Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings announces her run for Senate

The Jacksonville, Florida, native hopes to eventually unseat incumbent Republican Marco Rubio in the next election.
3:06 | 06/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings announces her run for Senate
Now to the democratic congresswoman hoping to unseat a big name Republican in the running. Val demings announced she wants to take on Marco Rubio of Florida. She sat down to talk about her run. When you look at this picture, tell me what goes through your mind. First of all, thanks, mama. My mother had an amazing ability see things she had never seen before, right? To dream, to believe, and she instilled that in me, and so there are families all over this country who look just like this, and it's about creating opportunities like this little girl in this photo had. Reporter: The daughter of a janitor and maid, Florida congresswoman Val demings became the first woman sworn in as Orlando police chief serving in the house since 2017, rising to national prominence as an impeachment manager against former president Donald Trump, and being considered as a possible running mate for then-candidate Joe Biden. The Jacksonville native grew up in the segregated south, now setting her sights on the senate. I'm never tired of reesenting Florida. Reporter: Where currently no black women are serving, looking to unseat two-term incumbent senator Marco Rubio. Rubio who won re-election in 2016 with 52% of the vote welcoming the challenge. Rubio's office accused Democrats of, quote, tripping over themselves to help advance Nancy Pelosi's socialist agenda. What's your response to that? This is about the people of Florida. Maybe Marco Rubio should take an opportunity to get to know them. Reporter: But demings faces an uphill battle. In recent years, Democrats falling short in statewide races. Senator bill Nelson lost to governor Rick Scott. Andrew Gillum lost to Ron Desantis, not to mention former president Donald Trump winning in this battleground state in 2016 and 2020. He not only has the governor on his side, but the state's most famous resident, the former president is also here in Florida, and on Marco Rubio's side. It's not about Marco Rubio. It is about floridians. It's about those families that I talked about who live in all 67 counties in this state who deserve to have someone fighting for them when they are having a tough time. Reporter: But winning Florida will be a challenge for Democrats who haven't been able to win one key demographic, the diverse Latino population. We are going to do something that Florida has never seen before. When you talk about the diversity, look at me. Diversity is our strength, and while we have had some tough losses in our home state, we know that they have been pretty close. They have been losses, but they have been close losses. Her first challenge would be winning the primary next August. So far there are at least three other democratic candidates including former congressman Alan Grayson.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The Jacksonville, Florida, native hopes to eventually unseat incumbent Republican Marco Rubio in the next election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78250168","title":"Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings announces her run for Senate","url":"/GMA/News/video/democratic-congresswoman-val-demings-announces-run-senate-78250168"}