Holly Robinson Peete dishes on her 2 new holiday movies

The actor also shares good news about her return to the ABC family.
3:19 | 11/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holly Robinson Peete dishes on her 2 new holiday movies
We're home. OK. Just about finished. And it's beautiful bay Q well. I couldn't have you in the only N decorated house in town. Hey do you like ponson Primeau bear with a reduced red wine sauce and Carmine is being in need phones do. The ideas we'll good because I have a lot. But. I'm that is father Robinson being in the movie the Christmas doctor. Now we remember jumped on board. In the hit show 21 jump street 98 watching her she was saying you mystical good and now she's hanging with a hallmark. All holiday season yeah that's right because she's got not one but few movies dressed and enjoyed his holiday and yes joining us now. Is B always lovely Holly Robinson Peete thinks her being with us. Thank you for having me so happy beard that he gave you have been very productive during this pandemic you've got the Christmas doctor came out earlier this month and now you that Christmas an ever green. Bells are ringing that his out next week so what is what what was it like returning to set amidst all of us. Well you know you have to say it one is it was actually a real blessing just to go on and producing content that is joyful and you climb. Right now we had absolutely needed right now but still we have some good news we like to have eight and in the not my line here's says that you. Are coming back to the ABC family would it'd it seems like you're always a part of famine here. You joining now ABC's American housewife. For season five. Now all of that show I mean. Our are winning you get a vacation when he when he could take some time he do the busy is never okay. Okay. I'm so happy B weren't being employed. Listen I have asked. And inclined trying to get back to you guys and saying it was mr. Kruger south having been part of the ABC gramley again and I mean this show is so much fun and I'm such that actual big candidate that they have to tell me in the CD you're actually acting Holley like you let the guys stare at Amy and stare at KP and deedrick all the time because they're so funny. The way they do their dialogue is what I'm I'm favorite shows. While we are lucky to have you and I mean I'm hoping that on this day on Thanksgiving Day you're gonna at least rest up a little bit what are your plans for the day. Well we got a couple Turkey's frying my husband and I Alexander fried Turkey. Off. You ask not what I mean we have a competition. That is beyond the pool won't learn how down. Give everybody our best it is so good to see you happy Thanksgiving we miss you around here and it's glad to. Glad to see you we're gonna see you a lot of places. So in you're all right. Happy days giving you an all weird and his everybody same to you holly thank Yale. The Christmas doctor will air through out the holiday season I hallmark movies and mysteries and Christmas an ever green bells are ringing. Premieres December 5 on the Hallmark Channel all holly all the time at halftime are perfect all of that smile with a smile on my face.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"The actor also shares good news about her return to the ABC family. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74418079","title":"Holly Robinson Peete dishes on her 2 new holiday movies","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/holly-robinson-peete-dishes-holiday-movies-74418079"}