What you need to know about eye protection and COVID-19

Dr. Jen Ashton shares some of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendations.
2:06 | 07/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What you need to know about eye protection and COVID-19
Here are some of the major developments we're tracking the global number of confirmed corona virus cases now surpassing the seventeen million mark. More in the US than any other country at least four point four million. With deaths here now reaching beyond that 150000. Mark. With me now is ABC chief medical correspondent doctor Jan ashen and doctor Jan I know that you spent some time with doctor found she and he talked about. The importance potentially wearing. I aware tell us what he told yet he where there is potentially so. For stricter remembers some mini med school here viruses can enter the body of variety of ways this is virus SARS Cody to enters through mucous membranes. The I has mucous membranes we haven't heard a lot about it in terms of protection. But on June 1 there was a published study in the lancet suggesting that there is dated that I protection. You know can reduce. Possibly the risk of becoming infected in an out of hospital setting right and there's no recommendation no official recommendation for the general public when it. Comes to eyewear but I love how doctors occupant he said it was. Probably a good idea great and that's just a perfect example I'm using plain speak here this is really about common sense and here's what it comes down to. I'm in my conversation with him he talked about things like glasses goggles. I shields these are an easy option for people although we don't want to think about adding another new. On part to our apparel his direct quote if you have goggles are night shield you should use it I mean it's not universally recommended but if you really want to be complete. You should probably use it if you can sell again this doesn't mean all the time maybe in certain settings. Com we can't live our life in a sterile environment but for people who are concerned we haven't heard a lot about this. It's just basic science it is a mucous membranes who if you can protected. You should consider I've seen a lot of people now more and more are wearing this face shields and they're glass just right there you go there you go unpaid baggage and they'd yell. And for those of you who missed doctor Jens chat with doctor thought she you can watch the entire interview on into Graham at ABC news.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Dr. Jen Ashton shares some of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72080401","title":"What you need to know about eye protection and COVID-19","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/eye-protection-covid-19-72080401"}