Beth Behrs talks K-Pop, her triplet goats and Cedric the Entertainer

Keke and Carla welcome the star of "The Neighborhood."
8:22 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for Beth Behrs talks K-Pop, her triplet goats and Cedric the Entertainer
Now she stars on hit show "The neighborhood." Take a look. Wait. Where are you going? Next door to play video games with Malcolm and Marty. I thought you and I were going to hang out. Thanks, you but I'm not really in the mood for mom stuff. Mom stuff? What's that supposed to mean? Well, there's mom stuff and there's fun stuff. I'm fun. Yeah, but not like dad. Last week we chucked a worm in half. And it turned into two worms. Please welcome Beth behrs. Hello. Hi, sweetie. Hi. How are you? Nice to see you. You too. I know you're just coming in. I'm standing up because I want you to stand up. I want to see your K pop -- Let me join the fun. That's a great workout. Let's see your K pop dance. We were just having this conversation. Do you have one? ��� ��� Yes! That's my K pop dance. Oh, my god, I love it. I don't even know what that is though. I loved it. You don't need to know when it's a K pop dance. It's K pop dancing. To each their own. We are all asking the audience and everybody at home, what is like the line that you have to draw for spoiling? Like is it a day, a week? What is it like no more spoiling? When can it not? Spoil? I mean, well, "Game of thrones" is its own thing. If you're not watching it by now, sorry. Exactly. Right. But I feel like when episode two airs, if you haven't seen episode one, you can spoil episode one, right? Is that rude? A whole week. You have to wait a week? That's not that long, is it? That's long. For "Game of thrones," you should watch it like the east coast viewing, not even the west coast. What about east coast/west coast viewing? If you're on the east coast and the west coasters are like, don't talk about it -- and you live on the west coast, right? Yes, I do. "The bachelor" spoilers kill me on the east coast. Get online. That's true, that's true. But I'm very attached to "The bachelor" so it's like I get very angry when I see spoilers on Twitter. I think you should do a spoiler alert for your fans saying I will not be online for this period of time so don't try to contact me. But you're right, it's my own thing because it's like, well then just stay off Twitter. We never want to take accountability and responsibility. Oh, my gosh. But I hear that you're a big animal lover. I am. Yeah. A lot of animal lovers out there. Oh, yes, of course. To your family? I have triplets. What? I have triplet baby goats named after -- Oh, my god. Right? Dolly, Loretta and Vincent van goat. They're at my barn where I keep my rescue horse and they're going to be best friends. They might even be in the stall together and be like best friends. I hear horses and goats get along. I have a dog and I have 50,000 bees in my back yard. What? Wait a minute, are you from the south or -- I did grow up in Virginia. And you like farms? I love farms but I have like an L.A. Hollywood hills house so I don't have a farm there yet. I have the bees and the dogs and I go to a barn with the rest of my animals. That's so sweet. I love them. So your big, blended family reminded us of an old TV show. Oh. Yes, and we have a gift for you that we're going to give you. Look, look. That's actually -- I am framing this and putting this in my living room. Right? Thank you. I mean -- Oh, my gosh. Look at that. Look at that. So cute. And my husband, but, you know. You know, he could have been like -- They were in our wedding vows. Were they? Our officiant was like, do you promise to love Beth even though she loves animals more than anything? You know what I want to see the next time we see you? I want to see one of the goats balancing on the horse. That will happen. The next time I'm back here, I will do that for you. Goat/horse yoga. I heard you -- she brought some bees. I brought some bees for everybody from my hive. They're really awesome. You know, though I -- yeah, they don't sting. My bees don't. I'm sure you guys will be fine. They're all leaving. They're all leaving, the whole audience. I mean, #ohdamn. I love the hashtag. They can smell fear so if everybody here stays calm, you'll all be fine. This girl in the front row is like this. You know what I love on "The neighborhood" you get to work with my boy Cedric the entertainer. Said trick the entertainer, you guys, I did my first scene ever with Cedric the entertainer. You did? Yes. Take a look. Look at you. Look at him by the way. You sitting over here complaining. Well, I'm not going to eat it. You sure ain't. Ooh, I hate you. I'm going to tell my aunty. First of all, you are the cutest. Thank you. I killed it. No, I'm kidding. You did. You killed it. That was so much fun. Is he not the kindest human in Hollywood? Amazing. He's the most generous, wonderful, hilarious, but like it's a family on our set because it's him. He's papa, you know. That's amazing. I loved you on "Two broke girls" and I really -- I really love this show. Thank you so much. I love it. You bring up issues that you can't really bring up and it's funny and it's fun. We are very proud of this show. It's truly like one of my most favorite things I'll ever do in my life. Honestly, we're so happy together. We love it. CBS has been so supportive. We just have the best time and it's led by Cedric the entertainer. And it's live, you guys do a live audience. I always have loved sitcoms because it's like a blended experience of TV and a little bit of theatre. Yes. It's like the perfect balance. I know you have fun with that. I do. And it's the best crash course in comedy because an audience, they won't laugh. If you're nofunny they're not laughing. You learn real quick. "Two broke girls" was like grad school because you jump off that cliff and you're like all week this joke has worked and then crickets. It's like tennis, you got to start again, get your racket back and try again, you know, but it's awesome. But do you have any -- since "The neighborhood", you're on the show, do you have any weird neighbors? Oh please do. So in college, my first apartment ever with my roommate, we lived next to a habbat house and we had a balcony that had open windows. We had a great balcony with a sliding glass door and there was a rabbi's bedroom right across from us and he loved to be naked. The naked rabbi. This is so rude but we would have like viewing parties with E UCLA soccer team. We would be having beers and be like, naked rabbi. Here's the thing, I think he loved it and he knew because all of our balconies were out and I'm talking towel comes off after the shower. He's sitting naked at his computer. Yeah. But does he have on a yarmulke? He does, yes! Yes! But he's butt naked? I know it's crazy. Then you see him at like the grocery store clothed and that made me embarrassed, not when he was naked but he's just like buying eggs and you're like, oh, my gosh, you're in clothes, how weird. On that night, stay naked, not clothed if you're a rabbi. Beth, we have so much fun with you.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"Keke and Carla welcome the star of \"The Neighborhood.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62487067","title":"Beth Behrs talks K-Pop, her triplet goats and Cedric the Entertainer","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/beth-behrs-talks-pop-triplet-goats-cedric-entertainer-62487067"}