Feds raided Cohen for records on secret deals

Investigators searched for records of any discussions Cohen held about the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape released in October 2016, sources told ABC News.
2:39 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Feds raided Cohen for records on secret deals
overnight. New evidence of a T St payment to protectresident ump during his campaign. A former trump tower doorman was paid off by "Thtional qu" and there are new details on the F raid on trump's personal L Michael hen and seized documents related to that "Access hod" tape. ABC's kyrallips isn Washington with test. Good morning. . Repter: Well, we have learned this morning that a former trump tower door received hush money from Ami, the pent of "The national " aftere went to them with Thi salacious story about trump, T S deal ining his personal atty chael Cohen and the FBI wants toall the details. According to this J relea report in "The new Yorker" Ami which owns "The national enquirer" paid a or dino S satterdean who worked atp tower $30,000 to sign a nondiclosure agreement after he offeree company aalacious story about the thenandidate trump during the01 tion. Eight months later "The national enq $150,000 toormer "Playboy" playmate Karen Mcdougal after she cedshe had ar withtrump. Th of these contracts prevented satterdean and Mcdougal from going public with information that could have hurthis campaign for ent. The parallel benwo raises newuestions about the role the enquirer and Michael Cohen may have played in prting his image during the elec. Cohen seen leaving ataurant yesterday uncharacteristly quiet. Why D Y think T raided office. Reporter: Had his office, hotel and home raided by the FBI earlier this week. Prosecutors are probing whether Cohen broke finance or Campa laonnection with Ami's payment to mcdouga as well as Cohen's own $130,000 paymento pornr stormy Daniels. Money he says he paid out own pockety taking out a home equityloan. And we pushed the even further. We have learn tmonday's early morning R W a hunt fovidence of potent electi violations,george. Anchael Cohen's personal Fina. Nvestigators want to know I there secret deals made outside the campaign to ect Donald Trump. Hat is becominclear. Kyrathanks vermuch. Now to the latest on

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Investigators searched for records of any discussions Cohen held about the infamous \"Access Hollywood\" tape released in October 2016, sources told ABC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54413824","title":"Feds raided Cohen for records on secret deals","url":"/GMA/News/video/feds-raided-cohen-records-secret-deals-54413824"}