This company is thriving and hiring during the pandemic

Mobile gaming company Jam City has seen a surge in online gaming and is looking to hire more employees to keep up with demand.
3:46 | 08/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for This company is thriving and hiring during the pandemic
The pandemic has been bad for business for many business owners to say the least, but there's one industry that's been thriving during this covid crisis -- the mobile gaming industry. And here to tell us all about mobile gaming and how his company is continuing to hire new employees during this pandemic is the CEO and co-founder of jam city, Chris Dewolfe. Thank you so much for being with us, Chris. Give us an idea of how big mobile gaming has become. Yeah, mobile gaming has been the fastest growing entity in entertainment. It's gone from 150 million gamers in 1995, to over 2.5 billion gamers this year. So, it's growing in all demographics, from female demographics, to male demographics, young, old. Your mother, your sister, your dad, everybody's playing mobile games. Lot of people think of gamers just as teenagers, but that's certainly not the case, so a lot of businesses, we've been talking about it here, have had to lay off their workers or furlough at least their employees your company, however as we mentioned, is hiring workers with over 60 open positions. So what's the reason for your continued growth? Yeah, so, we started our growth quite a while ago, we have hired over 200 people since the beginning of the year, but we were able to continue our growth and, you know, really the main reason for that is all of our games -- we're changing them every day, we're adding new content, we're adding new features, so we need more and more people to work on them and, because everyone has a console in their pocket and they're constantly playing their favorite game all day long, there's a tremendous demand for our games. I'm curious, who is uniquely qualified to be one of your employees? Yes, so we're hiring for all different kinds of positions, anything from an artist to an animator, to customer support, to quality assurance, to the writers that are out there. Our games are very narrative driven, so we have a lot of writers on staff. With this increased demand, because we're all more reliant on our phones more than ever, I'm curious, I'm sure you're walking around and you see people playing one of your games, how does that feel? It feels so great. That's one of my biggest motivators in the world and has been since the beginning of my career, I think the main reason for that is you've put years and years of blood, sweat and tears into a game and finally you see it out there in the wild and you know that particular person playing your game, they could be on a social network, but they've chosen Harry potter hogwarts mystery or cookie jam to play, and that just makes me incredibly proud. And brings joy to my heart. Selfishly it gives me the opportunity to ask them what they like or not like about the game. Very cool. Do you have a favorite game, I have to ask. I love Harry potter hogwarts mystery because it changes every day and it's this never-ending story. It's the kind of game that where you can actually immerse yourself and forget about everything else that's going on in your world. We could all use a little escape. Thank you for supplying that for us in many different iterations. Chris, thank you so much. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Mobile gaming company Jam City has seen a surge in online gaming and is looking to hire more employees to keep up with demand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72191343","title":"This company is thriving and hiring during the pandemic","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/company-thriving-hiring-pandemic-72191343"}