Giuliani asserts Mueller and his team should be investigated

Giuliani calls for the Russia investigation to be suspended; he says Trump won't consider pardoning Manafort or Cohen until after the investigation is wrapped up.
4:56 | 06/17/18

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Transcript for Giuliani asserts Mueller and his team should be investigated
New pressure on the special counsel Robert Mueller. O top Republicans calling for Mueller to wrap it up. And then there's Rudy Giuliani, president trump's personal attorney, who now says Robert Mueller and his team should be investigated. Tara Palmeri has the latest. Reporter: Good morng, Dan and Paula. Giuliani told me last night he wants the investigation suspended while Mueller's team is investigated for political bias. This would just drag out the already year-long probe that president trump's allies Y he wantwrapped up. President trump and his allies calling on special counsel Robert Mueller to wrap up the investigation. I think the Mueller investigation has got to STO They ought to wrap it up. It's gone seemingly forever Reporter: This, a the president told reporters the following false claim about the latest rept into the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. It totally exonerates me. Reporter: Rudy Giuliani doesn't see that way. Telling me -- I don't think it exonerates him. In some respects, rather amatically suppose his position. Reporter: At the se time, Giuliani potentially dragging it out longer. Calling for the probe to be suspended. Mueller only gets an interview after he gets thoroughly investigated and we determine his conflicts, biases with his staff. Reporter: Giuliani says he won't negotie the terms of a potential sitdown with the president before he gets a record on the team. He doesn't want him sitting fac to face with Mueller. I tnk we would prefer questions and written answers, the way Ronald Reagan did. Reporter: This as tru's peonal attorney, Michael Cohen, is being focused on. A witness who testified in the russianvestigation telling ABC news many of the special counsel's questions focus on Cohen. Sourcetell ABC news that Cohen may cooperate in a separate investigation into his business dealings and the130,000 payment to stormy Daniels. Something Giuliani ss the esident is not worried about. The president isn't concerned at all. He's not concerned about anything Michael Cohen can do to M. Reporter: President trump's former campaign manager Paul manafort spent his first weekend in prison. Ile president trump has tweeted his sympathy for him, Giuliani says he won't even consider a pardon for manafort or Cohen until the investigation is completed. We want to bring in chief white hoe correspondent Jon Karl in D.C. Hosting "This week" a little lat this morning. Jon, good morning to you. Good morning. So let's talk about the Russia investigation. Rudy Giuliani now calling for an investigation into the investigation. It's one thing when he speaks. But now we have prominent lawmakers likeccarthy and Mitch Mcconnell talking about the Mueller investigation, that we nd to wrap it up. Does it make a real difference? It does. This is a significant change. The Republican leadership in congress has been consistent in supporting the Mueller investigation. So as the president's called it a witch hunt, as some of those -- his allies in his be have vilified Mueller. The congressional leadership, ople like Mccarthy and Paul Ryan, and Mitch Mcconnell, have said that Mueller must be allowed to do his work. Now, the fact that they're coming out saying it's got to be wrapped up, and it's gone on too long. This is a significant Ange that could erode the political support for Mueller's investigation. Ultimately, the political support matters here. Would it make it easier for the president to firhim? It certainly could. They have held the line saying that firinmueller would be a mistake. But if the investigation goes on for a significant time after the congressional leaders have said it needed to stop, it does give the esident some -- it seems to me -- some leeway to do something dramatic like that. Very quickly here. You ha the formerhite house strategist, controvsial guy, Steve bannoon your show this morning. You say he's expected to talk about launching a big push for Republicans in the midterms. Given thcurrent atmosphere and his support for Roy Moore, what are the odds of succes Some Republicans working already on the midterms actual dread the idea that stevbannon will be out there in force when you look at his track record. Certainl the Roy Moore race. You imagine losing a Republican senate seat in the STE of Alabama really takes something. But, Bannon does have a big following still. And he does channel E president. You look at the president's agenda, it looks a lot like the Bannon agenda. Jon Karl, thank you. I want to remind everybody. Jon has a big show this morning. He'll go one one with Steve Bannon. This will be his first live Sunday morning interview since leaving the trump administration. And we'll have the powerhouse "Roundtable" breakindown the week in politics. All coming up ABC. Let's go to Ron once again. For a look at the headlines. Good morning,

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Giuliani calls for the Russia investigation to be suspended; he says Trump won't consider pardoning Manafort or Cohen until after the investigation is wrapped up. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55957406","title":"Giuliani asserts Mueller and his team should be investigated","url":"/GMA/News/video/giuliani-asserts-mueller-team-investigated-55957406"}