AT&T and Novartis say hiring Cohen was a 'mistake'

These companies hired Michael Cohen as a business consultant allegedly to get more information about Trump.
3:44 | 05/12/18

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Transcript for AT&T and Novartis say hiring Cohen was a 'mistake'
Other political story that we are following this morning. Her new development in the ever expanding case of the president's personal attorney Michael Collins. Two companies including AT&T are now calling their decision to hire Cohen as a consultant. Quote mistake this as the president fired back and ABC's Kenneth moon has more. President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani therapies quite certain the president didn't know. If personal attorney was allegedly selling her connection to prompt exchange from her organs of dollars from companies. The AP reports Giuliani says the president was surprised to learn that his longtime fixer Michael Cohen. Brokered deals with the Griffith looking to gain knowledge about the president. One of those companies AT&T paint co with LLC 600000. Dollars. See your Randall Stephenson wrote to employees hiring Michael Cohen of the political consultant with a big mistake. But added it was legal illegitimate saint Cohen approach the company offering his opinion on the new president. ATP points out it hire consultants for vice. About its proposed merger were Time Warner which the president has spoken out against from the campaign trail that's too much concentration. Of power. In the hands of confusion. Overnight the president responding to the story wonders of the figures meet your state of the trump administration's antitrust division has been. And is opposed to the AT&T purchase of Time Warner and are currently on going trial. Also under scrutiny one point two billion dollars from Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis. Which also called it still with co went of the state. And 500000 dollars paid to Cohen from Columbus nova some of cope with financial dealings were revealed by the attorney for adult film source stormy Daniels. Michael everybody tweeting more evidence and facts that come related to mr. Cole with Billings. Mr. Trump's knowledge and involvement. You can come clean now or wait to be out it. Well there's no question we have emails text messages we have financial data and information there's lot of information out there. ABC news has also lurk Columbus no with the Euro. Who have ties to Russian all the corkum Barbara proved ally. Gave 250000. Dollars to trumps an artery shut sources say special counsel Robert Wallerstein has questioned several witnesses. About billions of dollars of donations to the president's inauguration committee made by donors with connections to Russia in the Middle East. It's unclear why Muller's team has been arrested in those donors as for Cohen the Wall Street Journal is reporting last year. He offered its consulting services to another major company. Ford but he was quickly turned down the journal reports Muller's team has since requested information from the auto maker rightist contact with Cohen and Paula. Can't thank you so much to discuss here so let's bring in the ABC news' chief political analyst Matthew Dowd Matthew good morning. So I'd given that a the president's new attorney Rudy Giuliani says president didn't know that Michael Kang was apparently using his connections to the president to enrich himself. And given that the there there appears at this point to be nothing illegal about what Cohen did anyway. But given mother's things how much damage if any does this story due to the president. We'll get I think but as of right now we are angry both of those things are true. And I think it's pretty much as we've all come to learn much of the standard operating procedure in Washington DC about selling access. The problem is this is a president. Who said he was gonna clean up the swap and this kind of thing most people had voted for thought he was gonna fix and what he's done is he's turned to swap into a Superfund site. And so even if he was not after in direct knowledge of it there's enough people surrounding him. Whether it was Paul manner port might plan or this instance that basically looks like many people. He's done nothing to clean up what he had called throughout the campaign and the swamp in Washington DC.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"These companies hired Michael Cohen as a business consultant allegedly to get more information about Trump. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55118801","title":"AT&T and Novartis say hiring Cohen was a 'mistake'","url":"/GMA/News/video/att-novartis-hiring-cohen-mistake-55118801"}