Keegan-Michael Key on the Netflix show 'Friends From College'

Special guest Keegan-Michael Key joins "GMA Day" to discuss his role in the Netflix show "Friends From College".
6:40 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for Keegan-Michael Key on the Netflix show 'Friends From College'
guest from films like "Keanu" and "The predator" and his award-winning show "Key & Peele," and now he stars on the popular Netflix series "Friends from college." Take a look. What I think is inappropriate is how you push him around like a little brother which may have been your dynamic in college, but it can't continue. What is that supposed to mean? Do you watch ray Donovan? What? Ray Donovan. He's a fixer. I'm fixing this. Did you ever see the show "The closer"? What? "The closer." Tharz -- that's a TV show too. I'm closing this. I'm the fixer. I fixed it. Close it. Close it. Please welcome keegan-michael key. ?????? Hey. Hey. Oh my goodness. So happy to be here. So glad to have you, man. Yeah. I always thought we had something special because, one, I loved season one of the show so much -- I have seen it twice. The wine episode, don't even get me started. I won't. One thing I didn't get was an invitation to your wedding. Okay. I think Michael went, but I -- See. What happened -- What happened was -- What had happened was -- Don't try to close and fix it. I'm going to close it -- actually you know Michael and my wife have been friends for years and years and years. Okay. Okay. And so that's why Michael came to the wedding. The relationship isn't real. I believe it because I see it. I know you don't know me back. It starts today, Sara. It starts today. It starts today. What I find hilarious -- We will foster this friendship. Not another wedding. No. We're going to foster us. Invite me to whatever else you're having. You got it. One thing I thought was funny which I thought was hysterical, which you call your 19-year improv career a detour. Yes. It was. This is not what I was expecting. I'm a classical actor, a shakespearean actor and I thought I was going to move to Seattle and just do regional theater and Shakespeare festivals and then make tons of money. Very bougie. Bougie is my middle name. Keegan- Michael bougie key. K.M.B.K. That was my plan to be a theater actor. I started a theater in Michigan, in my hometown of Detroit. There we go. There we go. It's always awkward if there is nobody from your hometown in the audience. It's awkward when there is one person. That woman back there and three sympathy claps. They're, like, I'm from Ohio. Close. By definition, it implies negative things according to gps. This is funny to me. It was just that I -- I always appreciated comedy. "Snl" was my favorite show when I was a kid. I loved British humor, like, "Faulty towers" and stuff like that, and I was big into comedy, but I didn't know there was things you could do, like, comedy class like second city. I worked there in Chicago. That's like Harvard. You should have known success was coming. It's, like, the Harvard of comedy and everything just went in that direction. You know the old adage. You know how it is. How do you make god laugh? Tell him your plans. I thought this was going to happen and I went with the flow. You went with the flow, man and when you do that, you end up with this show that I love. "Key & Peele." Yeah. "Key & Peele." It is -- it is the one thing that Howie long who is, like, stoic -- He loves it. You're, like, my name -- the only thing I have seen crack him up. I'm just curious. How often do you get mistaken for Jordan Peele? I get mistaken for Jordan Peele 36% of the time. We have done a study. It's 36% of the time, and then, you know, it comes. It blurts out of my mouth and I go, I'm key. They are crest fallen and then I'm, like, you had a 50% chance. I take it as a compliment that we were such a big part of each other's lives and a yin to each other's yang and the peanut to each other's jelly and linked and that's something I'm really honored to be. Chop 36% of that Oscar off. Yeah. I'll just take a couple of shavings. You're a beloved guy and you're a funny guy, and knowing you personally then to see your show -- Oh boy, Michael. You're so good. It is so good and you are such a good dude, but on this show you're not always a good dude. It's interesting. I think he is a confused dude and also the thing about Ethan is he is addicted to nostalgia. He thinks he will be able to find some kind of way to engineer his life to relive his past and we know that doesn't work. We live in a femoral world, a world that keeps moving forward. You can't go back and that's part of the engine that makes him run. Like, no, no. I'll figure out how I can go back and so he makes bad choices. I think most people are good people who sometimes make bad choices, you know. Sometimes. Your character is better at the sometimes. He has a lot of sometimes. Which inches towards always, but -- right? And then this season, there is, you know, his life is kind of falling apart and he's picked up some of tove forward in a new direction. How fun is that set though? Your cast is so strong. Oh my gosh. Annie parisse, Fred savage, cobie smulders, you saw in the clip Billy Eichner. We have a solid -- we are really good friends off camera. We make an effort to communicate with each other, to go to events with each other when we're all in the same city. It's an absolute pleasure. It shows because the show is great. It's a great product.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"Special guest Keegan-Michael Key joins \"GMA Day\" to discuss his role in the Netflix show \"Friends From College\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60316747","title":"Keegan-Michael Key on the Netflix show 'Friends From College'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/keegan-michael-key-netflix-show-friends-college-60316747"}