Michael and Sara try to one-up each other with surprises. Sara wins

Sara Haines reveals she's expecting her third baby in July.
5:48 | 01/03/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara try to one-up each other with surprises. Sara wins
I get one more thing it's it's kind of small back. I AM may. Miss Texas studio audience might have Marty known. And you know way I hate him sold. Do so deprived that I happen to have slot would be. OK. Thank. They didn't. They include Paul. Carlisle death I have an odd I'm so excited for you wouldn't Max in the other babies. And it's just you know what it's it's life and it's beautiful exhibit such a beautiful family that your adding to image that the boy Michael would be a fantastic. That's backpack we are still all you have me but that's okay it out and then people can see it you know what that I. I leg up. Thank you time I know. Extreme. I'm grateful we know so many people around us but also right now we live in a world where infertility is an issue proms having babies. I'm older we started early years when forty wine which adds a lot of a meeting near reaction to the 41. Still. I think we feel extra blessed that we were able to do this it's combined with a roller coaster of emotions because. I deal with things I mean kids are like the super bowl of the exact they will set those issues often second. And we just learned our one on one defense so we will now be moving to a zone. Yeah UC basketball. It's also kind of Philip the working mom angle which are no women everywhere deal with what that means for your job this was the one time I've said to Max whenever we do we cannot get pregnant. Because think there will tell you how does he did something to get to press. Michael's response in you know it in typical Mike and Michael fashion let's broke a joking you do about not having sex you found time for it wants. I think at this point when you feel like you're your your worlds taking off I got his dream job with UN is like whenever we do we cannot. You know take this topic that trail with Mike and mentally physically I will not be ready for this and then bam the universe had bigger plans for at. Sellouts it's been tough they'll be you've dealt with me coming in an out where I'm so noxious. But for some reason they get worse every time so we're dealing with a lot as physical motions but I think is a woman also. Even though weak is not the most important thing in the world. We live in a world that. As a woman I'm aware of my way eliminate act in industry at lets me be more aware of my way. So to go from having the eighties getting back your fighting self and then watching your body just. Come out in every direction. It's a lot of stuff. But I think overall we're just super excited. To be blessed with a third little soul and her family and my. Or. Don't worry about it may have waived a whereby if anything because we at this old look like we have a new member of the family on the way. And he got. And now we'll go to big fat out. Oh baby watch and I'm gonna have to really change back. Yeah man.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Sara Haines reveals she's expecting her third baby in July. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60139190","title":"Michael and Sara try to one-up each other with surprises. Sara wins","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/gma-day-host-sara-haines-pregnant-baby-60139190"}