'Millionaire Matchmaker' star Patti Stanger shares virtual dating rulebook

As many Americans face the new challenge of finding love during quarantine, Stanger shares her three golden rules of dating.
3:17 | 08/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Millionaire Matchmaker' star Patti Stanger shares virtual dating rulebook
I'm a sucker for you This morning we are kick off our new series summer of love in quarantine. The virtual dating rule book and this morning we're getting expert advice for how to navigate the challenges of finding love right now. Take a look. Dating used to look like this. But I can't take my eyes off you. That's a fact. It's not a lie. Reporter: Now it looks more like this. Online dating during quarantine, the new norm complete with new headaches. Dating was hard before quarantine, but now it's even worse. It's very hard. Reporter: Not to mention a whole lot of questions. How do I avoid getting ghosted. When is it appropriate for your first kiss while dating during covid? I can't really find or come up with any ideas what else we should do after the third or fourth date. How do I thin to get to know someone without being physically close to them? How can you tell if they're actually interested in you or just texting out of boredom during quarantine. Reporter: Even one of our very own wants answers. What apps should I be on? How many photos should I include? Reporter: It's safe to say the dying game as changed so turning to an expert here to help us navigate it all. I need help. We've got help for you. We are joined by millionaire match maker Patti Stanger here to bring her virtual dating book. Give us the three golden rules. Well, the first definitely is getting online because where else are you going to find someone unless it's the U.P.S. Guy, right? And the next is time wasters. There are tons of time wasters out there which one of the questions was, how do you know that they're really interested or filling up their love tank and getting entertainment for the day. You have to weed those out and lighting as we know in television is your best friend. Right, okay, so how do you know it's time to move off the app and actually have that video chat or the phone call? Well, I'm a big believer like not wasting time on the texting so I like to get straight to the call. If the call is good and chemistry going time to get on video chat. Video chat then it's time for a masked date. Time line, how do you move from the virtual video date to an actual physical date during this quarantine time? I don't think it should be more than a week. If you're going past a week unless they're traveling or have some issue going on it shouldn't be more than a week. That's how you know how to weed them out. Any suggestions on how to go to a socially distanced place to have this date. I'm a big believer in public setting. Even though we're in quarantine I like day dates. Parks, you know, the beach, someplace like where there's other people out and about so you're protected this that sense because, you know, you don't want to go to someone's house. That's dangerous. Very dangerous. All right. And then I love the question someone asked. When is it okay to kiss someone during these times? After the paperwork is in. You need a covid test for that one. That is excellent advice, Patti, thank you so very much. Patti will be back tomorrow answering more of your dating questions. There are plenty. Let's head over to ginger.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"As many Americans face the new challenge of finding love during quarantine, Stanger shares her three golden rules of dating.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72161772","title":"'Millionaire Matchmaker' star Patti Stanger shares virtual dating rulebook ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/millionaire-matchmaker-star-patti-stanger-shares-virtual-dating-72161772"}