Celebrating Baby Cullen's release from NICU!

Michael and Sara are making a special family's day by giving the Potter family a big surprise!
5:54 | 09/10/18

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Transcript for Celebrating Baby Cullen's release from NICU!
series make my "Gma day." Nobody made our day more than adorab baby cull potter O warmed countlesss across the county with his NICU graduation after spending 160 days in the hospital.e the enti potter Faly join from florid now. And baby Cullen after being born at just 22 weeks. Uys. Hi. Hi. How is Lile baby Cuen doin He Ng. He'some. He's thriving.he has gaid almost pounds. He's fitting in perfectly with R family, getting into our routine. He doing amazg. We couldot ask fornything BETT T is aweso you guys. You F your parents watch they'll liveonger. Ju you know. Yeah. Robert, the video has been Imes. Why do Y think people are so hed by this story? Well, in it's just something -- it's a special G. Not erybody GE to see ild graduatecu. Pecially sending 160 ys there. You don't see kid in a bld a bear outfit. I me THAs justomething you don'tardlyvereen at all. I think thatre's -- the pares that havgone throu the NICU journ understand the stress and trialit of course the parents that weren't uch their child it's an amazstory and scene. Tt it touches a whole lot of pele. We're justompletelyumedy it. We know a of the stf as U.S. Women's and children's hospital helped takare of Cullen. There was one beautiful nurse who helped orchestratehat beautiful graduation guess at?she's therlive with us. How are Y'a? He potter family they could not have done this without you.wh about baby cull that you had that connection with? They are anawesome. Just tknow that Bert had T call 1different hospitals before UND us, th troubles, the triumphs that they went tgh, rseverance to getting they went through, Thur and a hahey drove erst to spend with him here was just amazing to me. To seehe bond thathad with their CAS just very special.ey will Al H E. I love them very much. They're a very special fy all always dear to me.[ applause Potter fa lileise that we hope will make your day. Carteras so inspedhat they're Rd that catfit Cullen and N for years to come. Jewe we didn'tort about you. 'S offers preemie clothing, they a want to provide spia of clothingnd $50 in gift cards of the warriors still in the NICU at your hosl. That is Ang. Hat is awesome. It's getting better. Molly R're there with your $5,000 gift card to Carter' that I hope helps you guys use what Y've been TRE and shared with everybody is so inspiring to so many people going through the same thing. I wantthank you ys for joining us. We hope that held you can enjoy th Caden appreciat.den, that's R you too. What do you say? Ha We ha one more rp we didn't forget Abo ersonally. We heard you love cruises. Wand to make your D as we. Disney cruise line is sending on a four-night excun. There' at Disney cast ay cay. Ki let theirmaginations sail free. Adults find fun and relaxation and E whole family com together for unforgettab ding, Broadway shows and fireworks at sea. Thank you, jewel, T important work you do every daynk y'all so . Jewel, everybody must have heard aboue they showed up ke! Take me. Come on,ve Mollyyou're looking good there you man, and of course baby Cullen. Thank you for in wel, thank you for joining us. We appreciate you all. Enjoy that. What aweet family. All those nurses out there in NICU uniround the wo-- They're angels. -- Thank you fodo. We really appreciate you. We love Williams, E man, the M the legen

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Michael and Sara are making a special family's day by giving the Potter family a big surprise!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57729335","title":"Celebrating Baby Cullen's release from NICU!","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/celebrating-baby-cullens-release-nicu-57729335"}