'GMA Day' Deals and Steals on sleepwear and cozy gear

Visit GMADeals.com for more info on these exclusive deals. Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts on products to make you more comfortable and sleep better in 2019.
4:53 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for 'GMA Day' Deals and Steals on sleepwear and cozy gear
favorites here to help keep us looking and feeling great all day long and we have partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. Tory, I have been admiring these the whole time. What are we starting off with? We are starting with the words from a Boston mom who just wanted to create an anti-bullying campaign without going negative. So her phrase was, choose to be nice. So simple, right? This is so soft, these sweatshirts. They are super soft. There are sweatshirts and baby ones to start them when they are young. Kids up to adults and these are fabulous. So many different pieces and you just -- you make people happy when they see this on you. What's the deal that's going to make us happy? That's right. $24 to $50, but it's all slashed in half, so I starts at 12 bucks. Okay. We're going to supersoft. Another one you have been admiring. P.J. Harlow. They're silk. I wear these. That's satin. It feels super soft. That's okay. It's very soft. These are new styles that we have. Three different tops and three different bottoms. You can mix and match and, in fact, we asked a couple of our audience members to help try it out. What do you guys think? Wow. This is great. Love it. It's really gorgeous, really comfortable. I love the trousers. I love the trousers. I love the accent. The trousers. I love that. So you can wear those trousers on your couch or if you are dropping your kids off at school or coming to an audience on "Gma day." These pieces are fabulous. What's the deal? They range $54 to $106, depending on what you choose, but it's all slashed in half, so P.J. Harlow, $32 to $53. That's amazing. So another one. Mission. Mission active wear. This is called their vaporactive technology. It absorbs the sweat faster to keep you cool longer. If you are working out on the go, you're not in your sweat and we have a variety of pieces including the Dwyane wade compression collection there. D. Wade. The long sleeve shirts, pants, shorts and look at our two guys over here. Look at those guys. I mean, can you imagine to come to this show and someone asks to put on compression wear. They look great. How do you feel? Stretch. Feels great. Feel very comfortable. What I love are the prices on this. So all of these pieces, normally $18 to $65. Today they are slashed by up to 85%. Nothing more than $10. Wow. This weather is -- it's so hard. Yeah, that one. A little goes a long way. So this is great for this particular weather. So you're outside. It's cold. It's windy and does a number on your skin. There is no fragrance on that, which is intentional. No. Intentional. This is all clinically proven, dermatologist approved so when you go from the cold to dry heat inside, this is what will take care of your skin. Award-winning products, and everything from this line is great. Normally $5 to $65, and slashing it all in half. 50%. Starts at $2.50. Yes. All right. Now what matters most. So we have got these. That is the -- Why does this -- That is the eye mask. That's not the right way, but it looks adorable. Aren't they earplug? Oh, it's playing music. It has built in speakers. There is bluetooth and wired head band. We'll take care of you. Maybe Michael will give you a tutorial. How good is that? Mike, there you go. You got it right. She did it. I get it. I don't know if yours has music. No, it doesn't. These are all slashed. Starting at $11. And then face plant dreams. I had these personalized for you. Look what the back says. Foxy. And then check this out. Oh, these are cute. One arm in here. One arm in here. You have got a little hug me. They told me it wouldn't fit you. It does. This is super soft. You're super soft. There is pillows, footsies, everything. $134 to -- $14 to $60 regularly. Slashed in half, they start at $7. Really fun stuff. Love it. This is great, Tory. Thank you. We look so good in it. You have 24 hours to grab these deals. Go to gmadeals.com. Our audience is going home with products from choose to be nice and one voice.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Visit GMADeals.com for more info on these exclusive deals. Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts on products to make you more comfortable and sleep better in 2019.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60394382","title":"'GMA Day' Deals and Steals on sleepwear and cozy gear","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/gma-day-deals-steals-sleepwear-cozy-gear-60394382"}