Latest viral trend FaceApp transforms photos to appear older

Even celebrities are posting photos of themselves using the app that alters facial appearances to look significantly older with everything from wrinkles to grey hair.
2:25 | 07/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Latest viral trend FaceApp transforms photos to appear older
We are back with the popular aging tool so many are trying, it's called faceapp. It allows you to see what you'd look like when you're both younger or older but there are questions this morning about privacy and how much access you're really giving them when you use it, Rebecca Jarvis has that for us. Hey, robin. Yes, I know it's one of those suck in moments because we're all so familiar with the privacy concerns here and this one is going viral because of the faceapp challenge. Celebrities are taking pictures of their face with the app's technology and show what is it might look like 50 years from now but they're getting a look into you and that is raising some major security concerns. This morning, the app gone viral that has users Benjamin buttoning their own faces. The internet sensation called faceapp taking over social media in just the last 24 hours, celebs like Dwyane wade and Lebron James, the Jonas brothers and Kevin hart all posting their face app pics. The free mobile app uses a type of artificial intelligence to transform your face with one tap. Want a different smile, done. Want a preview of what you might look like in 50 years, bingo. The recent popularity now making it the top trending app in the iTunes app store with nearly half a million ratings and glowing reviews. And it's not the first time the faceapp developed by a small team from Russia went viral. In 2017 it was criticized for what some considered racist filters that lightened users' skin tones. In the wake of recent social media scandals where other platforms have been taken to tank for giving away users' private information many now wondering if faceapp is just more of the same. Its recent rise in popularity reigniting those privacy concerns. Faceapp's current privacy policy in place since 2017. Critics warn it may collect more than your picture. It cannot secure any information you transmit to faceapp or guarantee information on the service may not be ago vested, disclosed or destroyed. Yes, and faceapp's privacy page also says they may share user content and your information with businesses that are legally part of the same group of companies that faceapp. Remember, faceapp is this company based in St. Petersburg, a Russian company so once you grant access and there are 80 million users of faceapp you are granting access to all of those companies according to their privacy policy. It could be like all your contact, all the information in your phone? All of this information and, frankly, we were talking about this before, most of the time when you're downloading free apps on your phone you're giving this stuff away. This company has the information on multiples of 80 million. On multiples because like Amy just said you're getting the access to your phone so all of your contact, all of your picture, once you allow that you are giving away everything. That's how they're paying for it. Free isn't actually free. You're giving away information. Even if you're not doing it, Amy talked about a dear friend sent a picture of herself. Who sent me an older version but now they have my picture and I didn't even say it was okay. Because your picture is in his phone and he used it on the app. Wow. And you still look great. No. No, I do not. Ali has you trained so well. That was good, George.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Even celebrities are posting photos of themselves using the app that alters facial appearances to look significantly older with everything from wrinkles to grey hair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64385467","title":"Latest viral trend FaceApp transforms photos to appear older","url":"/GMA/News/video/latest-viral-trend-faceapp-transforms-photos-older-64385467"}