Sebastian Maniscalco has thoughts about the Cheesecake Factory

Now that he has kids, eating out has taken on a new sense of urgency for Sebastian.
5:16 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for Sebastian Maniscalco has thoughts about the Cheesecake Factory
hugely popular comedian whose Netflix special is called, stay hungry. Take a look. You ever dress a baby. My wife told me, can you dress her? I want to take a shower. Yeah, no problem. The clothes are on the couch. You can dress her. I see the outfit, you ever dress an infant? They have no core. So -- Please welcome, the very funny Sebastian Maniscalco. Oh, gosh. That was awesome and so true. Good to see you. Have a seat. That was funny. With that little insider information that babies are like pieces of pasta, you clearly have kids. I do. I have a little daughter. We got one on the way. A baby boy coming our way. Does it make you nervous that you're having a boy? Thank you, thank you, yes, it makes me nervous. I gotta tell you something. I'm not really -- I gotta brush up on my man skills. Like, uh -- How far along is she? How much time do you have? We got to June. I have to buy a tool box. Buy a football. I mean, I don't want to be my -- the first experience for my son and I to go to a salon and get our nails done. So -- um, that's where we're at. He's going to be man-scaped. Yeah, I need to teach him, like, you know. Dude stuff. Not to be wearing, like, a salmon-colored jacket. But you do have a daughter. Serafina. 20 months old. Yes. I'm just curious. Because your standup is so funny about being a parent. Are you the pushover? Or the tough parent? No, I'm the helicopter dad. My wife is more free with our child. Like she's, like, you know, throwing her up in the air. And -- you know, she's gives her the whole strawberry. I'm the type of guy, she's going to choke. She's going to fall into the pool. She was recently sick. We went to the park. I'm like, I don't know if we should go. A lot of germs live there. I'm wiping down the -- wiping down the swingset like it's a yukon. So, yeah, I gotta be more relaxed. I'm too hovering. When you go out as family with her, is that a fear-inducing experience? We went to cheesecake factory a couple nights ago. My wife thinks we're going out me and her like, with no child. That's how relaxed she is. We got a ticking time bomb here. It could go off at any minute. She's thumbing through the menu. I don't know if you've been to the cheesecake factory. The menu is 89 pages long. Pick it up a notch. Kid's going to be climbing on the floor at any minute. My wife asks the waiter, what do you like? We don't even know the guy. What does it matter what he likes? So yeah, my wife ain't quick. She's -- really kind of relaxed. Great time on those nights at the cheesecake factory. I'm a ball to be with. Very romantic. Love that laugh. You don't -- you -- you have four shows this weekend at the biggest venue in the city. Madison square garden. Whoo! Four -- four soldout shows. 73,000 people over the weekend. Two shows each day. But, have you always been in these impressive arenas? Or have there been some arenas that you performed in that you're like, really? I performed. I've been doing this for 20 years. There's a lot of venues I have performed in. Early on, a bowling alley with a boxing airy attached. To the bowling alley. We walk in. Me and the two other comedians. We're like, where are we performing? They're like, the boxing arena is going to act as the stage tonight. Didn't take the ropes off. Nothing. I come through like Manny Pacquiao. And fresh blood on the canvas. And we're doing -- I'm doing comedy. And in behind me, some guy is picking up a spare. So the problem with comedy is, they think they can just put it up anywhere. Like, oh, yeah, we'll have a comedian. Put him on a crate. He'll perform while people are eating dinner. It doesn't work that way. We need the right settings. The right lights. Well, you've made it. You're now in the biggest boxing room ever. Maybe they'll wipe the blood up first. God, I hope so. You're so funny, man. You're so funny. Congratulations on the future king coming into your life with your son. Congratulations. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sebastian is performing, as we said, four shows at Madison square garden on January 19th and 20th. Go out and get yourself a paperback copy of his best-selling book, "Stay hungry." All right. Do yourself a favor.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Now that he has kids, eating out has taken on a new sense of urgency for Sebastian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60447275","title":"Sebastian Maniscalco has thoughts about the Cheesecake Factory","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/sebastian-maniscalco-thoughts-cheesecake-factory-60447275"}