Kathryn Hahn dishes on that 'Step Brothers' make-out scene

"Private Life" actress Kathryn Hahn gushes over her co-stars Paul Giamatti and Molly Shannon.
5:53 | 10/04/18

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Transcript for Kathryn Hahn dishes on that 'Step Brothers' make-out scene
laughing in some of our favorite comedies of all time. "Stepbrothers," "Bad moms" and "Anchorman." In her latest movie, "Private life," she blurs the lines between laughter and heartbreak. Check it out. Are we insane? No, we're not insane. We're Normal. Oh, this is not Normal. This is the opposite of Normal. I'm not even sure this is ethical. Remember what Marty said? Having a baby is an immoral act. Marty's an idiot. Overpopulation, climate change, riseneofascism. Did you take your valium? Yes, why? Please welcome Kathryn Hahn. Hi. What's happening? Hi. Hi, handsome. Hi, you guys. What's happening? We get so excited knowing you were coming. We were going for a week, Kathryn's coming. Kathryn's coming. I'm so excited to be here. You're a scene-stealer in every movie you're in. You could literally create your own roles just off of your characters. You make every movie I have ever seen you in. You are so talented. Thanks. Oh my gosh. So sweet. We're a fan of all of your work. We're big "Step brothers" fans. Huge. John was here last week. John C. Reilly was here. We played a "Step brothers" trivia game with him, and you said of all the movies, "Step brothers" is the one movie you would do a sequel. What was so special about that movie that you would do a sequel to it? I would just be real curious to see where those humans would go because that is -- that's a bananas group of people I think. Yeah. I would just be very curious to see where they all end up. My favorite scene is the scene where you make out with John C. Reilly. Oh my gosh. My poor children. It's aggressive. Yeah. It's messy. Kathryn is looking at that going, okay. Enough. Get it off the screen. There it is. There it is. Is that how you kiss? That's -- that is -- oh my god. Yeah, there it is. Yeah. That was an interesting day. Yeah. I mean, John was -- here's the thing, you know, Alice that character, this is where I would love to see her go. I think Alice, I would love to see her get some real help. I think that Alice -- sweet, poor Alice. I think Alice could use some guidance, some guidance and care. Sweet Alice. And you said, my kids, but you have two kids. A 12-year-old and a 9-year-old. Almost 12 and a 9-year-old. Almost 12 and almost 9, and Halloween is coming up. Yes. So I'm curious. We were just talking about Halloween and we were talking about Halloween sweaters. Yep. Did you like the Halloween sweaters? Would you accept someone showing up at your house in a Halloween sweater, and do you dress your kids up for Halloween? They dress themselves for Halloween, guys. They are 9 and 12, almost 12. I'm not going to dress them up anymore. They can figure it out. Listen. As an actor, I am -- I am -- I get so tired thinking about Halloween that I am kind of into a -- the Halloween sweater is a little bit, like, eh. I think that would be cute on a teacher, like, if I saw that. On a teacher. That would be real cute. It's not going to be offensive to anybody. It's, like, cute. I'm kind of into it. For myself I'm into, like, a little simple mask. I'm into just, like, a simple Halloween costume. I was a pilgrim last year. It was just simple. I mean, I'm not -- I just like a simple, something like that. I was a California raisin one year. That was easy. My brother was too. That is an easy one. Yeah. Just a hefty bag. The big white gloves. I can't let you go without asking you about "Bad moms." I did watch "Bad moms" in times square with some other bad moms and we might have snuck some adult beverages in with us. As you should have. As we should have. I need to know if you have a bad mom moment in your life with your own kids. Well, okay. My son is almost 12, just lost his last tooth last week and had to remind me that the tooth fairy had not come. Not great. A lot of things with teeth. He was, like, the tooth fairy. Still hasn't come. And I was, like, that's weird. Really? Gosh. Wait, are you sure you put it under the pillow? I'm sweating profusely with guilt. Lots going on. Anyway, I slipped -- the tooth fairy left him 20 bucks because she felt a little guilty. I heard they pay -- Last tooth, but I left him a note -- or the tooth fairy did that was, like, happy last tooth. That was fun. Love, the tooth fairy and I was, like, bawling. That was fun. It was the last tooth and it's over. I can't stand how fast it goes. I only ever got a quarter from the tooth fairy, so clearly the New York tooth fairy -- This was L.A. Tooth fairy. Last tooth. It's called inflation, Sara. Inflation times are changing. Listen. I'm not proud. It was the last tooth. The last tooth inflation. Exactly. I know. Thank you so much for being

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{"id":58284496,"title":"Kathryn Hahn dishes on that 'Step Brothers' make-out scene ","duration":"5:53","description":"\"Private Life\" actress Kathryn Hahn gushes over her co-stars Paul Giamatti and Molly Shannon.","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/kathryn-hahn-dishes-step-brothers-make-scene-58284496","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}