James Comey addresses his most controversial decisions

In an exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, Comey discussed his personal judgments about President Trump.
7:23 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for James Comey addresses his most controversial decisions
Ane say good morning, we Hedy had a wonderful wed. Coming in, George, tor interview. Boy, there sure is coming in all night lo It wane of the top trends on Twitter throut the nht and understandably so,george. You know, it wasn't just ur of television last night. We san for several hours and peer throu the transcript getting allse headlines as well and when you talk about Twitter it all began with psident trump. He was on Twitter. You seet up on the wallven before I aired calling James Comey slimeball, theorst FBI director in history, a . Now you can listen to C and judge for yourself. As intense interview. For save hours, James Comey, the man who stood at the crossrds. Mo divisive election of moderns, addressed his most controveial decisions and de series of jaw-dropping conclusions. Do you think the have something Donald Trump? I think it'spossible. Don't know. Thes are more words I never thought I'd hte but it's possib Tt's stunning. You can't say certain T the president of the united States is not compromised by the Russians. Yeah, it is stunningnd I wish I wasn't saying it but it'sjust --T's the truth. Always suck me and still strikes me as unlikely and I would have Beene Tay high confidence about any other president I death I can't. It's ssible. Thinking back to his times a prosecutor investigating the Gambino crime family Comey of a friend of yours and and of ours. I felt thisort -- maybe it wasnheir intention but I part of the effort. The boss is at the end of the table ow strange is it for you to si her compare the president to a mob boss? Verstrange. And I don't do it lightly. And I'm not try to suggest thatresident T is out breaking legs andng down shopepers butns what I'm talking about I that leadership culture constantly comes back T when I think about experience with the trump administrati He explains his thinking on theober surprise that Hillary Clinton bels cost R the white house. Why did he reveal he was re-opening the Clinton e-mail veigation? We knew about it. As issue when you kne Abo it. Reporter: He says he had no choice aer additional e-mails were found on a computer of thonyweiner, husband of one of Clinton's top aides. You couldryo find out first whether or not they were, indeed,relevant. Whether there wasnce the of a crime. Well, maybend maybe another directight have done that. My view is that would be a potentially deeply irresponsible and danus do. But we don't know what's I it. We know there are hundredf thousands of hry clintos e-mails there. That an affirmative act of concealment. Reporter: What the public doesn'tw the FBI is sacktivelynvestigati the trump campaign and whether members were W with the Russians to influence the election. Your critics sayhis is a clear, clear, clear double standard.you reveadnformation about Hillary Clinton. You concealed information AUT Donald Trump. That elected Donald Trump. Take back and stare at the two cases and T posture they were in. Ary clintoe-mail CAS was public and the instigations trying figure out whether a small group of people, not Donald Trump, we were not investigating Donald Trump, whether this small group of Americans wasrding anything with the Russ. T started the investation, did know whether we had anything so it would have been brutallyair tohose people to talk about it and would jeordizedhe investigation. Eporter: Fruary 14h, 2017 a meetgo lone with the id Comey says trump brings up the iestigation intomike Flynn. Fired use he lied about contacts with Russians. And that' wn he ame, said he hopes I lt go. And when he said that you thought -- He'ssking M to drop the criminal investiga of his W former national security adviser. Direction. I took it as a direction. His wos we, though, I hope you can L it go I took the expion hope as this is what I want to do. The presideays he didn't say that. Yeah. What am ING to do? He did. Eporter: From this encounter a startling co was president trump obstruct justice?ssibly. It is certainly some evidence obstruction of justice. At some point in your mind as you're writihese notesave you shifted to collection evidenf a possible crime? Well, yes in a sense. I continued to believe that there was force to T FBI general counsel's argument that we going to have to look at the ident. You're itably going T look at his conduct because he'ad of the campaign. Reportes the view concludes his person judgments ou the president scat you write that pre trump unethical. Untethero the truth. Is don trumpit to be president Yes, but not in the way I often hear peotalk about . I don't buy this S about H being mentally incompetent early stages of ntia. He strikes me as a person of Abe average intelligence and tracking conversations and knows what's going on. I don't Thi he's medically unfit toe president. I think he's mly unfito be president. President mus embody rant and he to the values at the core of Thi cotry, the most important being truth. This predent is not able to do he I morally unfit to be president. A person who sees moral equivalence in charlottesville who talks about I and treats women like they're pie of at who lies constantly about Matts big andmall and insists the amen peoe eve it, that person is not fit to be president of the United States on moral grounds. If you Ari what is the reme should Donald Trump be ached. Ye I tell you I give you a strange answer, I hope not cause I think impeaching and removing Donald Trump from something enectly that I believeey're duty bound to do directly people this country need to stand up and go T the voting booth and vote T values.lues matter. This president doesotlect the values of this country. Powerfultement there and there so many jaw-dropping moments in the ierview and you spent several hours with him. Everything about its jaw dropping. You take ap back here. There you had anbiirector who is investigating both presidential campaigns, half couny thinks he decided election. Then he's investigateshe tru campaign and he gets B the president and now R several ho unloadi like this, again, we have never see anything like this in our history. What surprised you themost? What didn't surprise me? Aseally- it was really the judgments H came T in the end that het rule out THA president trump is compromised the Russians as I said inhe interview, I was stunned by I'm stunged by it L. A lot of people didn't know the STA of his wife. We'll learn a lot more about her. I think it'e of the things -- shenly pop up a little in T pieceast night but when you find out his wife and daughters were all inhe rch the day after the inaugution, it'something she explains a lot more AUT at 7:30. Okay James Comey's book is out right now. Tuesday, tomorrow, ces out tomorrow. "A higher loyalty." Tuy. President trump is also facing newrouble

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{"id":54495754,"title":"James Comey addresses his most controversial decisions","duration":"7:23","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, Comey discussed his personal judgments about President Trump. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/james-comey-addresses-controversial-decisions-54495754","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}