the full dogs -- You fell for it. You know I love dogs so much but the Dra zillion open does use dogs and adopt them out and last year all the dogs got adopted even one named Serena. That wouldn't work for us. Cooper never brings the ball back. No, but I thought maybe -- no. In science news and this is not a joke, a new study out of the university of Toronto to morning, showing that even the thought of a cup of coffee can give you an energy boost. Although there's nothing like the real thing. Researchers found mind is powerful and the idea that coffee is coming increases alertness, attention and focus and that even looking at a cup of coffee is look as effective as drinking it and comes down to something called priming which exposes -- exposure to cues about something that can affect thoughts and behavior and one great way to save money as my producer pointed out on that morning Starbucks run so that was a cool study. Am I gaining weight? I'm thinking about doughnuts? No, but are you tasing it. I'm all in. Mind over matter. And finally, we've been talking about him all morning long, the model dad taking the internet by storm, Clint is a father of four, a pastor at three churches in Ohio till last year. He wanted a change of pace and his son posted these pictures of dad, Clint, on Twitter writing, my dad is 45 pursuing a modeling career and I've never seen him happier. He told me he's just waiting for a chance to blow up, so, Twitter, meet my dad. What a nice story. What a nice son. Thank you so much, that tweet getting over 80,000 retweet, 400,000 likes. Clint is not officially a model yet but is officially a meme, yeah. People online substituting photos of celebrities with -- can we show them? Try to imagine, there you go. This is lin-manuel Miranda posting a picture of his dad. He got in on it by writing my dad is 64 pursuing a modeling career and I've never seen him happier. Pretty great that the son -- we couldn't be happier to have them both here to "Good morning America." Hi, guys. Hello. Look at you, Clint. You're really dressing the part. Clint, how does it all feel? Wow. This is overwhelming. It's amazing. I'm thrilled at everything that's happened. It's all surpriing to me. I never would have imagined this in a million years. This is something that you dream of as a kid and this is like one of those things where you dream of being in the NBA or playing in the NFL or being an actor, this just happened and I would have never asked for it. What do you think about a father/son job. Father/son gig. This is our first one really, right here. America, take notice. This is a handsome duo. Yeah, it is. Collin -- Collin, you kind of got this all started with this tweet that you sent out. Why did you want to do it for your dad? Honestly I think it's just one thing that I don't think he would go and pursue on his own. He's a very humble guy and I respect him for that and I just wanted the best for him. Can't argue with that. So cute. Father/son love. Clint, these pictures are great. I know you did it -- you're wearing sunglasses and notice you have them in your pocket. Nice prop. What -- this is your chance. What is your dream gig? Well, I thought that it was just, you know, doing a photo shoot or Donahue eye wearwear and just blew up. I had a great day on a photo shoot a few weeks ago and that was awesome. But this is getting bigger and bigger every day and, you know, the best is yet to come and I don't know what that is, but, you know, sometimes you think that you're living the life and then something else happens like this and so I can't explain what the dream job is. But we're open for opportunities. We'll see. Let me say, thank you so much for taking the time. You wear it well, my friend and Collin, you are a great son. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Lara Spencer reports on the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62111119","title":"Tom Brady, US Open prank the internet on April Fools' Day","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tom-brady-us-open-prank-internet-april-fools-62111119"}