LeBron James and LA Lakers take on Miami Heat

Game one of the NBA Finals, which is on ABC Wednesday night, will feature the highly-anticipated matchup in the Orlando bubble as LeBron James focuses on getting a fourth championship.
4:11 | 09/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LeBron James and LA Lakers take on Miami Heat
We are back with the fans and players gearing up for game one of the long awaited NBA finals in the Orlando bubble. Lebron James fired up just like T.J. Focused on getting that fourth championship but will he have -- he will have to lead the Lakers past his former team, Miami. And Jimmy butler. Our T.J. Holmes -- now you calmed down. You were jumping up and down over there. Have to keep it cool. We have to remember, seriously, there was a healthy skepticism about whether or not we would make it to this day. The NBA bubble with this concept and would it work? It didn't burst but did what it was supposed to do. Kept shrinking down to two who will compete for one championship and one player will leave the bubble with, well, a new coffee business. Familiar names. Inside, Jimmy butler. Butler lays it in. Reporter: Familiar faces. James with the layup running the floor. Reporter: And franchises. The Lakers are moving on. Reporter: Are headed back to what will be an unfamiliar NBA finals experience. Been extremely tough, but, you know, I'm here for one reason and one reason only and that's to compete for a championship. Reporter: Lebron James is making a historic tenth finals appearance, his first with the Lakers but if he wins the title of a crowd of only 92 fans will be there to see it. That's how many players' family members the NBA says are in the bubble to see game one. Both teams have now gun in the isolation bubble following strict testing and health protocols for 85 days. Families were only allowed in in recent week. A lot love it because we have no distraction, all we got to do is play basketball. Reporter: The Lakers facing the heat, Lebron's former team where he won his first two NBA titles. No matter iffer they're up or if they're down they play extremely hart. Reporter: The heat are underdogs and overachievers. A fifth seed that excelled in isolation. I will say us just competing, just pure competing, not worried about fans, distractions, none of that, that helps us because we're locked in. Reporter: Jimmy butler has gotten so comfortable in the bubble he set up a thriving business. Big face coffee. Helps keep my mind away from the game and practice my craft in something else while making a little bread. Reporter: With limited coffee competition he's charging fellow NBA players, 20 and up to 50 bucks for a cup. You know how much you have paid selling $50 -- It's $20. $50 today because it's national coffee day. But normally it's only 20 bucks. It's not over the top. It's -- Only 20? Only 20. Not like it's 22. It's only 20. But you know how much you made in the bubble? Yes. I counted to make sure nobody sneak in my room and take none My bad. Big difference between 20 and 50 for a cup of coffee. He's doing it because some of the companies on the grounds don't have enough foot traffic and aren't open. He has no competition. What's in the $0 cup of coffee? Coffee. That's it? Got the right spirit. If you have more than that, it goes up. 20 for straight black coffee. Not even cream and sugar. Robin, last year, we attended a game. Was that last year? In Oakland. We can attend it again tonight, virtual fans, robin will be there tonight. I will be there as well. The NBA set us up. Virtual fans at the game. Even virtually you'll probably have better seats than I do. Oh, come on, T.J. It's happening tonight. We're all one virtually. I look forward to that. I look forward to that. See you at the game tonight. Everybody, you can see T.J., you can watch the NBA finals -- wait, it's 9:00. Wait, I didn't sign on for that. Hey, we'll see you there. A little too late for me.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Game one of the NBA Finals, which is on ABC Wednesday night, will feature the highly-anticipated matchup in the Orlando bubble as LeBron James focuses on getting a fourth championship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73335365","title":"LeBron James and LA Lakers take on Miami Heat","url":"/GMA/News/video/lebron-james-la-lakers-miami-heat-73335365"}